[MECH] BorderGuard v4.40: #1, Most Efficient Map Limiter [1.7.8]

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    BorderGuard 4.40

    BorderGuard is the MOST efficient Border plugin available!
    100,000+ downloads! Thank you for your support!

    This plugin prevents people from exploring beyond a defined border. This plugin checks for all movement, including vehicle movement, and will keep you within the border even if you remain within a vehicle.

    http://minerealm.com/plugins/borderguard/BorderGuard.jar (v4.40)
    (If you appreciate this plugin, please feel free to leave a comment below. =])

    To set an invisible border:
    /setborder <distance> <square|round> - Set the border, and the distance of the border from your current point. Optionally, also specify if the border is to be square or round.

    To disable the border:
    /disableborder - Remove the border.


    Only the person who first uses the /setborder command can use it again, or remove the border.

    The plugin has multi-world support. When setting a border, you're only setting the border for the world you're presently situated in. You'll need to set a border for each separate world.


    Version History:
    V4.40 - Fixed vehicle teleportation & added Material data support.
    V4.31 - Added a quick fix so that it'll work with the CraftBukkit development build.
    V4.30 - Updated to work with the new Bukkit API (#1846) R5+
    Older Versions (open)

    V4.20 - Fixed it so the save-file no longer becomes corrupted with multiple worlds. Code cleanup.
    V4.11 - Changed getDisplayName() checks to getName().
    V4.10 - Major performance enhancements. Using version 4 is highly discouraged.
    V4.00 - Modified to work with the latest craftbukkit version (953). Older versions no longer work.
    V3.10 - Removed the multi-threading, was causing accuracy issues.
    V3.00 - BorderGuard Turbo! Now works with bukkit 670, and has completely overhauled the base BorderGuard "engine", resulting in a huge performance boost.
    V2.40 - Updated to work with the latest version of bukkit. (602)
    V2.30 - Resolved multi-world issues. Now properly handles multiple worlds.
    V2.20 - Updated to work with the latest version of bukkit. Existing configuration files will no longer work. (Borders must be re-defined).
    V2.10 - Updated to work with the latest version of bukkit. Fixed movement issues with the "round" version.
    V2.00 - Multi-world support, better teleporting, no duplicate warning messages, configuration file now within folder.
    V1.00 - Released plugin.

    1. Using, for example, "/setborder 5", will set the border 5 blocks away from the location you are standing. This would create a border that is 10x10 in size.
    2. For the full plugin, with physical borders and more, take a look here: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/mech-borderguard-v2-00-limit-your-map.656/

    Let me know if you have any questions, or find any problems.
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    How can i check how big my worlds already are?
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    Im assuming the default border is square?
    So if i do " /setborder 2500 "
    then i would have a 5000x5000 squared border not circle right?
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    It would be awesome if we could get a "/setalert ____" feature, to let us display the text that appears upon reaching the border.
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    I have found an hard bug in this plugin.
    If you use an pig and rid on it on the border, you break the plugin and need to restart the server. Pls fix it some guys have break the border so :(

    Here the console error:

    14:06:43 [WARNING] Can't keep up! Did the system time change, or is the server overloaded?
    14:06:44 [SEVERE] Exception in thread "Thread-7"
    14:06:44 [SEVERE] java.lang.NullPointerException
    14:06:44 [SEVERE] at com.minerealm.borderguard.BorderGuard$1bgthread.run(BorderGuard.java:164)
    14:06:44 [SEVERE] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)

    Pls fix it and pls make an extend to wirte his own message on the broder :)
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    hey dude 709 looks stable update to that please!
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    The PC Tech Guy

    So much for "looking stable." (714 released at this time.) It's not an RB and a demand isn't going to influence him to update...
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    Just confirming with the plugins I have that this works fine with [720] for me :)
    Not sure if i tried everysingle feature, but so far works great.
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    hey RB 733 for bukkit, hope borderguard will be updated soon :D
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    We would really appreciate the option for a physical border! It'll save us the 5000x5000 walk. :)
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    Bukkit version #733 is currently the latest recommended version that supports 1.5_01! Please update your plugin to support this version asap with the time you need.
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    Updated to #733

    The multi-threading has been removed from the plugin, as was making it less accurate. There was a chance players could get slightly past the defined border. BorderGuard 3.10 is much more accurate compared to the previous version.

    Additionally, I've done numerous tests, and performance is still top-notch. This plugin won't slow down your server at all.

    Also, any bugs/error messages users were receiving have now been fixed.
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    Any chance this could be tied into multiverse so that when a player reaches the border they are sent to another world?

    Something like, world, border size, spawn point to send player, warning radius.
    Let multiverse handle whitelist, or have a whitelist and send non whitelisted players to world spawn. Or bump them back from the border. I would rather players get bumped back from the border if they don't have permissions to go to the next world, and either be bumped or sent to spawn (these should be options)

    It would be really nice to let players know when they are within 10-20 blocks of the border.
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    I'm a supporter of physical borders. :D
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    Physical borders are nice, invisible walls are unintuitive to play and quite frustrating when people don't know what's happening.. A message on border approach would be fantastic too :)
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    if my map is 3500x3500, and I wanted to create a border that stopped players from generating any new chunks at all, where would I need to set the border? (EG: border at 3400x3400 so the players don't "see" any new chunks and generate more, want to keep the map nice and square)
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    I think you should detect teleport event, and cancel it if it happens out of border
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    On 3.00 - I'm still seeing multiworld support completely broken at times - despite the TEXT in the file being correct - the border actually doesnt exist anymore. Very bad for keeping maps trimmed.

    I believe its caused, due to multiple reloads.
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    Would it be possible to make the plugin 'wrap' around when you get to the borders? what's sparking my interest is the world maps I've been seeing lately; it'd be nice to feign roundness!
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    @Intelli - 3.10 still causing issues. when you do multiple /reload's - it kills the non-main world border.
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    Well, it sounds more like an issue with /reload not properly reloading the plugin then. I'll investigate, but until then, I wouldn't recommend using /reload. (I personally have never seen a reason to use it).
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    To stop fresh chunks being generated then have a gap of at least 320 (16 x 20) from the loaded edge to your border, I'd make it 500 to be safe

    Chunks are 16 x 128 x 16 (X by Y by Z) and a player loads 20 chunks in all directions (square load), have a gap of 500 unreachable blocks then it's impossible to load the complete map or generate more
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    I want my borders to be 4 KM west from the spawn and another 4KM east of spawn. I would like it to be 6km north of spawn and 20 km south of spawn (yest that's right 20 km). How can I use this plugin to achieve this ?
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    At version 3.1 you can't
    The border is either square or circular, there is no polygon support
    You will either have to find a zoning plugin with polygon support or use something like preciousstones to create n0-entry fields across the border
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    Would be great to have permissions to allow some users to go outside of boundaries.
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    Nice idea, for now you could just install GuestPrev
    It has a virtual wall which stops guests past a point, turn on wallsforall so that both guests and authorised players are effected by the walls then give those people that can pass the guestprev wall the guestprev.bypass.walls permission and voila, you have 2 borders, 1 for some and 1 for all
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    Is there any chance this plugin could make what I want it to do in the near future?
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    this is awesome but by any chance could you make it so i would select the area to set the border? cause doing this makes me have to find the exact center point, and than do the command, and im trying to make a huge border, but i just gave up because its too hard to find the center point, so could you make it so you have to select the area? like in WorldEdit? thanks.
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    /tppos 0 70 0
    now you are in the middle.

    Anyway, if your gigaborder is a few blocks off centre, nobody's going to notice!
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    We want MCRanks back! :), even your icon picture is 'mcr'
    You said not enuf people were using it.. Isn't 4800 people enough for you? + If you advertise it over youtube and all you can get easily up to 30000 people to use it.
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    WOuld it be possible to just stop the people expanding the map.

    Just keep the world as it is now? Everything discovered stays discovered.. but the map just doesn't gets bigger?

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