Inactive [MECH/EDIT] LyTreeHelper v2.5.1 - LyTreeHelper 3 is coming!

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    LyTreeHelper v2.5.1 - LyTreeHelper 3 is coming!

    LyTreeHelper is now on BukkitDev!

    I've started developing version 3 of LyTreeHelper.
    I will rewrite the whole project and add some really cool new features! :)

    If you're interested in helping me out developing this plugin, please contact me ;).

    You can find the new changes and the whole changelog for 3.0 on github (Link below).

    I've found back to the bukkit forum after a long stressful time and have read the many requests for an update of LyTreeHelper.
    So I decided to try to update (maybe rewrite?) LyTreeHelper, but I can't do it alone. I need some help.

    If you want to take part in the development process of LyTreeHelper, please let me know.
    If you have no programming knowledge, you can just make feature suggestions, just post them in this thread or create a ticket on Github.

    Thank you for your support, help and for using my plugin.

    Planned for LyTreeHelper 3:
    (Under Progress - Maybe 70 % done) - Rewrite the whole plugin
    (60 % Done) - Custom world populator (add custom trees saved in the MCEdit schematic format and insert them only in specific biomes, e.g. palms on beaches)
    (Done) - New simple and highly configurable configurations system
    (Done)- Enhanced permissions system (using Vault, same for economy)
    - Some more developers? :) I can't do it alone, because I've only a few hours in the evening to develop
    (Done) - Switch to Maven

    Download the latest version of LyTreeHelper from (02/06/2011 16:46 GMT +1)
    (Or this direct link)

    LyTreeHelper Features

    • Custom drop features - LyTreeHelper lets you add custom drops to leaves (Maybe, sticks? :) )
    • Full customizable drop system - Adjust the drop chances for each drop (apples, golden apples, leaves, saplings, ...)
    • Timed apple drops - Apples falling from trees? Yes, you can have this feature ;)
    • Easy to handle multiworld-support - Each world has it's own configuration file, which settings overrides the global settings, so you can setup LyTreeHelper for each world with your custom settings
    • Tree destruction - Cut that damn trees by destroying the ground connection
    • Powerful forest and tree generator - LyTreeHelper comes with a powerful great generator for forests and trees, you can generate every kind of tree or forest in minecraft
    • Full permission support - You can use each permission system which is supported by Vault (
    • Full economy support - You can use any economy system supported by Vault (, so let your members pay for destructing trees at one hit
    • Custom world populator - LyTreeHelper's powerful world populator uses MCEdit schematic files to populate your world(s) with custom trees, e.g. palms, only in specific biomes (e.g. palms on beaches)
    • Mob Spawn in trees after destruction - Harvesting whole trees by removing the ground connection is great, but too easy? Let creatures spawn inside the chopped tree

    Github repository:

    You can find the changelog on github, simply open CHANGELOG.txt.

    Having Trouble?

    Use the Issure Tracker on Github.
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    i cant find the jar file, i dont know if im just bein a dumb but if only opens a zip file and i cnt find any jar inside, im probs bein a dumb but its good to ask :)
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    Sometimes Internet Explorer changes the extension from a .jar to a .zip. Make sure you are "Saving" the file, not "opening" the file. Then if you need to, change the .zip to a .jar extension. Or, you could just try downloading it in another browser, like Firefox or Google Chrome. If you are still having trouble with it I'll post an alternate version that has the .jar file in a zip folder.
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    Even if its d/l as a zip, rename it to .jar
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    Works in chrome, thanks
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    Does anyone have a pre-built version of this?
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    We've been busy writing the few last remaining features that DarkLiKally wants to add, but it's taking longer than expected. Please note that although I have been doing development testing on this, there could still be bugs:
    download LyTreeHelper 2.5alpha1
    Also, I haven't tested it with the most current build (798) yet, so that could have introduced a bug, or a feature breaker as well...
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    I will release the real v2.5 after release of minecraft 1.6, because 1.6 comes with really huge and much changes/updates/bugfixes/features.. so I want to wait with the official release. Thank you.

    INFO: You can use the pre-built LyTreeHelper-2.5alpha1 from Tux2 if you don't want to run your server without LyTreeHelper
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    Ok cool, but a RB supporting 1.6(.6) has been out for days now. I've been waiting soooo long for an update to this once wonderful plugin. Any ETA?
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    Yes, but It wasn't playable ;) Now it works, and I will release 2.5 today :) In about 2 - 4 hours (Testing-phase ;) )

    Version 2.5 is out!
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    Geoff Winans

    Found a problem with this.

    In protected areas, anyone that can build / destroy blocks can destroy logs in those protected areas. This plugin appears to be bypassing protect set forth by WorldGuard, etc.

    We've had incidences of griefing on logs and finally figured out what it was.
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    I'll take a look tonight and see what I can do about fixing that.
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    Geoff Winans

    On another note, it also appears to not allow BigBrother to log the block that was broken. Wish I knew java better, I'd give it an eye myself.
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    Resolved... The problem was: Event registrations with high priority are handled after events with low priority... confusing ^^ So the LyTreeHelper event listener was executed before the worldguard listener

    I will release 2.5.1 in the next minutes
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    Geoff Winans

    Whew, keep finding little things. This one affects LyTree's ability to blow away a tree.

    When a tree is touching the new tallgrass block type, the tree will not fall. This obviously only affects short trees. Plausible to have it ignore this block type when testing for blocks touching other blocks?

    Awesome fix, by the way!
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    Thank you for the report, I will ignore the grass blocks with the next update ;)
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    Is there any room in your next update for custom drops by tree type? I want each tree type to drop something different.
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    That's a great idea! I will try to reallize it. :)
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    I realy love your Plugin... All is fine .. i can cut my trees like a woodmen :p
    But if i use Treefeller from mcMMO the game crash! and all are near that area gets a crash too!! The biggest Problem is that you cant join this area again!! Server restart dont work!!!
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    What do the following commands do exactly?

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    /lytree - plant a tree where you are looking
    /lyforest - plants a forest of trees with a configurable radius and density
    /lynursery - plant an area with saplings with a configurable radius and density

    @DarkLiKally - correct me if I am wrong please.
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    Thank you, Tux2. Is it possible to get the exact syntax, and examples, please?
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    [] = required, <> = optional.
    /lytree [tree|bigtree|birch|redwood|tallredwood|randomredwood|random] - to generate a big tree: /lytree bigtree and there will be a big tree wherever you are looking.
    /lyforest <radius> <normal|redwood|mixed> <density> - to generate a 30x30 forest with redwood trees with a relatively low density: /lyforest 15 redwood 0.6 (I think this is a value between 0.00 (0%) and 1.00 (100%) density, although I could be wrong.)
    /lynursery <radius> <density> - to generate a 9x9 nursery of regular density do: /lynursery 4

    I'll talk to @DarkLiKally today about adding this to OP.
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    tha d0ctor

    could you add a feature that replants trees that you cut down please like autoplant? thanks!
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    @Tux2 thank you! That will be useful.
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    The density is a really high sensitive option... for a standard minecraft like forest use a density of 0.04 or 0.05 or leave it empty, the standard density is set to 0.04
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    I want to report a bug:

    Im using minecraft 1.6.6, CB818, and LTH,2.5.1.
    The error as described is, when trees are too closely grown (mine also had leaves attached to walls or other blocks but removed the attachment) you can't destroy them all at once even if you remove the bottoms of the trees from all of them. In order to do so, you have to separate the tree's completely thus making this useless. I've done this 3 times now. One with limited room/height and twice outdoors with no limit on where it can grow.

    Config: does it both on default and having the height allowance higher.

    Not sure what else to report expect I am running windows 7 X64
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    I have something like that happen, but they all pop once you remove the tall grass, mushrooms, etc growing under them, then go back and hit one of the bottom wood blocks again that is still attached to the tree. Are you sure you didn't miss something under them? Try hitting the wood again after it is clear also. That seems to make them explode for us.
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    I set LyTree to spawn a spider when you cut down a tree, but it seems to apply that whenever you chop a log, wherever it is. Lots of spiders.
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    Yeah I am sure I didn't miss nothing. This has happened multiple times even sometimes now where I stunt the height of a tree on purpose and has nothing attached to it.
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    Any word on this? I'd really like to turn spider spawning on when you cut down a tree, but whenever you chop any log, the chance kicks in.

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