[MECH] CreativeBuild v1.5 - Infinite Items, InstaBreak, and No Drops [928]

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    CreativeBuild - Build Creatively!
    Version: 1.5
    CreativeBuild is a plugin that makes building on your Beta Minecraft server more like creative. Items are infinite, breaking is almost instant, and there are no drops (to avoid inventory flooding).​
    Other Plugins:
    Because this plugin does certain thins, it is very helpful to have these two plugins:​
    MultiInv (If you have two worlds and one with CB, players can give items and not have them in the regular world)​
    SimpleGive (Because item drops are off by default, you can use this to give yourself items)​
    Version Specific Features Below:
    1.0 (open)

    Everybody can break instantly and build with infinite items.
    To clear your inventory, type /cbclear​
    The command is accesible by everyone.​

    1.1 (open)

    Adds permissions:​
    creativebuild.build - Allows players to build with infinite blocks​
    creativebuild.break - Allows players to break blocks with 1 hit​
    creativebuild.clear - Allows players to clear their inventory with /cbclear​

    1.2 (open)

    Changes permissions nodes:​
    If you already have creativebuild.cb you will have cb enabled when you join the server. If you don't want it on, you can disable it with /cboff. You can also enable it with /cbon. Both of these commands are compatible with playernames, so /cbon captainawesome7 would enable it for captainawesome7. Also, console /cbon or /cboff is supported.​

    1.3 (open)

    Adds two more commands, to toggle block drops on/off:​
    ^uses creativebuild.cb node^​

    1.4/1.5 (open)

    Adds a config file and multiworld support. The config file will be at plugins/CreativeBuild/config.txt. It will contain:
    #This is the CreativeBuild config file.
    #Define your worlds in which CreativeBuild are enabled below (you can have as many as you want):
    To add a world, replace WorldNameHere with the world name, and if you want 5 worlds to have CB just add 5 lines, each with worldname=true. If you don't want CB support on a world, just don't add it, you don't need to put world=false.

    The source code is included in the .jar (/me/captain/CreativeBuild/)

    Planned Changes
    Version 1.5
    • Fixed Bedrock bug where you could break it if you broke a nearby block first
    Version 1.4
    • Added multi world support and a config file
    Version 1.3
    • Added commands to for block drops, /dropson and /dropsoff
    • ^Uses the creativebuild.cb node^
    Version 1.2
    • Adds commands to toggle CreativeBuild. Changes permissions nodes to:
    • creativebuild.cb
    • creativebuild.clear
    • If you have creativebuild.cb you will have cb enabled when you log in
    • Download a different version if you don't want this
    Version 1.1
    • Includes Permissions (Download v1.0 if you don't want this)
    Version 1.0
    • Release!
    If anybody wants to make a quick video about how this plugin works/how to use it, I can put it in the OP for you and give you a shout-out :)
  2. Isn't there an item pickup event too? Which captain could use to stop them from picking up the item, or removing it from their inventory if they do pick it up whilst CB is active?
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    It would still spam items all over the ground
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    Bug: in the spawn chunks, instamine bypasses the protection area, so you can break blocks, but not place them.
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    It seems that /cbon crashes my server on 953. :'(

    Sadly, I don't have access to logs right now, so I can't provide any details. I'll follow up later today when I have more info.
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    I <3 this developer.... LOL
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    looks good, would also like a possibility to replace the block your looking at, I am looking for this for the art world on my server as we have a big infinite wall that goes on forever so it would be much easier if everybody could just replace the blocks on the wall by using a magic carpet, thanks!
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    Could you add to the config like a disable on start up? because it gets annoying logging in and destroying like 5 blocks lol

    and also hook into big brother =D
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    I might eventually hook into logging plugins, but for now I'm going to wait.
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    a little confusing, which permissions does what and are their commands or is it automatically default to op or permissions???
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    doesnt work for guests!
    how do i put the permission

    i wrote this on the permissions.yml

    description: Gives access to all doorman commands
    creativebuild.cb: true
    creativebuild.clear: true

    description: Allows you to kick a user
    default: true
    description: Allows you to ban a user
    default: true

    didnt work
    give the text to work
    i want plugin for all
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    This doesn't support Bukkit's permission system, it supports Permissions 2.x
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    how do i activite CreativeWorld ? i cant seem to find it :S
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    my minecarft says CBON: null
    same with all the other commands from this plugin so plz help
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    Any way to make creative build ALWAYS on?
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    Hi! So I was wondering if you could help me, Because I have tried to enable it for my servers world The Realm of Knash and it says Creative Build is not enabled for The Realm of Knash. I will post my server log here:

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    You can't have spaces in world names.
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    That would explain it......can i just rename the world folder so that i don' have to start the world ALL over again?
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    Awsome thanks!
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    is there a command to turn off insta break?
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    Is this compatible with version 1060? i noticed your title says 928,
    quest 2: will the blockbreaking show up in BigBrother when someone instantly breaks something?

    EDIT: oh wow. apparently you can bypass worldguard and destroy stuff with instabreak :/ is there a way you can make it so we can choose in the config whether or not we want it to? otherwise even protected zones will be a griefers paradise. It also doesnt register on Big Brother whenever you destroy a block :( . i may end up lookin into other plugins unless these two things can be solved because as a server admin you want to do what you can to stop griefs, or in m case find out who did it, ban them, then roll back the changes.
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    Does this plugin work, so you can make blocks drop nothing in an entire world?
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    Just to make sure: Doesn't this mean, that you will be able to have a world, with access to the Far Lands, and by using this plugin, removing most of the lag? And still have other worlds, where everything is like if this plugin weren't on the server? :eek::confused:
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    What do you mean by removing most of the lag? I've used this plugin with one world Creative and one world survival and I didn't notice any lag.
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    With "The Lag" I refered to the lag, which ocures when you reach the Far Lands (12.550.820 blocks away from the center of the map). That lag is coursed because of a glitch, where gravel & sand "falls infinite", while dropping pick-ups (this is where this plugin might become usefull), as (as I've understood) it should remove all these pick-ups (like "/drops" from the SSP Commands Mod), removing most of the lag in the Far Lands.
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    Could you please make this mod so that when I use redpower on my server and place wire that I do have unlimited of it I think it might be because it doesn't use data values over 15 maby and also can you make it so when I press Q that the item is not dropped but deleted? I lot of other creative mods also do this and I really hate it.
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    I don't really do craftbukkit anymore so I won't be updating it. If anybody ends up remaking this I'll let you know.

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