[MECH/EDIT] Creativity 1.1.0- - Creative building, Inv. clear, time settings + more [1.4.7]

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    Creativity v1.1.0 for 1.4.7 out now - Download @ BukkitDev
    Added plugin to BukkitDev (dev.bukkit.org)

    >> Creativity @ BukkitDev
    Version: v1.1.0
    all downloads @ BukkitDev

    This plugin was made for even having a creative mode in minecraft, but with Minecraft beta 1.8 i made some major changes and added support for the built in Creative Gamemode. The plugin now helps you to manage creative and non-creative (survival) worlds and has some useful features. You can protect different blocks, disable placing and destroying of bedrock and protect the bottom layer of the map, so players can´t fall into the void. Also the plugin features different inventories for creative / survival worlds, inventory clear and has an optional time plugin. Nearly every feature can also be turned off.

    Latest additions have been item blacklist, for items users/players can´t place and the ability to turn on ranged building, so players can build and destroy over large distance.

    • Item blacklist for Items that can not be placed
    • Ranged (far distance) building / destroying
    • localisation / language support (available: english, german, french)
    • 3 different game modes
      • survival
      • minecraft creative
      • creativity creative (coded this before minecraft 1.8 and i still prefer it)
    • auto gamemode change on world change
    • no player damage(creativity creative)
    • no hunger (creativity creative)
    • different drop types
      • no drops
      • inventory drops
      • standard drops (only creativity !)
    • instantmine
    • Different protections (all configurable)
      • Bedrock protection (Bedrock can´t be placed or destroyed)
      • Bottom layer protection (Layer zero can´t be destroyed, even if its sponge or dirt)
      • Block protection (you can´t destroy levers, doors, signs and whatever you want !)
    • disable fire spread
    • disable explosions
    • Time plugin for only day / only night
    • easy to use inventory clear
    • Multiworld support (works best with Multiverse 2.0 !)
    • different Inventories for creative and survival worlds
    • Permissions support
    • config files
      • config.yml - general settings
      • CWorld.yml - define in which worlds creative is enabled
      • protlist.yml - define protected blocks
      • playersettings.yml - player related data is stored here you should not edit this file !

    How to use / Installation

    Available commands

    Bugs / Issues:
    • There may be issues with all MultiWorld managers except MultiVerse 2.0 !
    • Day plugin may not load properly with WormholeXtreme (works fine with MultiVerse 2.0)
    • Bypasses WorldGuard !
    • Found a bug ?
      Pls report it @ BukkitDev

    Creativity v1.1.0 for 1.4.7 Download @ BukkitDev

    currently only english available (will do german soon)


    Version 1.1.0
    • Armor not affected from inventory changing (creative <-> survival), now you have an own set of armor for each gamemode
    • slightly adjusted the configuration for the Time plugin
    Version 1.0.0
    • made plugin compatible witz CB 1.4.7

    older changelog (open)

    Version 0.8.0
    • integrated new config system from latest craftbukkit release (#1317)
    • fixed some ranged building bugs
    Version 0.7.0
    • added ranged building
      • new permission creativity.ranged
      • new command /rangedbuilding (aliases: /crb /rb)
      • lets you destroy and place blocks over large distance
    • added new file blacklist.yml
      • Blocks added in this file can not be placed by users
        • by default TNT and Lava are blacklisted
      • Blocks can be removed from inventory when trying to place them
      • new permission creativity.noblacklist (disables blacklist)
      • new options in config.yml
        • Blacklist enabled - turns blacklist on if true (default)
        • Remove blacklisted Items - removes blacklisted items on place if true (default)
      • OPs don´t have a blacklist
    • removed gamemode messages when joining the server
    • hopefully completely fixed the auto gamemode change on worldchange / reconnect
    • changed auto gamemode change
      • removed player teleport event
      • added player changed world event
    • Permission System completely changed to PermissionsBukkit
      • all commands default to op
      • removed the permission system detection on start
    • fixed some MultiVerse related bugs
    Version 0.6.2
    • fixed setting wrong mode on player reconnect
    Version 0.6.1

    • made plugin compatible with Recommended Build #1240
    Version 0.6.0

    • added localisation
      • available: english, german, french
      • you need to download the localisation files
    • added no player drops, so players can not drop items from inventory (can be disabled)
    • explosions are now disabled (can be enabled)
    • fixed the reload issue with MultiVerse
    • recommended Multiworld plugin is MultiVerse !
    Version 0.5.3
    • fixed a bug when switching from minecraft creative to creativity creativeadded no damage in Creativity creative modeVersion 0.5.2
    • fixed no spread not properly working
    • fixed no spread applying to all worlds
    • fixed not setting normal game mode on teleport if using creativity creative
      • was only affecting admins
    • fixed hunger not being disabled for admins or players with creativity.all/creativity.allworlds permission
    • fixed an inventory issue
    Version 0.5.1

    • fixed Auto Gamemode change not working, if different inventories was disabled
    • changed CWorld.yml handling (all worlds will be automatically added)
    Version 0.5

    • implemented Minecraft Creative Gamemode (now is default, but can be changed in config (config.yml >> "Default Creative mode (minecraft or creativity):")
      • implemented Block protection
      • implemented inventory drops
      • no normal drops !
    • new command /setmode (player) <mode>
      • Player is optional
      • modes: normal (which is survival), minecraft (for minecraft creative), creativity (for the creativity creative mode)
    • Different inventories for Creative / Non-Creative Worlds (config.yml >> "Different inventories for creative worlds")
    • New File playersettings.yml - player settings and inventories will be stored here, pls do not edit this file !
    • disabled hunger in creative worlds (only if creativity creative mode is used)
    • Block amount is now "frozen" instead of setting it to 9
    • fire spread is disabled (can be changed in config.yml)
    • bottom layer of the map can´t be destroyed (can be changed in config.yml)
    • GameMode is changed depending on Worlds setting (can be changed in config.yml)
    • you can now define a default for the block protection in config.yml
    • OPs or players with permission creativity.all or creativity.allworlds can now use creativity in all worlds !
    Version 0.4

    • Extended Permissions, new nodes:
      • => creativity.all - grants full access
      • => creativity.create - grants access to /create, /drops, /idrops, /prot
      • => creativity.clear - grants access to /clearinv
      • => creativity.time - grants access to /timeset, /timeplugin [new commands]
      • => added error messages if someone does not have permission
    • added 2 new commands:
      • => /timeplugin - Time plugin enable / disable
      • => /timeset <day|night|normal> - sets the Time preset for your current World
    • changes to config files:
      • => change from *.txt to *.yml
      • => blacklist.txt changed to protlist.yml
      • => CWorld.txt changed to CWorld.yml
      • => "Day plugin" renamed to "Time plugin" in config.yml
      • ==> you will have to rewrite your CWorld.yml and protlist.yml, sorry for that
      • ==> you will have to reenable Time plugin (can be done via ingame cmd)
    • rewrote the /create help and /create alias commands
    • changed some messages
    • fixed a bug within the time plugin
    Version 0.3

    • changed default settings in config.yml (should not affect current users)
    • Added optional Inventory Clear
      • You can clear all, the main window or your bar
      • plugin has to be enabled in config.yml (Clearinventory: true)
    • Added optional Always Day / Night (may cause lag !)
      • can be enabled in config.yml (Day plugin: true)
      • edit settings for worlds in config.yml
        • available Settings: day, night, normal
        • by default all worlds are normal
      • works fine with MultiVerse 2.0
      • u may need to reload Server after startup with WormholeXtreme
      • not tested with other Multiworld plugins (if u need support, tell me the plugin and i will try figure it out)
    • some minor code changes
    Version 0.2:

    • General Config file config.yml
      • => Set if worlds listed in CWorld.txt are enabled or disabled
      • => Disable Bedrock protection
    • Config file for Block Protection (blacklist.txt)
    Version 0.1:

    • Initial release
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    Just making sure: Does the multi-world-support part mean, that if you use this plugin, you can enter a world, go in creative mode, and if you then go to another world, creative mode is turned off (normal inventory/no fly) ?
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    When I write /setmode minecraft comes 'an internal error occurred while attemping to perform this command'.
    What can I do?
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    thats how it will be with standard config

    hmm, /create works fine ?
    is console stating anything about null/nullpointer?
    which plugin version?
    I'm currently not at home and can't check this but if its the latest release i may have messed up the code with a check i have added.will check it as soon as i come back home in a few hours
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    How do I allow people to use there creative inventory as in when you press E it shows all the blocks. I am already in creative mode and worked fine before I installed this plugin so can someone tell me the command or permission I need for users?
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    default mode has to be minecraft - this means minecraft creative
    creativity means my creative mode, which was made before the 1.8 update and currently does not feature any item selection / give

    p.s. i am at home now and will start looking into the problems that have been posted :)
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    Sorry I updated multiverse at the same time and the latest build added its own ability to define creative worlds. problem is now solved! Also do you know anybody who could create a plugin to kick / ban players that destory say 12 blocks in a second? With creative there are alot of nukers!
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    no problem :)

    i guess it will be hard to catch something like x blocks in y second (and i think the maximum is 2 or 3 blocks per sec)
    you should look for an antigrief plugin
    as soon as i get time (maybe weekend) i wanted to try out which of these plugins will work well with my plugin

    as i don´t run a server (only small for me and 4 friends) myself i don´t know much about grief protection
    perhaps someone could tell me which ones are the most used and i will try to make it compatible

    Ok i am now done with a large test of the plugin.
    For me everything worked fine, but pls keep reporting bugs and wishes :)

    @Minecrafter1 - no problem like yours occured for me, so i will need additional information (best might be to use bukkitdev ticket system or sending me private message)

    edit: i just realised that the gamemode changing on reload and world switch seems to be multiverse related and not bukkit - so to have not changed your game mode on reload type /mvm set gamemode creative while in your creative world - but this only affects to you if you are using the minecraft creative !

    maybe the plugin will automatically do this for you in v0.6

    first of all try latest version (CWorld.yml handling changed) and may fix that for you.

    i guess you are not using multiverse ? i need to know which multiworld plugin you are using
    as i may have mentioned before there are problems with wormhole (you need to reload server after start for my plugin to register all worlds)

    Development status for v0.6:
    • disable drops for players is nearly finished
    • localisation code is ready - but i now need to define variables for all messages (i think i got 20-30% now)

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  9. I just found an interesting bug with the fire spread feature.

    Place a block of netherrack
    Now next to it place another block (this block doesn't matter)
    On top of the second block, place a block of wool (or any flamable material), so the wool is "behind" the netherrack
    Light the netherrack on fire and watch the fire go out.

    Netherrack will stay lit, but only in certain cases. Here is a picture to illustrate:
    I lit all three blocks of netherrack right after each other. The one with the pink wool behind it went out first, followed by the wood. The one in front of the brick is still burning.
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    3rd "behind" block is brick, right ?

    it´s no bug, the feature is working as intended. i´ll try to explain you how it works and why this happens.

    For the stop of fire spread i am catching two events.
    First one is the block ignite event.It´s triggered when a block starts burning, with the cause beeing fire spread.Whenever this happens, plugin says: "cancel that event"
    Originally this was the only thing in the plugin to stop fire spread. But (here comes the interesting fact!) whenever a block burns on top, all blocks that are flammable and are directly attached to the fire (like the blocks behind in your picture) have their side burning. After a block with his side burning down it leaves fire (seems like block id is set to fire), but does not trigger the the ignite event !

    So when i realised why the spread did not stop i catched a second event, the "block burn" event, which is triggered when a block is destroyed by fire. The plugin now cancels this event, meaning the burning block will not be destroyed and fire will be extinguished.

    As is stated above, the side of a block "touching" the fire will set this block on fire. So after this "side burning" block beeing burned down, it will trigger the the second event and extinguish the fire. As bricks can´t burn - this won´t happen !

    i hope now it´s clear to you :)
  11. Yes, thank you, that explains what I am seeing then. All the fire spread stoppers I've seen previously would leave a block burning, no matter the material, and it wouldn't be consumed nor would it spread, so I guess that is what I was expecting to see. Ok, I'm good with that, you are right, it's not a bug.

    Thank you for the explanation. :)
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    no problem.
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    I'm using World Portal 0.1.1 at the moment. I will update this plugin quickly now and let you know results. (It seems to happen pretty sporadically so I don't know how long results will take)

    Have successfully got it to register all worlds (Plugins needed reloading whilst within each individual world) will let you know if I get the error message again.

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    I guess i got all ingame messages now for localisation

    so if anyone wants he can start localisation with the file attached here

    i will go to bed now as i had a hard day :)
    tomorrow i will start with german translation - so no need to do this for anyone other

    Attached Files:

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    Thanks for creativty works great for me and others just a lot of people being annoyed about logging in and out not being in creative mode.
    But is Great other than that!
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    when CWorld.yml is set up correctly they should be set to creative on login
    you gave them permission creativity.all ? then they can use creative in every world, but will not be set to creative on world join / login
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    french translation by Astaen done.

    german translation by myself is also done

    I guess i will be releasing v0.6 this weekend
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    Hello thanks for the great plugin!

    But there is a little bug.
    When u do /suicide u spawn back and the gamemode switch to normal.
    Then u should say go back to normal world and go again inside but for some reason its more buggy then.
    When u go to the creative world it switch gamemode 2 times.
    I hope this can be fixed soon th plugin works great :D
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    Will look into it.

    Hope to fix it with v0.6
  20. Among other things, yes. :)

    I have two feature additions that I don't see in the current list that I believe will be good additions:
    Cancel TNT explosions
    Disable inventory drops. In Minecraft creative mode, block break drops are off, but inventory drops are on (for some reason).

    If you prefer, I can create a pair of tickets on the bukket dev site (as much as I dislike that Curse system).
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    there will be an option to disable inventory drops in the next version

    perhaps i will look at disabling explosions (added it to the todo list) - but i would then disable all explosions (tnt, creeper)
  22. Right, but what creative world would have creepers?:)

    Your multiworld support works well, so disabling explosions in worlds that are marked as false in the config wouldn't happen as I understand it. Also, uCreate, which appears to have received it's last update ever, allows for this (just tested today as a matter of fact).

    The TNT explosion prevention is the only thing that I use it for now that it's pretty much an abandoned plugin, and aside from the two things I mentioned, your plugin surpasses it with the bottom layer protection.
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    exposions are now disabled by default (can be changed in config)
    see todo for other changes in v0.6

    i am currently testing the whole thing and then will try to fix the multiverse "bug"

    edit: the multiverse gamemode is now set for each world on server start / reload

    currently i am fixing some small bugs, but i guess Creativity v.0.6.0 will be released this evening
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    This is exactly the plugin I've been waiting for. The only thing I'm looking for now is the creative mode's built in fly to be isolated. I'd like to have it on for everyone but keep normal players out of creative mode.
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    Only 1 on my server can use this, won't work for the rest. Any ideas why ? :eek:
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    as i guess you are op, you can use it in any world - you have to setup the config right

    CWorld.yml >> set worlds to true you want it to be enabled

    or if you are not using permissions, you will have to give them all op - so i would recommend you to use permissions :)
  27. That sounds more like a server permissions issue. My players do not have access to the gamemode command from any world, but I could add it to the creative world if I wanted to.
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    sry for this, but v0.6.0 currently has some errors that i have to fix (most things are localisation related -_-)

    on release there will be 3 languages: english, german, french (done by @Astaen)
  29. I don't know about every one else, but I say there is no need to apologize. You have been making a great plugin and it's only getter better. Take your time and do it right! Quality over quantity!:)
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    Version 0.6.0 released @ BukkitDev
    • added localisation
      • available: english, german, french
      • you need to download the localisation files
    • added no player drops, so players can not drop items from inventory (can be disabled)
    • explosions are now disabled (can be enabled)
    • fixed the reload issue with MultiVerse
    • recommended Multiworld plugin is MultiVerse !
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  31. Just updated t0 0.6:
    Inventory drops: Perfect!
    Explosions: Perfect!

    Found an interesting quirk with TNT. Every other block will disappear when hit in creative, except for TNT, which drops and can be picked up. Not a game breaker in any way, but an interesting behavior/bug.

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