[MECH/DEV] MachinaCraft v4.1.11 - A framework for lever-activated devices [1.4.7-R0.1]

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    What is MachinaCraft?

    MachinaCraft is a framework for machines made up out of blocks, activated by right-clicking on a lever. It is modular and includes several plugins that can make repetitive tasks easier, such as digging or building in a line, even placing and clearing bodies of water. Because it is modular, other plugins can also use MachinaCraft to make their own activatable machines.

    How do I build a Machina?

    Similar to crafting something on a crafting table, but in the game world. Place blocks in the world in a predefined way and put a lever on the right block. Rightclick the lever, and if you built it correctly, the Machina will activate.

    A demonstration please!

    Plugin Showcase by WoopaGaming

    Pictures! And where do I get a Machina plugin?

    These are the Machina plugins available right now, included in the download:
    I am looking for help in improving the framework! If you think you can help make it easier to use, more powerful, more efficient, I would like to hear from you via email or PM!
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    I hoped that it would be possible that I can attach redstone lamps under the hoverpad, like in this picture

    and then I could power them like on this picture
    or with redstone torches instead of redstone dust and lever.

    And after that it would be soooooo awesome if I could move with the hoverpad and the redstone lamps would stay at the same place so I can use the hoverpad like an moving lamp.

    Hope this is possible.

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    That's an interesting idea, I think it's too specific to put in the the stock version but the code is open source. It's very possible to modify the hoverpad and make it do this. :)
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    MachinaCraft v3.1.0:
    • Drill, Builder and Pump now have a configurable limit to the number of active instances for a player.
    • HoverPad construction materials are now configurable.
    • Furnace can now receive fuel and smeltable items from a Chest or Dispenser relay.
    • New types of Item Relay:
      • Dispenser - Sucks in nearby items when active, sends results onward.
      • Furnace - Like sending to a furnace, but also sends smelted results onward.
    • Wooden planks now retain their color when used in a machina.
    Edit nitpick: Furnaces smelt their results, not burn
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    Can you add the ability to toggle whether the MachinaDrill can drill in midair?
    Maybe add it in the config?
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    Firstly I am glad to see you implemented this idea with MachinaFactory.
    I have few questions about how doing this and that. I am uploading video where will you see where exactly I am lost and need answers.

    Video will be uploaded in few hours.
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    Glad you like MachinaFactory, and to your questions:
    • To auto-activate the next machine, connect the wooden pipe to the brick block of the next machine.
    • Make sure there is no path directly to the Item Relay's chest. The item will go to the closest available destination (an item relay, fabricator or a container)
    First item relay connects to brick block of second item relay. They're shown activated here since 3d is a bit hard on a forum :)
    [iron] = Iron bars
    [ ][ ] [ ] [ ][ ][chest]
    [ ][ ] [ ] [ ][ ][iron]
    [ ][ ] [ ][chest][wood][wood]
    Second item relay goes to destination chest.

    You can't send items from just a chest to somewhere else, and connecting an Item Relay to itself won't do anything.

    MachinaCraft 3.1.2:
    Compatible with CraftBukkit 1.2.3-R0.2 or CraftBukkit 1.2.4 development build >= 2124
    • MachinaFactory machina will no longer break the user's own LWC protections on chests used with them.
    • Fixed an item dupe bug that could occur under certain circumstances.
    • Added a convenience file permissions.yml, to be used in bukkit's permissions.yml. It defines a 'machinacraft' permission that allows the server owner to control all machinacraft plugins with a single permission.
    • Can also be used to allow all players access to machinacraft on a server without a permissions plugin.

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    Okey It works now :)

    I have another suggestion.
    We need machine which will sort items like in TechnicPack. My idea and design is here:
    I guess pictures are self explainable.

    Also we need some redstone support. By this I mean start machines by buttons/levers/pressure plates.

    Do you have a Donate button ^^
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    EPIC plugin i am testing it out
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    hey im making a youtube video to showcase this and another plugin or two would you mind if your plugin was in it?
    Ill post a link to here in the description if you are okay with me useing your plugin in this video

    would you mind if i used this plugin in a youtube video if i posted a link in the description to here?

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    Go right ahead, you don't need my permission to show my plugin in a video :)
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    MachinaCraft v3.2.0:

    • The default bins used for block break times are now configurable. To generate a new default config with the additional options, move your existing configuration out of the way and merge your config with the new file.
    • New machina: Item Splitter
      • Can sort, filter or distribute items.
    • Blocks used for the core (brick) block of components and the pipelines (wood) are now configurable.
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    Hey Lyneira , Great work with Splitters. Awesome design.
    I have a problem with turning machines. Running latest RB Bukkit #2126 and MachinaCraft 3.2.0. While turning machine with stick, some or all nearby players will get disconnnected. Minecraft will freeze and crash. No errors in console.
    Currently we are making Drill with automatic chest deposit and items sorter. Already have a working machine, will make video as soon it will be done :)

    But this disconnecting bug is annoying :(
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    Where do i find a place where i can see all of the permissions for this plugin? (esspecially the simple .* ones)
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    yes like the post above where are the permissions for these plugins ? with GroupManager from essentials i found the machinadrill.activate but is there like a global one? to use all the machines if so please tellz me where :p thank you !
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    If you just want to enable all the machina, you can replace bukkit's permissions.yml with the included permissions.yml (or merge the contents). This will enable everything for all players and works without having any permission plugin.

    For more control, you can change the default in permissions.yml to 'op' and control access with the global permission: 'machinacraft'

    I've had the same bug myself a few weeks ago but had no idea at all what could be the possible cause. Then I disabled my 128x texture pack and the bug disappeared. Since 1.2.4 I've gone back to using a 128x texture pack and I haven't seen the bug since.

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    I am using Minecraft Default Texture :p
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    TY! that worked idk why cause at the first try it didnt :S but now its ok THANKS ALOT !
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    Mercury and others who wanted redstone support: I've made a little plugin allows a redstone signal to activate a machina.

    The good news is that it works, the bad news is that I had to make compromises to make it work and keep CPU usage down:
    • All redstone-activated machina will have the permissions of a "dummy" player, the permissions for the dummy player can be set in the config file.
    • It only works when a repeater activates.

    I've thought up two possible designs, both use a redstone repeater and a brick block to let the plugin recognize that it should activate a machina. Below are two designs that could activate an item relay when the lever on stone is triggered.

    Design A: Redstone repeater going into a brick block. The lever on the other side of the brick block will be activated when the repeater becomes active.

    Design B: Redstone repeater on top of a brick block. The lever it points at will be activated when the repeater becomes active.

    Design B might be more convenient than A, but it would prevent you from activating a builder with it since putting a brick next to the lever would make the builder invalid. Comments? :)
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    Just letting you know the plugin broke with the 1.2.5 update.
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    PLEASE never stop updating is plugin.

    It is honestly the coolest plugin I've ever seen.

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    Actually it works with #2149
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    Design B it is!

    MachinaCraft v3.2.1:
    New support plugin: MachinaRedstoneBridge
    • Allows a machina's lever to be activated by a redstone repeater on top of a brick block.
    • Slightly increased keep-alive time for all components, hopefully resolves a bug where a furnace relay could stop working despite having fuel and smeltable items.
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    That was fast!! :D
    Back to inventing..


    - worldguard.region.bypass.* flag doesn't work for fake player while it does work for real player.
    [INFO] [world] Redstone-Bridge: Ā§4You don't have permission to open that in this area.
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    Could you try giving the explicit permissions instead of using a .*? See if that works?
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    MachinaCraft v3.3.0:
    New type of builder: Bridge Builder!
    • Builds a bridge with a maximum depth of 3 blocks.
    • Builds with a pattern you specify in the back chest. (up to 3x3)
    • Uses a moving builder head to build!
    • Moving machina: Fixed a bug with collision detection after rotating through a sign or with a stick.
    • MachinaRedstoneBridge: Fixed a bug where the plugin would not work with undeclared permissions (worldguard region bypass for a particular world)
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    please add where just normal players can use the hovercraft (unless you already did) and with the hovercraft is there a way to make it instead of being flat and to add multiple types (i wanted to make these for pvp helicopters and jets)
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    Normal players can use the hoverpad if you give them the hoverpad permission. :)

    If your server doesn't have a permission plugin, you can just put the contents of the included permissions.yml into your server's permissions.yml.

    Right now it's not possible to modify the hoverpad blueprint, but I might look into making it modifiable some time :)
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    kk thx it was due to the server having screwed up perms and we cant get someone to fix them until next week
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    love your plugin and is it possible to make the pipes tranfer items faster? Couldnt find it in the config files, found everything else.

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