[MECH] CapeMe v0.3 - Wear a cape like Notch and change the title over your head [860]

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    CapeMe - Wear a cape like Notch and change the tile over your head
    Version: 0.3
    Static Jar: CapeMe.jar
    Author: Created by @alta189 of the MineDev Team.


    IMPORTANT: We are currently working on fixing Cape Me. Some (excuse my language, but I am outraged) jackass hacked the database that we store our information :( We will have a fix out soon. A message to whoever did this: I know that Cape Me database was insecure(I advised users to not use their normal passwords), I did not have an idea on how to do it. Honestly I hoped that all people on Bukkit were good people, but you have proved me wrong. I had thought to myself that no one would be a asshole.

    Note: For more functionality, check out our other plugin Player Editor

    Ever wanted to wear a cape/cloak like all Mojang AB employes get to. Well now you can. Your cape is synced across all server that use CapeMe. The cape that you use is hosted on MineDev's web servers so that you have a similar system to that of the skins. You can also change the title above your head by adding a prefix and changing the colors. You might be thinking to yourself, how is this possible. This plugin is made possible by the plugin BukkitContrib and its corresponding client mod made by @Afforess. CapeMe will not work without BukkitContrib plugin, you HAVE to have it. You will get an error with out it. However all of your users do not have to have the client mod. They just have to have it if they want to see/have capes. It is important to know that the server using this has to be connected to the internet as this plugin interacts with the MineDev database.

    • Change your cape
    • Change your title by adding prefix and colors
    Planned Features:
    • Permissions support
    • Allow servers to override the title changing using permissions
    Known Bugs:
    • Cannot see your own cape - Waiting for BukkitContrib 0.0.5
    Instructions for Setup: How to get a cape...
    We have created our own forum to post help and so you can share your cape designs. A big reason that we created the forum is because a secret plugin that we are working on will have addons that you will be able to get from the forum. You can find the forum at MineDev Forum. Please be aware that we have not had much time to finish setting up the forum and that we will continue setting it up as time allows. The rules of the forum are the same as Bukkit's rules.​

    • /capeme register <password> - Registers your minecraft account with MineDev's Cape Me Database
    • /capeme title - Shows the help on configuring your player title
    • /capeme help - Shows help message
    Who is MineDev?
    MineDev is a new Plugin Development team. It is made up by:
    • @alta189 - Lead Plugin Developer and Founder
    • @iPhysX - Lead Forum Administrator, Plugin Developer, and Founder
    • @cronikkk - Plugin Developer and Administrator
    • @adamki11s - Plugin Developer and Administrator
    • @WhosDaMan - Community Moderator
    Version 0.3
    • Public Release
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    Thats good. :D
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    I already said that I did not mean to rush you, or annoy you in any way. The only point I was trying to make was that you should not make 13 false promises about release dates. I already expected you would find me post obnoxious, that's why I said that I do not mean to annoy you, I just wanted to make a point.
    I respect all plugin developers very much, for coding in their spare time to please people they don't even know.
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    I did not make 13 false promises. I was going to release on those dates. however when doing the last test to check everything I found a bug. And telling me that I lied about releases is not being respectful, waiting patiently is respectful. Asking me every other day. "When is it gonna be finished" is annoying, just let me work on it and fix it. Again you have been rude
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    Let me rewind something. I asked if you could enable changing a player's title fully, you said: "Yes, I'll release it this sunday". 3 days after sunday I decided to ask if there was any news on the plugin you told me about.

    It seems that there is something else? Look back at my posts? Where do you see me "yelling"? All my posts were polite, so don't freak out like that. I knew you might find my comment rude, so I said that I did not mean to annoy you (repeated that 3 times now, still don't get it? I did not mean to annoy you, 4).

    You told me that I should think before posting, but perhaps you should think before posting? It's obvious that people will ask "when is it finished" if you tell them it is getting released that day for 13 times.
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    And I was going to, but as I stated it had bugs that I had to work out.
    Asking a few times is ok, but you kept asking and asking. If you leave me alone I might be able to fix the issues.

    I never said you were yelling.
    You have not been polite at all.

    Then why say it. Didn't someone e ever tell you "If you don't have anything nice to say, then its better to say nothing at all"
    This is another example of how you are being rude. I understand what you are saying, but when ever some one says "I dont mean to offend you" or in this case "I dont mean to annoy you" usually means that they are about to do what they just said they were not going to do.

    You are the only one that has spammed me. Everyone else is waiting patiently. I do think before I post. Every time I post, I mean what I say. As I said, when I am asked how is it coming I reply with the release date as of that moment, I might have to push it back do to unavoidable circumstances. Every time I estimated a release time, a new bug popped up.
    No one else has spammed me but you.

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    You suck at counting, I asked that 3 times, you promised 13 times. I did misread telling, I thought you wrote yelling.
    I did not, and do not, want to argue with you. You obviously did not notice that you set a release date 13 times and making none of them, that was my point.

    I said I did not mean to rush or annoy you, and I did mean that. Like I said 5 times now, SPOILER ALERT, after this post 10 times: I did not mean to annoy you. I did not mean to annoy you. I did not mean to annoy you. I did not mean to annoy you. I did not mean to annoy you. After 13 false dates I decided to point out that you setted the release date a lot of times and making none of them. Don't get offended that fast, jeez. I can't smell you're in shit in real-life, can I?

    I was politely asking what the status on the plugin was. Not spamming, not annoying you.
    If you get annoyed by this question: Is there any news on the plugin? (after 3 days of the original date, just asking a polite question), you have an issue.
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    Alright dude. 1st of all, If you don't like the speed he is going, code the plugin yourself. Let me break this down for you.
    - When you are coding a plugin, before you add new features you fix bugs you come across
    - When you get a life in the real world you'll understand that there is more things to do then sit around and code
    - There is no need to be rude and say he is bad at counting. I specificly remember Notch, patch 1.5.. was two days late. Who cares? It was eventually released so get over it.
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    Rude yet again.
    As I have stated so many times, I couldn't make them due to bugs and other real life events. Oh My God, have you not read what I have been saying.

    Again, look what I said above.
    You are annoying me, you are spamming me.
    I am not annoyed by that... I am annoyed by people who have no respect for me, call me a liar, and repeatedly are extremely rude.
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    I'm being rude now, the first post, I wasn't. You are a liar and you can not count.

    You said you understood me several times, but you don't. You code for others and that is amazing, but my point was that you should not set 13 release dates, and making none of them.

    As of now, I do not respect you. I am rude and I don't care.
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    WHY DONT YOU GET IT!!! I said I havent made my release dates because of bugs. Some of them were not in Player Editor, some were in BukkitContrib, which is expected since it is in alpha testing. Calling me a liar and saying I cannot count is immature and rude. I hope you know that you will get NO support from me on ANY of my plugins.
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    I'm sorry but are you brain challenged? We have simply stated in words a 12 yearold can understand, When you come across a bug you fix it. Things get delayed. When you grow up, You will learn.
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    GTFO unrelated to my plugin
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    I rest my case. The level of your maturity is so astronomicaly low.
  17. @Taemera What don't you get? Alta has put aside his time to make plugins for the community. He has a life outside of Bukkit so whether he doesn't update the plugin because he can't be bothered to, there are bugs or whatever. So what if he announced a release date, stuff happens and the Bukkit community is probably not his first priority. SO stop complaining about it not being released, wait patiently and respectfully like everyone else and shut up before you embarass yourself further.
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    You seem all to be pissed off very quickly. I rest my case as well. Don't get offended that fast.
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    Offended that fast... You called me a liar and retarded. Of course I will get offended
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    I really recommend you stop posting here. And Adam is right. Stop embarassing yourself.
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    Im making a plugin, that kills Taemera whenever he/she logs in.. or respawns.
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    Taemera, please, leave it. If you're unsatisfied with a plugin or the speed of it's release, go and make it yourself.
    Stop being rude to people who devote their free time to try and make your gaming experience better.

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    @alta189 Plugin works one out of three :(
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    Lol u got 0 IQ or whats ur problem?
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    Simply, the plugins don't works after a reboot...but after tree other reboots works, and other reboot ... stop works...
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    Well, I can't shut up if I keep getting quoted. I don't know what sources you rely on, majsman12, but no, my IQ is not 0. People with an IQ of 0 most likely do, or did, exist, but they aren't capable of getting tested, because it will probably mean that they do not have any mental activity at all.

    However, I can not say what my IQ really is, since I never had a real IQ test. I hope you do realize that IQ tests on the television are not reliable?

    This would be more convincing, by the way:
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    Chris asked you to stop... He is a part of the CommunityStaff. I suggest you stop.
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    OK, I will stop. My apologies for the rude comments, but I hope you realize the first comments were everything but rude. I could not find any other way to say effectively how I feel about your "release dates". I do not take anything back, though.
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    Brody Romhanyi

    can you link me to the player name editor thing u said that would be out by now? because i cant seem to find it
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    It's not out yet, please be patient

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