Inactive [MECH] ChocolateFever v1.4.4 - Get CocoaBeans, GoldenApples, and Apples From Trees/Crops! [740]

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    ChocolateFever - Get CocoaBeans from trees and crops!
    Version: 1.4.4

    Don't want to generate a new world just so you can find cocoa beans in dungeons? Want cocoa beans to be more common so you can host cookie parties? Then this plugin is for you! When you break leaves or wait for them to decay, there is a chance that cocoa beans will drop. Also, you can get cocoa beans from crops!

    • Tree Drops: Cocoa Beans, Apples, Golden Apples
    • Crops Drops: Cocoa Beans
    • Configurable drop-rate for golden apples, apples and cocoa beans
    • Decide which trees you want each item to drop from (generic, birch, or redwood)
    • Reload settings in-game
    ConfigurationProperties (open)

    • drop-cocoa-from-crops: determine whether or not to drop cocoa from crops
    • cocoa-from-crops-chance: percent chance of cocoa beans dropping from crops
    • cocoa-from-trees-chance: percent chance of cocoa beans dropping from trees
    • apples-from-trees-chance: percent chance of apples dropping from trees
    • golden-apples-from-trees-chance: percent chance of golden apples dropping from trees
    • generic-cocoa-beans: determine whether or not to drop cocoa beans from generic trees
    • birch-cocoa-beans: determine whether or not to drop cocoa beans from birch trees
    • redwood-cocoa-beans: determine whether or not to drop cocoa beans from redwood trees
    • generic-apples: determine whether or not to drop apples from generic trees
    • birch-apples: determine whether or not to drop apples from birch trees
    • redwood-apples: determine whether or not to drop apples from redwood trees
    • generic-golden-apples: determine whether or not to drop golden apples from generic trees
    • birch-golden-apples: determine whether or not to drop golden apples from birch trees
    • redwood-golden-apples: determine whether or not to drop golden apples from redwood trees

    If you are an Op, you can reload these settings in-game or in the console using the command:
    /[chocolate|choc|cf] -reload
    Known Bugs:
    • Drop-rates are not acting correctly
    Bug Reporting:
    • Read the README.txt in the /plugins/ChocolateFever directory before reporting bugs
    • If you violate one of the rules, I will most likely ignore you

    Changelog (open)

    1.4.4 - made small tweak that may improve drop-rates
    1.4.3 - fixed NPE when leaves decay
    - removed debug message
    - added README.txt file in /plugins/ChocolateFever directory
    - works with CB recommended build #740
    1.4.2 - added ConfigurationManager class (too many config variables to handle in the main class)
    - added /[chocolate|choc|cf] -reload command (can be done via console or in-game; you must be an Op to use it)
    1.4.1 - now comes with generated config.yml in a .zip file
    - switch statements are fun (internal change)
    1.4 - works with CB #726
    - accessor methods are your friend
    - added golden apples
    1.3 - added configurable apples drops
    1.2 - added ability to choose which trees cocoa beans can drop from
    - a bit of code clean-up
    1.1 - fixed configuration not working properly
    1.0 - Initial release.
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    :p. Thanks for pointing that out.
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    great plugin.

    But please add:

    Golden Apples from Trees!

    (Like AppleTree...)

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    Yeah, please add the ability for trees to drop Golden Apples as well! :D
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    Love the plugin! Been using it for awhile now with no problems. It works, and it works good! Thanks for this plugin, and keep it up!

    -CB #670
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    Glad to hear it is working for at least one person. :p I honestly do not know how it can work for some users and completely suck for others. :/

    Golden apples coming in the next version!
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    I know what you mean... I'm running Wormhole XTreme and also have tried running Multiverse, both of which most people have no problem with running... yet Wormhole XTreme constantly breaks for me, and Multiverse causes users to disconnect 10 seconds after join...

    Perhaps this is just some problem with the Craftbukkit coding, in what order plugins are loaded, or something... I dunno.... but I totally understand about things working for some people and not others. ;p
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    what would be a 100% drop chance? i've tried setting it to 1, 10, and 100 but above 1 the amount i get doesn't seem to change. i get about 1 every 2 to 5 leaf blocks i break.
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    It's a "bug" with the plugin that is present for some users and fine for others. I'm trying to fix it for everyone, but for now try to enjoy your non-customizable drop rates. :)
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    no, they are customizable. i just can't get it up to 100% of the time. What number would bee 100% of the time anyway? i was mostly trying to find what 100% was so i could find 50% or 25%.
    Oh yeah, i am using multiverse for multiple worlds, could that possibly affect it?
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    Try setting it to 1.00. That should make it 100%, but no promises. 50% = 0.50, 25% = 0.25, etc.
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    ok, that's one of the numbers i tried, and it produces more than any number below it but it still isn't 100%
    but thanks for the help :D
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    Just a bit of news. As of 1.5 it handles drops from trees differently & your plugin no longer works :(
    Sorry. I wish I understood code & could offer to help.
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    How does it "no longer work"? Others have said it working at least a little, so what is not working for you? If you could be more specific, I will try to fix the problem(s) as soon as possible.
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    Trees do not drop anything, except saplings. Even when I set the drop rates to 1.00.
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    Yes, this indeed is the issue. However, cocoa still drops from wheat, which is the important thing in my server :)

    Apples would be much appreciated, though.
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    You chould edit how the chances for a drop works (the real numbers)..
    This would be a better concept:
    100.0 = 100%
    5.0 = 5%
    0.5 = 0.5%

    Of course, you see what I mean. This should (I suggest it should) be added when you add Golden Apples, as many would like to have the Golden Apples drop rate really low, but the current real number systems is quite confusing. With this, 0.5 makes 0.5%, but in your current system you need to have 0.005 to obtain the same precent. I hope you implent this.

    Otherwise, please add leaves and golden apples, perhaps rename the plugin if you do so. Perhaps "OrganicDrops" or something. A new configuration file could also improve, instead of a very strict configuration file you should add a more dynamic one.

    Unless you do a few of these suggestings I'll keep to OtherBlocks and / or LyTreeHelper.. :)
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    @eleljrk I'm not making changes to my plugin just because you are threatening me by using other plugins. I will make changes based on what I feel needs to be added/fixed:
    • fix drop-rates not working properly
    • add golden-apples
    If you are not pleased with how this plugin turns out after I make these changes, then I kindly ask you not to use ChocolateFever. Developing plugins is not a job - it is a hobby. Unless you fork up $20k I will not do your bidding.

    Version 1.4-Test Build Is Now Out!

    TestBuild1 - attempted fix for drops not working
    - accessor methods are fun! (internal changes ONLY!)

    TestBuild2 - golden apples added

    Version 1.4 Released!

    -works with CB #726
    -accessor methods are your friend (internal changes)
    -added golden apples (4 more config.yml properties)

    UPDATING TO v1.4 - Delete your config.yml so the new config.yml properties can generate! Otherwise, golden apples will not work. Report any problems as soon as possible.

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    If that's how you threat your downloaders, by all means.
    I gave you a few suggestions which I would prefer; that's it.

    I will use the mentioned plugins whatever you say unless you do a few changes, because I would really like a more simple plugin. It was not a threat.
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    The update is much appreciated. Good to have apples back! I can't test it right now, but I'll check it all out when I get out of class.

    I stand behind you in keeping the configuration file the same. Right now, this plugin is very simple and easy to use, which makes setting it up very easy :)

    I want to point out, though, that the config file is not automatically generated in the new version. Though, given the simplicity of the config file, I was able to write one from scratch without much effort. I suggest that you include a copy of the default config file in your original post in the event others have this issue. I don't know what the default values are, but here's a copy in case anyone is interested (just create a file named config.yml, copy and paste this into it, change values as necessary)

    drop-cocoa-from-crops: true
    cocoa-from-crops-chance: 0.05
    cocoa-from-trees-chance: 0.00
    apples-from-trees-chance: 0.05
    golden-apples-from-trees-chance: 0.00
    generic-cocoa-beans: false
    birch-cocoa-beans: false
    redwood-cocoa-beans: false
    generic-apples: true
    birch-apples: true
    redwood-apples: true
    generic-golden-apples: false
    birch-golden-apples: false
    redwood-golden-apples: false
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    I love this plugin, but is there anyway to have drops only on leaf decay? I run Factions on my server, and people afk with left click, hitting trees to get free items in protected zones.
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    Yea, I'll make this configurable in the next release! Good idea.

    I'll include a .zip file with the config.yml file with the next release.

    Thanks everyone for your ideas and support!
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    Uh, people on my server are getting gold apples when the gold apple thing is set to false. Could be an error on my part, but I think a double-check is warranted.
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    Do you have all three tree-types' golden apples set to false?
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    Okay, envision this. I have two carbon copies of the server setup that I run at the moment.

    Now, picture me editing the config file for the inactive server and wondering why the active server isn't reflecting the changes accurately.

    Now, see me slamming my head on my desk repeatedly.

    I am now a horse. /oldspicecommercial

    Sorry about that!
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    Version 1.4.1 Released!

    -now comes with generated config.yml in a .zip file
    -switch statements are fun (internal change)

    Version 1.4.2 Released!

    -added ConfigurationManager class (too many config variables to handle in the main class)
    -added '/[chocolate|choc|cf] -reload' command (can be done via console or in-game; you must be an Op to use it)

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    Configurable 'leaf decay only' option? :D
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    I said I would be implementing this. Be patient! :)
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    I seem to not be able to reload the settings in game or via the console using the advised commands. I just recieve a "unknown command". Can you confirm if it's working?
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    It only works if you are an Op. I have tested with my server and it works fine. Let me know if you are still having troubles and post any error messages you get (as well as any other info you can give).
  31. Thanks! With the added apples this plugin got better :)

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