[MECH] DeathDeposit v1.0 - Deposit items in a chest upon death[1060]

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    DeathDeposit - Deposit items in a chest upon death:
    Version: 1.0

    This plugin currently requires: Spout and Lockette

    DeathDeposit is a plugin that allows you to easily select a specific number of items to transfer into the player's specified DeathChest using a visual point and click interface. When a player dies and revives, that player then has the option to select items to transfer to his DeathChest. Later the player can return to the DeathChest he had set before he died and retrieve the items he had deposited. This way he can take his time returning to his items because they wont disappear since they are being kept safe in the chest. Any items that aren't able to be deposited will be dropped where you died.

    In order to save some items when you die you must first have set a DeathChest. To designate a chest as a DeathChest you simply have place a sign in front of the chest with the format bellow:

    Sign format:
    line1: [private]
    line2: username
    line3: [dd]

    The amount of items permitted to deposit per death is configurable within the chests.txt on the first line in the file.
    Note: The plugin needs to be disabled in order to save your settings.

    Known Bugs: (open)

    • None

    Future Features (open)

    • Independence from Lockette

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    changelog has to show two previous versions without a spoiler
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    Update to 1060
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    inactive then
    why do people even submit plugins when they just let them rot here?

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