Inactive [MECH/ECON] Showcase v0.8.1 - Create visual shops by spawning drops on slabs [1.1-R5]

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    Version 0.8.1​
    As supposed in this thread, I created a plugin that lets you put items into glass blocks (now steps, it's notchs fault) to showcase them. This is useable for shops, to show what's for sale there, or to make clear what type of farm you built.
    • Showcase all items in a half-step Block
    • Block protection (you can't break the step block and the block below it to prevent that the item falls down)
    • Multiworld
    • Items in a showcase can't be picked up
    • Only the player who created a showcase can remove it
    • Prevents despawning of items (Normally, drops disappear after 5 minutes)
    • You can setup finite and infinite shops
    • DropChest support (disables DropChest for absorbing the showcased items)
    • WorldGuard support (works out of the box)
    • Localisation
    • Can show custom item names through BukkitContrib
    • Economy support:
      • iConomy 4 & 5
      • BOSEconomy
      • Essentials Economy
    Download & Source-Code
    Download Showcase.jar
    Browse Source-Code on Github
    You will need an economy system if you want shops.
    This will install NarrowtuxLib automatically!
    Please donate, if you really like this ;)
    Show Videos (open)

    When you have got issues, please read this:
    Issue Report (open)

    1. Please, first check if you have got the most recent version of Showcase and the most recent recommended build of Bukkit.
    2. Then, check if the bug is already listed in the "Known Bugs" section.
    3. After doing step 1+2, report the bug with at least this information:
      • Version of Showcase
      • Version of Bukkit
      • If possible, a step-by-step explanation of the bug
      • If possible, console errors
      • When you think that this has got to do with another plugin, please list all your plugins like this:
        • PluginA, PluginB, PluginC ...
    This will be incredible helpful for me to fix it faster.

    You don't actually have to retype everything I typed here, but if you'd take it as a guideline which content you should include in your issue report, it's more helpful ;)

    Please, don't come here just to say "This doesn't work.". This says nothing.

    Adding a showcase
    1. Start sneaking!
    2. Right-click a half-step block with the item in your hand you want to showcase
    3. An assistant will ask you which type of Showcase you want to add. Type the text before the colon :))
    4. Depending on the type you chose, the assistant will ask some extra questions, follow the assistant to finish showcase creation.
    Removing a showcase

    1. Sneak
    2. Right-click on a showcase. If this was a finite showcase or an exchange showcase, you will get your items back.

    ActionPermission-NodeWithout Permissions
    Create a basic Showcase.showcase.basicPlayer
    Create a infinite shop Showcase.showcase.infiniteOperator
    Create a finite shop Showcase.showcase.finitePlayer
    Create an exchange Showcase.showcase.exchangePlayer
    Buy from a finite shop
    Buy from an infinite shop
    Removing a showcase of other players.showcase.adminOperator

    The column "Without Permissions" explains which user-type can use this permission when no Permissions system is installed.
    What are shop showcases?
    A shop showcase can be used to sell items to your players. There are 2 types of shops now:
    1. Infinite shop. This one has an infinite amount of items. The money that the players give to buy an item will go to nirvana
    2. Finite shop. This one has that number of items which the owner has set up. The owner will get the money from which the items were bought.
    How can a Player buy items from a shop showcase?

    1. Click on the Showcase. The price per item and the available amount will be displayed.
    2. Type in the number of items you want and hit enter. A message will show you the success of the checkout.
      • Type 0 to abort checkout
    How can you refill a finite shop showcase?

    1. Click on it
    2. Type in the amount of items to refill. Negative values will remove that amount from the showcase.
    3. Walk away or type 0.

    The showcase command handles manual saving and loading
    /showcase save
    Saves the items to showcases.csv
    /showcase load
    Loads the configuration, translation and items without saving (Use with caution)
    /showcase reload
    Saves and loads everything after that. Useful when some items aren't in place and you want to quick-fix that.

    The configuration file is auto-generated and is called showcase.cfg
    Here are the configuration possibilities:
    • basicmode : this decides if the plugin should operate like in version 0.2 or before (Just the basics)
    • priceforbasic : this adds a price to the basic showcases
    • priceforfinite : this adds a price to the finite showcases
    • priceforexchange: this adds a price to the exchange showcases
    • removewhenempty: when set to true, a finite showcase will be removed when it's amount hits 0
    • showcaseprotection : turn this to false to be able to remove showcases from other players (griefers) (you should now use WorldGuard instead of this one ;) )
    • locale: standard is en-US. The german translation which is included in the jar-file is de-DE. If you type that in, it will copy the german file from the jar to your plugins folder
      • You can change the translation very easily by editing the existing locale.
      • Colors are supported, just add something like [GREEN] or [DARK_RED] to the text.
      • You can add newlines with \n
    • autosaveinterval: the time between two auto-saves in seconds. Standard is 60 secs. Use -1 to disable autosave.

    Currently available translations:

    Version 0.8.1
    See the whole changelog

    • Spawn multiple items in the same glass block (up to 4, would be aligned nicely)
    • Verify that there is no free space below the glass block before adding a showcase
    • Maybe let the showcase glow when you placed torches, glowstone or lava in it
    • Custom messages (aka localisation)
    • Sell-Showcases
    • DropChest support (so the items inside the glass won't be absorbed by a Dropchest)
    • Limit the amount of Showcases per player
    • Add a price that the creator of a showcase has to pay (there would be an independent price for each basic, infinite and finite showcases)
    • Linking infinite shops to banks (money spent for items goes there)
    • Rent a showcase for money/day
    • Autosave with configureable interval
    • Commands for save, load and reload
    Crossed items are already done!

    Known bugs
    • This plugin conflicts with some chat-altering plugins (i.e. bColoredChat) this is because the authors don't know how to correctly set up the priority of events.
    • Normal players (the ones that aren't operators) can't use showcases that are in the spawn-protection area. Either disable the spawn protection or place the showcases to an other location (Disable spawnprotection by setting "spawn-protection-size=0" in the file)
    • With the latest dev preview (not the recommended build), you're able to make slabs to double steps. I've got to investigate until they propose it as RB.
    • ATM, Showcases won't save enchantments. So please just don't try to sell yours because that wouldn't work either.
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    fair enough. tis a shame. inside glass blocks was a good idea and looked more appealing
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    I love the idea but is broke everything for me .. I assume it's because of hero chat?
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    Curious on the ETA for sell-showcases?
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    Everything is okey with 0.7.3!
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    That isn't possible, Showcase just looks if the player who wants to create a showcase has buildrights in the specific area.
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    I dont get the chat helper .. instead I get a silver popup and it seems to be broken.
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    This is the GUI.
    It hasn't been tested extensively by me, sorry. I'll provide an update which disables it temporally.

    V0.7.4 is out!
    I disabled the GUI temporally, because this created some issues.

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    How do i update this without losing all of my players existing shops? Thanks.
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    It should work without losing the shops. If so, please report with error messages that might appear on load/unload ;)
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    Ok thankyou, I'm still having issues with my previous problem though.

    Can't find key creation.item.title for tanslation
    Can't find key creation.item.text for tanslation

    Do you have any idea how to fix this? I have installed Odditem as you said, but I'm still getting the error and disabled chat :/
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    Hrm, this shouldn't be :(
    I upload a fixed version tomorrow ;)
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    Thank you very much!
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    Please adding Sell-Showcases
    and Support for Spout. ;-)
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    What's the permission node for tutorial showcases? You can use tutorial showcases if you're an op (and probably admin) but if you're a normal player, it says you don't have the required permission or something like that. We can't get the permission either, since it's not listed on the forum post.
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    Good job my friend :)
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    Nice work on the plugin. ;)

    Just one thing my users would really like in your update tomorrow. Which you may have already implemented but I could not find it. Anyways, it's that region flag that will enable any user to create showcase in that region. I have created a protected shop were the players may place their goodies, but due to them not owning the region, they can't post anything. And I'm not about to give every user that logs in ownership of the region, nor remove the protection that said region gives to the blocks that make up the shop.

    Edit: I would also like to request MySQL support for one of the future updates. :)
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    I downloaded the newest version but still get a GUI ?

    I don't think you get just how great of a shop plugin this could become :)

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    Spout is already supported in the latest version, I just was too lazy to edit the changelog here.
    Which assistant?

    WorldGuard region support is already in partially. However I plan on extending worldguard support with a custom flag.
    MySQL will never come. This is just too much an overkill.

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    Overkill? I reiterate what I said. You don't get just how great of a shop plugin this could become.

    But what do you mean "assistant" ? I get a GUI when I sneak right click the step. And I'm using the latest version.
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    With overkill I do mean that this would be too much work for the little fraction of users that could actally profit from it. If you want to write a web frontend, feel free to parse the flatfile that also works.
    I'll fix the other issue later this afternoon (CET).
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    How do shops work?

    The player chooses to sell 30 iron it will take it from their inventory then sell it?
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    Did the permissions node change? I downloaded new plugin, but now only I as serveradmin/op can buy from shops (infinite shops I created), but not the players. In my permissions plugin (2.7.4) I have following settings:

                - 'showcase.basic'
                - 'showcase.finite'
                - ''
                - ''
                - ''
    to my trusted players. But now they dont get the text based buy assistant after I downloaded your updated plugin. ( I also deleted spout, bukkitcontrib, narrowtuxlib at same time so the addon could redownload them.

    something I am missing with what I did?
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    That's how a finite showcase works. When another player buts from the shop, the owner receives money.
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    • Sell-Showcases
    Please :)
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    For tutorial shops, what is the permission node for them to be able to read the text?
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    your plugin is not on the spout list ;)

    It should be, only one thing really missing for this to be amazing, is to create a showcase that allows
    players to sell to it.. dont have to be the same as they buy from. ;)
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    There's no permission for that. It's also not a shop :D
    Yeah, they refactored the list a bit and forgot to add it again :( I might add it again.
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    is there no selling for this plugin?
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    I found a bug that Im not sure can even be fixed:
    When using Movecraft, if you create a showcase inside of a craft and then move it, it glitches and makes it so you can't buy the item, refill it, or do anything. The item permanently jumps up and down with now way to remove it. Can anyone help me try to get rid of the bouncing piece of leather?
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    What is wrong? 2011-08-08 16:56:45 [SEVERE] Could not pass event PLAYER_INTERACT to Showcase
    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/bukkitcontrib/BukkitContrib
    at de.moritzschmale.Showcase.ShowcaseMain.getName(
    at de.moritzschmale.Showcase.Types.BuyAssistant.<init>(
    at de.moritzschmale.Showcase.Types.InfiniteShowcaseExtra.onClick(
    at de.moritzschmale.Showcase.ShowcasePlayerListener.onPlayerInteract(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.event.CraftEventFactory.callPlayerInteractEvent(
    at net.minecraft.server.ItemInWorldManager.dig(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.Packet14BlockDig.a(SourceFile:42)
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.b(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(SourceFile:105)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
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