[MECH/ECON] EasyCoupons v.1.1 - Easy system to manage money coupons [BukkitDev]

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    recon88 Retired Staff


    Very easy system to mange your coupons.
    You can set One-Time-Coupons or Static-Coupons.
    Every user can use every coupon once.


    • Permissions Plugin
    • Vault
    • Economy Plugin

    • Download the Plugin
    • Copy it to your /plugins/ directory
    • Start your Server and wait and set up your coupons
    How to use

    • Setup the permissions for the plugin.
    • Use the command to manage coupons.

    • /addstatic <code> <reward> - Adds a static coupon (usable until you remove it)
    • /removestatic <code> - Removes a static coupon
    • /showstatic - Lists all static coupons
    • /addonetime <code> <reward> - Adds a one-time coupon (gets removed after someone uses it)
    • /removeonetime <code> - Removes a one-time coupon
    • /showonetime - Lists all one-time coupons
    • /redeem <code> - Redeems the given coupon
    Permission stuff

    • easycoupons.addstatic
    • easycoupons.removestatic
    • easycoupons.showstatic
    • easycoupons.addonetime
    • easycoupons.removeonetime
    • easycoupons.showonetime
    • easycoupons.redeem
    Little FAQ

    Q: Where can i find help?
    A: Just open a Ticket. Don't post errors in comments. And please leave informations about the error or what's happening.


    • Releasing the Plugin
    • Fixed: /removeonetime is now working
    • Fixed: All commands are now checking for existing Coupons.
    • Fixed: It was possible to add a Static-Coupon and One-Time-Coupon with the same name. If you redeemed that Coupon-Name you got both coupons.
    • Added a lot of new messages like "Usage output"
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    *see plugin* :)
    *see Vault required* :(
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    recon88 Retired Staff

    Why? Vault is a must have if you want to use money as economy system.
    Or do you want Items instead of money? (It's on my Todo list)
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    Oh.. I wanted items. :D
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    Please make it R4.0 and double check your title for dejavu.
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    recon88 Retired Staff

    It does work with all 1.2.5 versions which are currently available (also R4.0).
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    recon88 Retired Staff

    Just tested against 1.4.5-R0.2 and it still works.
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    recon88 Retired Staff

    v1.1 released.
    Includes a lot of major bugfixes! See changelog.

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