Inactive [MECH] FalseBook 0.96alpha - CraftBook for Bukkit,85++ICs, Gates, Minecarts / MC1.4.6

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    FalseBook - Your CraftBook for Bukkit

    Current version: v0.96alpha
    Minecraft: 1.4.6

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    • supported Permissionplugins
      • bPermissions
      • bukkitPermissions
      • Essentials GroupManager
      • Permissions
      • PermissionsEx
      • SuperPerms
      • Vault (still in development)
    • uses the syntax of CraftBook for better compatibility
    • implements over 85 Integrated Circuits (ICs)
    • implements [Lift Up] & [Lift Down]
    • toggleable ...
      • ... bridges
        • undestroyable
      • ... doors
        • undestroyable
      • ... gates
        • undestroyable
      • ... areas
    • a lot of fancy features for minecarts
      • collect and deposit items from chests to minecarts
      • make furnaces which refill themselfs with minecarts
      • program carts to take only specific items out of chests
      • craft things out of a chest with a minecart
      • lift up & down for minecarts!
    • chatsystem with different chat-channels to clean up the normal chat
    • toggleable...
      • netherrack (with fire)
      • pumpkins
      • glowstone <-> another block (even if minecraft itself has the glowstonelamp now...)

    Minecart Blocktypes:
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    • BenchOut : Iron-Ore
    • Booster 2x : Gold-Ore
    • Booster 8x : Gold-Block
    • Brake-Block 25% :Gravel
    • Brake-Block 50% : Soulsand
    • Burn : Iron-Ore
    • ConstantSpeed-Block : Iron-Block
    • Craft : Iron-Ore
    • Deposit / Collect : Iron-Ore
    • Eject-Block : Coal-Ore
    • Emitter-Block : Lapis Lazuli Ore
    • Reverse-Block : White wool
    • Station-Block : Obsidian
    • Sort-Block : Netherrack
    • Teleport-Block : Lime wool
    • Program-Cart : Lapis Lazuli
    • Programmed Deposit-Block : Blue wool

    Other Features:
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    • Bridge (FalseBookBlock.jar)
    • Doors (FalseBookBlock.jar)
    • Gates (FalseBookBlock.jar)
    • Toggle Netherrack Fire (FalseBookExtra.jar)
    • Toggle Pumpkins (FalseBookExtra.jar)
    • Toggle Soulsand to Glowstone and back (my addition) (FalseBookExtra.jar)
    • ToggleAble Areas (Experimental):

      Define the area with the "Wooden Hoe" (use rightclick)
    • /farea <areaname> -> Adds an Area
    • /delfarea <areaname> -> removes an Area
    • /listfarea -> Lists all Areas
    • /fareatoggle <areaname> autosave -> toggles the autosave function of an area. Autosave = save blocks, when toggling the area off.
    • /fareatoggle <areaname> protect -> toggles the protection of an area. ON = Area is only destroyable/buildable to users with permission: falsebook.destroy.blocks
    • /fareaallow <areaname> id[:subid] -> will add/remove the blocktype from the toggleable blocks of this area. Default: all blocks will be toggled.
    • (FalseBookBlock.jar)

    Important Note:
    You must copy ALL jar-Files over the old ones (all files have been changed) !
    The "Package_..."-Files must go into "plugins/FalseBook/ICPlugins/"

    Download FalseBook 0.96alpha for Minecraft 1.4.6

    FalseBook Wiki - Work in progress

    YouTube-Channel with Videos

    Donations are welcome if you wish to support me


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    if you mean use iron blocks instead of fences to make a toggleable gate then try using th ic 1210 it's the door ic the instructions are listed at the bottom of the OP under the spoiler tag for using the new ic's

    i use the door and bridge ics all the time (mc1210 and mc1211) and i love them i'm making an arena in the sky with bridges that activate and deactivate randomly and i'm using mc1211 so that the signs for them are 82 blocks below the arena where no one can get to them, the fact that you can tell them where to start means you can place them almost anywhere and have the doors and bridges activate even if your 300 blocks away
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    But my gate is like a rainbow, so i dont know if its possible to setup ic 1210 on that. Would be better if i just could edit any config to change fence to iron blocks.

    If you dont understand i can send you a print on the gate.
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    i don't see anything that would let you change it from gates to ironblocks instead but you could always try setting up multiple door ic's for it and then have them hidden far underground and toggled using a single transmitter/receiver

    btw if you want me to show you an example you can visit my server and i'll show you what i mean the info to connect is listed on my site under server info

    Here is the link to my site

    also you could try the toggleable areas as well
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    • Define the area with the "Wooden Hoe" (use rightclick)
    • /farea <name> -> Adds an Area
    • /delfearea <name> -> removes an Area should this be /delfarea just saw a error there
    • /listfarea -> Lists all Areas
    • (FalseBookBlock.jar)
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    Sometime it crashes...

    2011-05-04 19:54:29 [SEVERE] Could not pass event REDSTONE_CHANGE to FalseBookIC
    java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 1, Size: 1
        at java.util.ArrayList.RangeCheck(Unknown Source)
        at java.util.ArrayList.get(Unknown Source)
        at com.gemo.FalseBook.IC.ICs.worldedit.MC1220.sortList1(
        at com.gemo.FalseBook.IC.ICs.worldedit.MC1220.Execute(
        at com.gemo.FalseBook.IC.FalseBookICBlockListener.signRedstoneEvent(
        at com.gemo.FalseBook.IC.FalseBookICBlockListener.onBlockRedstoneChange(
        at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(
        at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(
        at net.minecraft.server.BlockRedstoneWire.a(
        at net.minecraft.server.BlockRedstoneWire.g(
        at net.minecraft.server.BlockRedstoneWire.doPhysics(
        at net.minecraft.server.World.k(
        at net.minecraft.server.World.applyPhysics(
        at net.minecraft.server.World.update(
        at net.minecraft.server.World.setData(
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.block.CraftBlock.setData(
        at com.gemo.FalseBook.IC.ICs.BaseIC.switchLever(
        at com.gemo.FalseBook.IC.ICs.selftriggered.MC0271.Execute(
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.scheduler.CraftScheduler.mainThreadHeartbeat(
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
  7. pls add PaliStone xD and pls fix this bug ;)

    Can you also add a weather detector?
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    I'm guessing you can't use a single sign to toggle between two areas? Something like this:


    It's doable now too but it requires more space for the redstone wiring.
  9. Hey! I really enjoy this plugin and am working on a Full tutorial on everything and how it works...

    I was just wondering if there were any plans for adding an item detector, like if I drop an iron ingot on a block, it will trigger something...

    Thanks again!
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    On RB740 and 0.84alpha of FB, ran into a problem with the toggleable areas, I think I have several players that farm with wooden hoes. My area.db2 is 1.6gb and its causing all kinds of issues. I changed permissions to not allow players to use area toggles, that was the only thing I could find that could turn it off. You can't change the item from a hoe that I can tell.
    If you need anymore info, let me know.
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    How do you add cauldron recipes, and are there any included?
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    Well, that's the problem really, I can never remove these entries from the database except by going in by hand, which I can't (no access to server files), because whenever I place another sign and knock that off it removes the entry for that sign (obviously), and the bugged entry remains there.
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    That is really no problem!
    After reloading/restarting the server (and the files), the wrong entrys will be gone! I always check the signs when loading the ICs

    You mean, that players farm blocks with them?
    Well that is a problem of your server and the players on it. There is currently no way to prevent this. That's why areas got their own permission. They need to be handled carefully. For example: On my server, noone except admins are allowed to use areas. Because of the Blockfarming :/

    For now, there was no plan. But thanks for this suggestion! I will set it on my todo-list!

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    is there a customizeable IC as a delayer? MC0420 of craftbook seems to suffer bugs, are they present in falsebook?
  15. What about all of us getting [SEVERE] errors when using FalseBookIC ? It crashed my server all the time (maybe cause it made my log file grow 200mb/min ?) so I had to disable it, do you know what cause this ? :/

    By the way, is there some ic spam security in the plugin ? In craftbook, there's a delay on the signal between ICs when you wire them together so that it doesn't go crazy, is there such a thing is Falsebook too ?
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    Is there a link to all the sign commands around somewhere? A few things (like [area] -> [toggle]) seem undocumented
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    Can you please post a part of the logfile? Otherwise I can't fix the problem and I can't reproduce the error by myself..
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    How do i stop the 'Default' and other groups from using falsebook, it seems as if any groups can use falsebook atm, and i dont want newcomers to be-able to use it?

    every user every group cna use falsebook, i want to specify who can use it !! ? :(

    Do i just add 2 lines ( - - ) in group permissions instead of just 1 line ( - )

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    I can't create any IC even though i am the admin with all the permissions allowed
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    This is NOT CraftBook. This is FalseBook. To stop them using this:
    remove "*" from their permissions and also delete "Falsebook.*"
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    How in the world do you make a door using this? There is no video and no directions for anything really. The few videos I did find are all in German, I don't know German so it does me no good
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    Yes it does work with Essentials GroupManager. I'm using it by myself.
    Please upload your permissions-file to pastebin and post a link here :)

    Just use this Wiki:
    Click me
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    I remember in Hmod if you set check-create-permissions to true you could stop any one from using the plugin. there is no check-create-permissions with bukkit?
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    No, they weren't using it to farm, I think they were farming with a woodhoe and just creating large areas. Why else would I have a area.db2 file that is over a gig and lagging the server badly when it was accessed, plus taking up all of the ram. It's disabled except for admins, so the problem is solved. Just wanted you to be aware of the possible issue.

    Thanks for the great plugin!
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    Ah now I understand you. BUT: areas will only be saved, when using the /farea-command. So there is no problem with using the woodhoe. Maybe one of the users created a VERY large area and saved it?
  28. Remove the inheritance settings. Its a pointless setting seeing as your pointing it to the same group.

    This is like a loop and might make an error?

    Regulars: //Group name
    default: false
    - essentials.afk
    - regulars //Taking settings from the same group

    This might be why players can use it. I might be wrong.
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    Just tried, even default can use falsebook, basically anyone who logs in. it was so easy in Hmod with check-create-permissions
  30. Get over it hmod is gone. Make sure you are using the EssentialsGroupBridge plugin as well.

    If you have that you might want to check your server.log file for errors.
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    GeMoschen can i see your permission file?

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