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    The Plugin to adjust the difficulty in SMP
    Latest version: 4.5.0
    blank line
    BLANK LINE : D : D
    CustomDifficulty provides a lot of features to change the all around difficulty in Minecraft.
    You can change the monster's HP, damage, aggressiveness and more! You are also able to modify the player's damage.
    Each difficulty is stored in its own file - which enables you to create as many difficulties as you like! It's possible to set a difficulty for a certain region only (Use the built-in regions, or WorldGuard regions). This enables you - for example - to create hard dungeons with ease.
    For more information, take a look at the 'Features' section below.

    Please report any bugs you may encounter!

    If you are a developer and take a look at the source, please let me know if you have some improvements! I'm still new to this (Java/programming in general) and want to get better. :)

    • Change monster's hp (200 HP is max - but that should be enough, a player has 20)
    • Change monster's damage - Let them beat you up - or not even scratch you :>
    • Change aggressiveness of monsters and animals. (Aggressive, Passive, Friendly)
    • Change if monsters burn in sunlight.
    • Spawn any mob, anywhere - naturally! Giant, 'monster' and sheep in any color included!
    • Define spawn chance.
    • Define min/max height for mobs to spawn.
    • Define min/max light level for mobs to spawn.
    • Define block types mobs will only/will never spawn on.
    • Define custom drops for each mob in each difficulty.
    • Define a loot-multiplier to let monsters drop more items!
    • Limit mobs per server/world/chunk
    • iConomy support! (For monster-killing rewards)
    • Change player's damage.
    • Multi-world support!
    • Permissions support!
    • WorldGuard support!
    • Create regions, each with a custom difficulty!
    • No need to restart/reload the server to apply changes, simply use the /difficulty reload command!
    • All (reasonable) commands can be used from the console!
    If you download, please also click the 'like' button at the lower right corner of this post - Thanks!

    If you need a more detailed explanation, feel free to drop me a message and I'll try to help as much as I can. :)
    This text is only used to have an empty line! :>
    How to use:
    Click me :)

    • Copy CustomDifficulty.jar into the /root/plugins folder.
    • Download WorldEdit (If you want to use regions) and place it into the /root/plugins folder as well.
    • Difficulties are located in the /root/plugins/CustomDifficulty/difficulties folder. Each difficulty is in its own [difficulty].yml file.
    • Simply change the values of the default configs and/or create new config files. The plugin will load all *.yml files inside the difficulties folder automatically on reload.
    • If you remove a configuration node, this plugin won't change anything of the corresponding event, thus preventing conflicts with other plugins.
    • You can create regions with the /difficulty region [regionCommand] commands and set difficulties for each of them independently! (See 'Commands and Permissions' below)
    Note that you must notuse tabs in *.yml (YAML) files. If you do, it will mess up the format and Bukkit will throw you a million errors (something like *snakeyaml* ) :>
    Important notes:
    Click me :)

    • All configuration nodes are case sensitive and your world's names shouldn't contain special character, as it might mess up the configuration nodes!
      If a configuration node does not exist, Bukkits default will be used - or nothing happens at all.
      The plugin will check if the monster/player is in a region first (if enabled - see below)
      If the monster/player is in no region, the world's difficulty settings will be used.
    • Slimes are handled according to their size.
    • Wolves are handled according to their tamed/untamed status.
    • Creepers are handled according to their powered/unpowered. status.
    • The last three points exclude the following nodes:
      spawnChance, spawnOnlyOn, spawnNotOn, lightLevelMin, lightLevelMax
    • Creepers have a floating point (e.g. 1.65) damage value and it's used as multiplier, not as fixed damage. This value applies to the damage only, not the explosion range/radius.
    • Wild wolves can be aggressive. They will attack a player on sight, but it is still possible to tame them - unless the player fights back.
    • Tamed wolves HP will always be read from the worlds difficulty! (To avoid exploits like healing it in a region where it as a maximum of 100 hp and then move to a region with a maximum of 50 hp)
    • Player's damage will be calculated like this:
      Round( (usualDamage * damageMultiply) + damageAdd )
      damageAdd is an integer.
      damageMultiply is a floating point value.
      usualDamage is the players default damage (e.g. 2 with fists, 5 with diamond pickaxe) - might be different if another plugin modified the event damage before CustomDifficulty did!
      You can use different values for Player vs Player and Player vs Monster. You can also set negative values - but a negative multiplier is not recommended.
    • Regions are disabled by default! If you want to use them, go to your config.yml(not difficulty.yml!) and set useRegions for the specified actions to 'true' (without quotes!)
      I disabled them by default do increase performance (a tiny, tiny bit :p, unless you have 1 million regions in one world) and I guess not everyone will use them.
    • Change difficulty of (regions or worlds) by using the corresponding command where difficulty = one of your /difficulties/[difficulty].yml without the ".yml" extension!
    Commands and Permissions:
    Click me :)
    Permission node to receive rewards: 'CustomDifficulty.reward'
    Ops can use all commands and permission nodes are case sensitive!
    bold = mandatory
    underlined = optional
    " | " = "or"

    Difficulty-related commands:
    • /difficulty help - Displays the help / lists commands and descriptions.
      Permission node: 'CustomDifficulty.help'
    • /difficulty - Displays difficulty of the world the player is currently in - or of all worlds if the command user is no player (e.g. console)
      Permission node: 'CustomDifficulty.check'
    • /difficulty check <World | all> - Displays the difficulty of <World>, <all> worlds or the world the player is currently in if <World> is not specified. If the command user is no player, it will list all worlds.
      Permission node: 'CustomDifficulty.check'
    • /difficulty <change | set><World> <Difficulty> - Change difficulty of <World>, or the world you are currently in if none specified.
      Permission node: 'CustomDifficulty.change'
    • /difficulty reload - Reloads the config files. Use this after changing/adding difficulties or other configurations!
      Permission node: 'CustomDifficulty.reload'
    • /difficulty performance - Counts the used time for each feature for the next 10 seconds. Use this if you think the plugin causes lag, and to find out which part of it.
    Region-related commands (These require WorldEdit and WorldGuard):
    All commands start with /difficulty region *** - Replace "***" with one of the below:
    • help - Displays help about region commands.
      Permission node: 'CustomDifficulty.region.help'
    • <set | change> <World> <Difficulty> - Change difficulty of world <World>, or the world you are currently in, if <World> is not specified, to <Difficulty>
      Permission node: 'CustomDifficulty.region.set'
    • info <World> <RegionName> - Displays some information about region <RegionName> on world <World> or the world you are currently in.
      Permission node: 'CustomDifficulty.region.list'
    If you are using WorldGuard regions, only the region commands 'info' and 'set | change' are available. To define new regions, you WorldGuard's '/region define' command.
    Version 4.5.0 | 10/6/2011
    • Fixed: Squid spawn - for real this time
    • Fixed: min/max spawn distance works now.
    • Fixed: Ghats can now be friendly. (passive too, but they will behave as friendly. :/) Friendly ghasts hardly move though.
    • Added: OPs will receive a message on login, if a new of CD is available. Can be turned off, config.yml -> global.checkForUpdates
    • Added: Some code to make squids follow their targets. They don't do that naturally like other mobs. -.-
    • Ghasts and PigZombies take damage over time to simulate burning in sunlight. (If enabled)
    Old versions (open)
    Version 4.4.0 | 9/28/2011
    • Changed: Mob limit configuration; Nodes you have to use now:
        mobLimit: 500 #= server Limit
            mobAggressiveLimit: 75
            mobPassiveLimit: 75
            mobFriendlyLimit: 75
            mobChunkLimit: 1
    You can remove all other limit nodes, they aren't used anymore.
    • Added: A new config node inside the difficulty files:
        dropOnlyWhenKilledByPlayer: false
    Should be self-explanatory, but you have to add it manually if you want to enable it.
    • Fixed: Squid spawning. Was checking for lava instead of water..
    • Fixed: A NPE inside the spawn algorithm.
    • Fixed: Another NPE inside spawn algorithm (dev build only)
    • Added: Multiverse-Core will now load before CD does.
    • Added: Register support. All major economy plugins should work with CD now.
    • Removed: iConomy5 support. If you use iConomy5, you also have to download and use Register.
    Version 4.3.0 | 9/24/2011
    • Fixed: Feeding wolf in 1.8; Item amount decreases and Raw Flesh added as food.
    • Fixed: Getting rewards with projectiles (arrows) works now.
    • Fixed: Giants spawning in walls and small caves. - Some still spawn in walls or weird locations and suffocate, but they will be removed immediately.
    • Added: Configuration nodes for the new mobs Enderman, CaveSpider and Silverfish.
    • Added: Now spawn-able: Electrified Creeper, Spider-Jockeys, coloured sheep.
    • Changed: Mobs will now spawn in at least 2 block high rooms instead 1 block only. (To prevent Zombies and other tall mobs to suffocate.)
    Version 4.2.3 | 7/28/2011
    • Changed: Giants attack players up to 3 blocks below them instead of 1.
    • Changed: config.yml nodes: spawnInterval, aggressivenessInterval and burnsInSunlightInterval are now in the worlds.worldname section. You can remove the global ones.
    • Probably fixed: ClassCastException in aggressiveness task. (?)
    • Changed: performance command.
    • Fixed: Another bug, I just don't remember which one... I should start writing it down immediately :eek:
    Version 4.2.2 | 7/27/2011
    • Fixed: BurnsInSunlight now reads the interval correctly from the config. (=Slight performance increase if you don't use an interval of 1. Default is 20.)
    • Fixed: Mobs can now spawn in snowy areas.
    • Added: Giants should attack players now, they don't do it naturally... (Please test this :))
    • Changed: Aggressiveness check is now performed every X ticks for every player, instead of every X move-events for the corresponding player only.
    Version 4.2.1 | 7/26/2011
    • Fixed: NPE in mobCleanup
    • Removed: Creation of unused node 'ignoreInvalidWorldDifficulty' in config.yml
    Version 4.2.0 | 7/25/2011
    • Added: command '/difficulty performance'
    • Added: another way of reading the difficulty of a mob (for testing purposes). change useOldGetDifficulty in your config.yml if you want.
    Version 4.1.0 | 7/15/2011
    • Removed built-in regions. (Use WorldGuard, it provides more features for regions)
    • Added customizable drops.
    • Added: Players will receive rewards if their wolf kills a mob
    • Changed spawn-algorithm, it will use the chunks around a random player per run, instead of chunks around all players.
    • Changed check for old iConomy versions.
    Version 4.0.6 | 7/13/2011
    • Fixed an 'out of bounds exception' in the reward calculations.
    • Mobs shouldn't suffocate anymore if they spawn next to a wall.
    Version 4.0.5 | 7/12/2011
    • fixed automatically created node burnInSunlight to burnsInSunlight in the config.yml
    • probable fix for a concurrent modification exception.
    Version 4.0.4 | 7/11/2011
    • Added fix for incompatible iConomy versions.
    Version 4.0.3 | 7/10/2011
    • Major bug fixed within the spawn-algorithm. To be specific: instead of reading the maximum light level for a mob to spawn, it was reading the minimum height - this, of course, messed everything up.
    Version 4.0.2 | 7/10/2011
    • NPE fix regarding the loot multiplier. - A weird one :confused:
    Version 4.0.1 7/9/2011
    • Mobs shouldn't spawn in water anymore if spawnNotOn WATER and/or STATIONARY_WATER is used.
    Version 4.0.0 | 7/9/2011
    • Aggressiveness is now split into aggressivenessDay and aggressivenessNight.
    • Added option on which blocks mobs will only spawn, or will never spawn on.
    • Reward now requires permission 'CustomDifficulty.reward' to receive it.
    • Added option for min/max light level for mobs to spawn.
    • Added option for min/max height for mobs to spawn.
    • large rewrite of the plugin.
    Version 3.6.0 | 7/7/2011
    • Depreciation of rewards if you kill the same mob type repeatedly.
    • Bugfix of the isDay() function which resulted in wrong calculations for the BurnInSunlight feature. (It was checking for night instead of day - fail)
    • SpawnChance will only affect naturally spawned mobs. (I was too stupid to find it previously - lol). Also, It will never affect the spawn behaviour of 'monster' and giant in any way, even if a plugin spawns them as 'naturally'. If you use another plugin to make them spawn, it should be possible to change the spawn amount there.
    • isAggressive and burnsInSunlight features are now available for animals as well.
    Version 3.5.1 | 5/7/2011
    • Added check for a nearby mob spawner for reward and lootMultiplier.
    • Added success-rate of a mob spawning.
    Version 3.5.0 | 7/5/2011
    • NPE fix within the reward system.
    • Added WorldGuard-Regions support.
    • Added option to disable startup messages.
    • Region Commands now have their own classes.
    • Difficulties with uppercase letters work properly.
    Version 3.4.2 | 7/3/2011
    • Fixed another bug regarding region-persistence. :eek:
    Version 3.4.1 | 7/3/2011
    • Fixed monsters (except skeletons & zombies) starting to burn during night if burnsInSunlight was set to true.
    Version 3.4.0 | 7/2/2011
    • Fixed regions not saving into database due to a wrong function call.
      Thanks to @Kytsune for spotting this bug!
    • Added iConomy support for mob-killing rewards.
    • Added lootMultiplier feature
    Version 3.3.1 | 7/1/2011
    • NPE fix
    Version 3.3.0 | 7/1/2011
    • Added some (possible) bugfixes
    • Added possibility to change if (hostile) monsters burn in sunlight.
    Version 3.2.0 | 6/24/2011
    • Added changeable aggressiveness.
    • Changed the way I hooked into WorldEdit / Permissions.
    • Different settings for wild wolves and tamed wolves.
    • Tested against RB 928.
    Version 3.1.0 | 06/16/2011
    • Added configuration nodes for "monster" (the 'human' mob)
    Version 3.0.0 | 06/16/2011
    • Added regions. (Requires WorldEdit and HSQLDB)
    • Added possibility to create as many difficulties as you want
    • Changed commands a bit to clean up source code - it was a mess!
    • Some minor bug fixes.
    • Something else I don't remember right now. :eek:
    Version 2.2.2 | 06/14/2011
    • Removed "Error in [world].yml - Check HP settings for [monster]" debug message.
    Version 2.2.1 | 06/07/2011
    • Added option to change Player's damage for each difficulty (multiply and [add or subtract damage] or both)
    • Added checks if config nodes are set. (If not - Plugin won't touch the corresponding event)
    • Changed "/difficulty" command - displays now the current world - or all worlds if the command user is no player (e.g. console)
    • Added "/difficulty all" - will display the difficulty on all worlds.
    • Priorities of 'CREATURE_SPAWN' and 'ENTITY_DAMAGE' events have been set to 'Lowest'.
    • Bug-fix - Fixed error with slimes - it was looking for node "slime[size]..." instead of "slime.[size]..."
    • Some minor changes in the source code (e.g. refactoring)
    Version 2.1.1 | 06/06/2011
    • Added Multi-World support.
    • Added Permissions support.
    • Bug-fix - Slimes are now handled according to their size.
    Version 1.0.0 | 06/05/2011
    • Initial release.

    • Limit mob spawning to biomes.
    • Suggestions!
    • Change Player's HP | Out of the scope of this plugin as it requires a custom health system. I might add later though... who knows.
    If you like this plugin and want to help me a lil bit - please [​IMG]. Thanks!

    ~Pardon my imperfect English. :>
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    thanks, keep it up ..
    can't wait for the next version *_^
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    Updated to version 2.1.1 ! :)
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    This looks good, but will you add the option later for changing the damage/hp for "Monsters" aka humans? Also, will this conflict with the NaturalGiants plugin?
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    Interesting will look at this now, then leave feedback.
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    Yeah, I can add the option to change the player's damage, I'll add that to the todo :)
    I'm not sure about the HP though. (The health bar has a maximum of 20HP I think)

    I don't know if it will conflict with the plugin, but I don't think so. My plugin only changes the HP of a monster when it spawns and the damage of the EntityDamageEvent to the value specified in the configs.

    Well, I can add the option to ignore mobs if they are not listed in the config to prevent a conflict with NaturalGiants.
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    Updated to version 2.2.1 ! :D
    It has a bugfix regarding Slimes - It's highly recommended to use it if you want this to work with slimes!
    You can also change the Player's damage.
    Read the changelog and "Important notes" for further information.
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    Getting a slight error with it, I have the default settings in your plugin, but the RPG world is set to hard while the Vanilla world is set to Normal. I Get the following error:
    14.06 07:53:51 [Server] INFO Reloading done.
    14.06 07:53:51 [Server] INFO [CustomDifficulty] Error in world.yml - Check HP-Settings for CraftMonster on difficulty normal!
    14.06 07:53:51 [Server] INFO [CustomDifficulty] Error in world.yml - Check HP-Settings for CraftMonster on difficulty normal!
    14.06 07:53:51 [Server] INFO [CustomDifficulty] Error in world.yml - Check HP-Settings for CraftMonster on difficulty normal!
    14.06 07:53:51 [Server] INFO [CustomDifficulty] Error in world.yml - Check HP-Settings for CraftMonster on difficulty normal!
    14.06 07:53:51 [Server] INFO [CustomDifficulty] Error in world.yml - Check HP-Settings for CraftMonster on difficulty normal!
    I have Natural Giants installed and the HP for them is set to 200.

    I have 4 config files in the CustomDifficulty folder each set to default:
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    Hmm okay lemme take a look at it - i'll install NaturalGiants and see if I can find a fix.

    Okay, it's just a debug message i forgot to remove. You can ignore it for now and it should only occur when you reload/change difficulty and a node isn't specified for some mob. However, it's strage that it says "CraftMonster" and not the exact type of monster :eek:.

    It's no conflict with NaturalGiants as far as I can tell. If you remove the Giant's nodes from the config it says "... Check HP-Settings for CraftGiant" instead of CraftMonster. I don't think its something major so I'll just remove the message and you should do fine.
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    What difficulty is equivalent to the default for multiplayer?
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    Normal, unless you want more of a challenge, then set your difficulty to Hard. Even the default settings are awesome, but for my server, I set the damage monsters dish out just a bit higher >:D
    Thank you for looking into that. So far your plugin does what it is supposed to and suits my needs perfectly.
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    Okay, updated to v2.2.2 to remove the debug message. :)

    Multiply by 1 and add 0 is the default (As you can see in the damage calculation within the Important Notes)
    I should learn how to read!
    The default is normal, but I'm not 100% sure that its the exact default without the plugin.
    If you want the bukkit/minecraft-defaults remove the nodes in the config.ymls.
    Example: Remove Spider HP for Hard and it will use the default ones from bukkit/minecraft if the difficulty on the corresponding world is set to hard.
    Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated! :)

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    can you add aggressiveness for the mobs?

    and perfect if you can handle the difficult with zones from worldguard, maybe when you enter one zone
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    I'm not sure about aggressiveness for mobs, I didn't try it yet and I don't know if it's possible.

    About the worldguard regions, I'll try to hook into worldguard and see what I can do.
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    i need a plugin what's lightweight and easy for different uses (dungeons). default difficult should be normal and if you entered a area maybe a worldguard area, (or you write your own cuboid selection area) then it should be possible to change the difficult for this area.

    i hope you will find the aggressiveness for mobs, maybe other developer can help.

    i tried crowdcontrol, but it is heavyweight and changed to much.
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    Okay, I don't think I can use worldguard because i'd have to create special flags for the regions (and I couldn't find out how to do that, if it's even possible...)
    I could, however, hook into WorldEdit and use its cuboid selection to create my own region database.
    I'll try to find a way to make it possible, but I'm short on time recently, so it might take a while.
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    dont hurry take your time but would love to get regions and aggressiveness with your lightweight plugin under one plugin.
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    Yeah I think it will be a great addition (especially for RPG-Servers) and I hope I can implement it soon.
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    yeah with this additions your different as the other plugins, easy to handle and different difficult per region.

    i am a RPG-Server and need such a plugin.

    btw, your not american or british, where are you from?
  22. Does this work with 860 bukkit?
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    I'm from germany. :)

    I haven't tested it with 860 yet, but it should work without problems, I don't see any big changes in the Bukkit changelog that could affect this plugin.
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    great... Dann können wir uns nebenbei auch so unterhalten, lass also von dir hören wenn du soweit bist.
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    Alrighty, here's some preview for version 3.0.0:
    • I will add regions with its own difficulty each (WorldEdit will be required!).
      Done already - works so far! Still want to test it for bugs though.
    • You will be able to create as many difficulties as you like. (instead of 3 per world)
      Done as well!
    • Aggression of mobs? I still didn't look into it, maybe I can figure something out. (I don't know if it's even possible, but it should be - somehow :eek:)
    I will also completely rewrite some stuff about the difficulties - it's too much hardcoded (E.g. difficulties easy,normal,hard - you can't choose something else)
    Every difficulty will have its own file ([difficulty].yml) - this way you can easily create new difficulties and you are not limited to 3 per world. I will need some time for all these changes, but I hope I can finish it until the end of this week. -Until then, have fun with the current version ;)

    Im much, much faster than expected! A version with customizable regions will be out today! Stay tuned!
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    Nice! Going to try it tomorrow!
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    uh oO thats fast :)
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    @Darcion Jup, muss aber bald los in die Uni, dauert also noch bis heute nachmittag :)
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    kein Problem

    dont hurry


    betreffen die Konfigurationen ausschließlich natürlich generierte mobs oder auch von mobspawnern welche ich mit spawnmob generiere?

    sind monster (menschliche Kreaturen) auch drin?
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    Da schreib ich mal lieber auf Englisch zurück, der Community wegen ;)

    The hp configs apply to all usual mobs (Spider, Skeleton, Cow, ...) that create an CreatureSpawnEvent (This includes mob-spawners as well as commands like /spawnmob).
    The damage-configs apply to all usual mobs as well, but it doesn't matter how or where they were spawned. Their damage gets calculated at the time they deal damage, depending on in which region they are. (version 3.0.0)

    About human creatures, I don't think it will work, as I check every mob for its creature/mob type and it's hardcoded... :eek:
    Well, I can try to add it - but I'm not sure how this will work since I never used human creatures on my server. I'll have to find a plugin to spawn human creatures first. :p

    And by the way, I will upload v3.0.0 in a few minutes, I think I found all major bugs. ;)

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