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    bLift - Simple elevators!
    Download: bLift BukkitDev
    If you like the work I've done, or would like to see more features and improvements, please consider donating!
    Version: v1.2

    If you are having issues with this plugin,

    FIRST: Read the thread to make sure your question has not been answered.
    SECOND: If you can't find an answer, file a ticket:
    If you would like to post your question instead for some reason, in your post please include:
    1. The version of this plugin you are using (the output of /version bLift, not "the latest one")
    2. The version of bukkit you are using (not "the latest one")
    3. Any error messages associated with the issue
    Otherwise I will most likely be unable to help you!

    Some simple elevator action. It's only called bLift because bElevator sounds weird.
    If y'all like it, I'll add more features like multiple floors and being able to put torches in your elevators!

    Simple 2-floor elevator:

    Multi-floor elevator:
    _____BOTTOM FLOOR________MIDDLE FLOORS_________TOP FLOOR______

    You can get fancy with it:

    Video: (NOTE: gold blocks are no longer required)

    • simple up-down elevators
    To use a simple 2 floor elevator, press the button to move between the floors.
    To make a 2 floor elevator up only, remove the button in the top floor.
    To make a 2 floor elevator down only, remove the button in the bottom floor.

    To use a multi-floor elevator, first initiate the signs by right clicking any one of them (this only needs to be done once).
    The top number is the current floor. The bottom number is the destination. You may fill in the other two lines with anything if you like.
    Right click the sign until the bottom number says the floor number you want to go to.
    Then press the button to go to that floor.

    [air] = air
    [iron] = iron block
    [glass] = glass
    [brownmushroom] = button
    [wood] = sign

    Simple 2 floor elevator format:
    [air] \
    [air] (any height)
    [air] /

    Multifloor elevator format:
    [air] \
    [air] (any height)
    [air] /
    [air] \
    [air] (any height)
    [air] /


    • Now goes up to level 256!
    • Floors can now be smaller (one floor's ceiling can be another floor's bottom)
    • Added command: /blift [floors OR ends] [material] (uses permission "blift")
    • Hopefully fixed a couple of glass disappearing problems
    • Added multi-floor elevators
    • Fixed glass disappearing
    • Removed gold block requirement
    • Initial release!
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    such an awseme plugin could you add privileges plz.
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    After upgrading to Bukkit 1000, my conflict with iConomyChestShop has vanished. Thank you for such a wonderful plugin.

    I should note however that going up with an elevator that is too tall will boot your for flying. Is there a way to fix that without using "allow-flight=true"?
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    I love this plugin and I need this too.
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    does it work with a 9x9 elevator?when yes how?and can u put torches on the ground (iron blocks)?
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    The center blocks of a 9x9 elevator would have nothing to put the button on and I imagine you'll need a way out. So, with a 9x9 you'll have up to 31 slots that function and the rest are for aesthetics only. Overall it'll still look like a nice 9x9 elevator that up to 31 people could use at the same time.
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    ok..i thought the whole plate is going up..should be an idea for the next version that u declarate a area which shoud be the elevator button ;p
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    Having 1 button activate multiple elevators together is a novel idea. It would probably look cool having multiple players travelling together simultaneously. However, I'm more interested in practicality. A cluster of elevators resembling a large elevator that can transport many people in different directions to different destinations at the same time is just more effective. That's just my preference though, so if Brad811 decides to incorporate large elevator functionality, he would certainly deserve a stack of cookies for going above and beyond.
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    maybe the platform should go up with the player so that allow flight can be false ;)

    and my elevator doesnt work the glass disappeared but i didnt get up o.รด
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    All this needs is a platform to prevent fly kicks and antihack problems and bigger elevators and it will be amazing. Also ability for floors to share a glass block would be nice
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    Couple things, first: Great plug in, very useful, and I absolutely love it. Second thing: I've read that it is possible to make elevators larger than one block wide, I've tried a few different ways of doing this without much luck, so, how does one make a larger elevator?
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    Hi.I find your plugin amazing but i have one single problem.When i go down with an elevator, i get falling dmg.
    EDIT: It seems its not falling dmg, its the glass block respawning too fast and hurting the player.
    Any ideas of how to fix this?

    PS:- I have Craftbukkit 1000 and version 1.1.1 of the plugin.
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    Hey this is a really nice plugin i use it for my server i was simply wondering when you might be updating it and what new features you will be putting into it and my apologies for hectoring you about it
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    what flying plugin are you useing?
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    @Brad811 Are you going to maintain this plugin? It has a lot of potential.
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    Yes, I really want to. Work and school have been combining into super-powerful time destroyers.
    Ok, so the issues right now are being suffocated by the glass block at the bottom (I think this is a latency issue, there's probably a workaround), some people say signs still don't work right, and people want wider elevators and shorter floors. Is that about the situation?
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    I believe so, also, I believe it is fall damage at the bottom as glass does not suffocate.
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    Yes, wider elevators would be a great addition for our server, too.
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    Thank you for this, it's a pretty useful and actually perfectly working plugin. :)
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    just to tell people, the "breakonfall" plugin makes you fall down an elevator shaft ^^
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    Works with bukkit 1000, as many have posted before. You should update the description. Thanks for this plugin, very useful.
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    Great idea for an elevator plugin. I like it. I am currently using the old Elevators v1.4.3 and amazingly is still works but it is tedious to go from floor to floor, both as the creator of the elevator with all of the commands, and as the user, having to press the button to advance to the next floor, at each floor. I like your idea with the signs but there are a couple of things that i personally would like to see incorporated, that if they are i would drop the other elevator program like a bad habit.
    1) Being able to name the floors and have the name show up on the sign (if the name must be limited by the number of characters supported by one line on a sign then so be it)
    2)A larger floor base (I know this ha already been asked of you but I too would like to see this)
    3)A moving platform (As of now it just looks like you are floating to the next level, how about using a half step as an elevator floor? Perhaps this would fix the fly error that some people are getting?)

    These are just suggestions but would really appreciate it if you would consider them. Like I said if you were able to incorporate these things in I would pick up yours in a heartbeat.
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    could you also add private elevators?
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    Works with 1060!

    @Pim1234 have you tried protecting the button with lwc?

    My feature request: Auto remove glass in shaft inbetween floors. I'm using styx space and i'm trying to get vertical airlocks. Although I suppose I could do a multifloor elevator and just bypass the airlock floor. Hmmm
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    @Brad811 using the bPluginName naming convention too are you? *sadface*

    Hopefully you don't try to make a chat plugin XD
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    no, lwc is not working for me, i use a proxy...
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    Will this affect people with the mcMMO plugin which uses iron blocks for anvils? Just curious before I install...
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    Well you'll be able to use the floor and ceiling of your elevator to repair tools, but other than that not really, haha
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    This is one of our best plugins, but it seems to have a little problem.
    About twice a day, the glass dissapears randomly which makes the user unable to use the elevator.

    Bukkit Build: CB1060
    bLift Version: 1.1.1
    Error message: None
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