Inactive [MECH/EDIT] LyTreeHelper v2.5.1 - LyTreeHelper 3 is coming!

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    LyTreeHelper v2.5.1 - LyTreeHelper 3 is coming!

    LyTreeHelper is now on BukkitDev!

    I've started developing version 3 of LyTreeHelper.
    I will rewrite the whole project and add some really cool new features! :)

    If you're interested in helping me out developing this plugin, please contact me ;).

    You can find the new changes and the whole changelog for 3.0 on github (Link below).

    I've found back to the bukkit forum after a long stressful time and have read the many requests for an update of LyTreeHelper.
    So I decided to try to update (maybe rewrite?) LyTreeHelper, but I can't do it alone. I need some help.

    If you want to take part in the development process of LyTreeHelper, please let me know.
    If you have no programming knowledge, you can just make feature suggestions, just post them in this thread or create a ticket on Github.

    Thank you for your support, help and for using my plugin.

    Planned for LyTreeHelper 3:
    (Under Progress - Maybe 70 % done) - Rewrite the whole plugin
    (60 % Done) - Custom world populator (add custom trees saved in the MCEdit schematic format and insert them only in specific biomes, e.g. palms on beaches)
    (Done) - New simple and highly configurable configurations system
    (Done)- Enhanced permissions system (using Vault, same for economy)
    - Some more developers? :) I can't do it alone, because I've only a few hours in the evening to develop
    (Done) - Switch to Maven

    Download the latest version of LyTreeHelper from (02/06/2011 16:46 GMT +1)
    (Or this direct link)

    LyTreeHelper Features

    • Custom drop features - LyTreeHelper lets you add custom drops to leaves (Maybe, sticks? :) )
    • Full customizable drop system - Adjust the drop chances for each drop (apples, golden apples, leaves, saplings, ...)
    • Timed apple drops - Apples falling from trees? Yes, you can have this feature ;)
    • Easy to handle multiworld-support - Each world has it's own configuration file, which settings overrides the global settings, so you can setup LyTreeHelper for each world with your custom settings
    • Tree destruction - Cut that damn trees by destroying the ground connection
    • Powerful forest and tree generator - LyTreeHelper comes with a powerful great generator for forests and trees, you can generate every kind of tree or forest in minecraft
    • Full permission support - You can use each permission system which is supported by Vault (
    • Full economy support - You can use any economy system supported by Vault (, so let your members pay for destructing trees at one hit
    • Custom world populator - LyTreeHelper's powerful world populator uses MCEdit schematic files to populate your world(s) with custom trees, e.g. palms, only in specific biomes (e.g. palms on beaches)
    • Mob Spawn in trees after destruction - Harvesting whole trees by removing the ground connection is great, but too easy? Let creatures spawn inside the chopped tree

    Github repository:

    You can find the changelog on github, simply open CHANGELOG.txt.

    Having Trouble?

    Use the Issure Tracker on Github.
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    I downloaded this, and when it's just one tree it's fine. But if that tree is touching another tree it won't even get rid of the wood, so cutting down trees in forests is difficult.
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    Nick Foster

    make sure that no "tree related block" are touching any blocks that arent "tree related"
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    Wow... this mod has some start-up spam lol! I see no setting to disable Super Epic Verbose mode hahaha. ~ Ya, think that can be cut down a bit in future updates. We really don't need to see if this addon's 417th option has or has not been selected every single time you start your server.
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    see here:
    # Should LyTreeHelper show the config for this world if the world is loading?
    show-config-on-start: off
    set to OFF in all your worlds (in their config files in the plugins root directory)
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    This addon seems to break with bukkit R5.
  7. will be update for cb 1.2.3 ?
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    isn't working in 1.2.3-R0.2
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    I can't load it. It writes: can't load lytreehelper-2.2-rc2.jar in folder /plugins/
    Can somebody help ?
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    its way out of date if it hasnt been fixed by now it probably wont be
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    As far as I can tell, this plugin is abandoned. Which is a great shame, because it's a conceptually simple plugin that does a great job of fixing the really badly broken default behavior of trees in Minecraft. There are few things more visually jarring than seeing the unsupported top half of a tree just floating there in the air.
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    Hello guys,

    most parts of the new version (3.0) is done ;) you can track the development on Github.
    You can find all the process of version 3 in the branch "v3.0".

    See the first post in this thread for more information :)

  13. Greetings.
    I hope you get it finished, this plugin looks good!
    Now one little request: Could you make the plugin accept .bo2 files for custom tress, too?
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    I've answered your question at Bukkit dev ;)
    Sorry for the inactivity the last 2 days, I had really much work, I will try to port the bo2 support from the old LyTreeHelper to v3 this weekend;)

    Edit: I will try to implement it today evening
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