Inactive [MECH]BedRecovery 1.4.1- Health,hunger,armor,weapon,tool regeneration after sleep.[CB1.2.5-R1.0]

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  1. BedRecovery- Toggleable health, hunger, armor, weapon and tool regeneration after sleep. Now with effects!
    Version: v1.4

    Thread won't be as updated as the bukkitDev page

    Toggleable(with easy to use commands) health, hunger, armor, weapon and tool regeneration after sleep. Toggleable effects(confusion and blindness) too.
    When a player wakes up after a long night sleep in Minecraft, by default he gets his full health back only. What if you wanted more things recovered? Like durability for armors, tools and weapons. Or food level. Maybe any combination of those. Well, this plugin is for you
    • You get to choose what regenerates when a player wakes up from a bed
    • You can restore or choose not to restore health, food level, armor durability, weapons durability, tools durability
    • You can specify each regeneration % to recover
    • You can apply visual effects like confusion and blindness with configurable time (because we're all feeling dizzy after waking up :) )
    • Easy to use Commands to change these settings
    • Settings are saved when server stops and are realoaded when server restarts
    • /br : See the settings applied right now by the plugin
    • /br health : Toggle health recovery
    • /br hunger: Toggle food level recovery
    • /br armor: Toggle armor durability recovery
    • /br weapon: Toggle weapon surability recovery
    • /br tool: Toggle tool durability recovery
    • /br blind: Toggle blindness effect
    • /br confusion: Toggle confusion effect
    You get to choose any combination of regeneration upon player wakeup from those:
    Health Food level Armor durability Weapon durability Tool durability

    You can apply any or both visual effects from those:
    Confusion and Blindness

    1. Download the zip file
    2. Unzip the contents with your favorite archive program to your plugins folder
    3. Note that by default, only health regeneration is enabled, edit the config.yml to your liking as instructed on the config page.
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    Can't wait for release!
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    • You were asked to not do this
    cool plugin! mbaxter can approve it :)
  4. Hi! I just uploaded the stable recommended build of this plugin 1.1

    This weekend I'll work on updating the plugin with these features:

    - Toggleable weapon durability recovery
    - Toggleable tools durability recovery
    - Toggleable armor durability recovery

    I'm also working on updating the devBukkit page to get this plugin approved... And I'm developping others projects so maybe I'll just concentrate on this one first...

    If you have any comments or ideas about what should this plugin do, tell me!
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    Can you please add a bit more of a description.
  6. Yes i'll do it after work... Do i have to update the thread too even if devbukkit is where it's at?
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  8. New version out!

    1.2: Added tools, weapons and armor durability regeneration options
  9. New version out!

    1.3: Added optional visual effects after wakeup
  10. New version out!

    1.3.1: Updated to latest CB recommended build (1.1-R6)
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    Pierre-Luc Marcotte, thank you for this mod, I love it. Only thing Is I enable it to redo tool durability, and it doesn't do it. It does my sword, but not my bow. Also the confusion wake up also does not work. I have not yet tried blind or seen if it recovers armor.

    I am running Craft Bukkit 1.1-R6-25
  12. Which version of the plugin are you using?
    Any error in the log?
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    The most up to date I would assume. I downloaded it yesterday. How do I view the log to see errors? I am sorry but I am new to this stuff.

    Okay so I just checked the armor. It regenerates along with the sword like I said earlier.

    But waking up dizzy, the bow, and all the tools still do not regenerate.

    *I have still not tested the wake up blind.

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  14. Can you please tell me which version of minecraft, craftbukkit and version of the plugin you are using?
    For me, I have Minecraft 1.1, CraftBukkit R-6 and bed recovery v.1.3.1 and its working fine...

    As I said on bukkitDev, my plugin always follows recommended builds of craftbukkit. As there's no recommended build for minecraft 1.2 yet, I can't guarantee my plugin to work if you're using any craftbukkit outside the latest recommended one...

    Also, see the config.yml in following folder: plugins/bedrecovery
    and tell me your settings
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    I have all the same but I am on minecraft 1.2.3

    Health: true
    Hunger: false
    Armor: true
    Weapons: true
    Tools: true
    Blind: false
    BlindTime: 10
    Confusion: true
    ConfusionTime: 10
  16. you are on minecraft 1.2.3, that's why it does not work. As soon as a recommended caftbukkit build is released for 1.2.3, I'll work on updating the plugin. In the meantime, if you are not using the latest recommended build, I can't guarantee the plugin to work.
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    Okay. Sorry for wasting your time. I thought people were already making their mods work for 1.2.3
  18. Some do plugins for 1.2.3 already, I prefer waiting for a recommended build
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    Okay. Well atleast armor and sword regenerate. Those are the important ones. I use this mod because I don't like the idea that my diamond items break. I don't mind that the stone and wood etc ones do, but diamond? Come on. So it is nice that I enchanted all my armor and my sword and now no longer have to worry about them.
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    I heard the recommend build is already on 1.2.3. Just curious if this update is in the process of being updated because I love this plugin but still wish it worked with current version...
  21. A new rb for minecraft1.2.4 was just released. I'll work on updating the plugin later tonight

    New version for latest CB recommended build(1.2.4-R1.0) is here...

    For the future, I'll update the plugin to the BETA releases of bukkit, not the recommended releases.

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    Works soundly now. Love it. Thank you for updating!
  23. Good to hear that it works now as intended. As I said before, I'll now update the plugin to the latest BETA builds, not waiting for recommended ones. BETA builds are more frequent...
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    Can you make more options in the config?

    My ideas are:
    Set Life To: (1-10 Hearts)
    Set Hunger To: (1-10 Bars)
    Stumble: yes/no (causes players move speed to fluctuate and makes player sway side to side)
    Repair Tools: (0%-100%)
    Repair Armor: (0%-100%)
  25. Hi! Those are great ideas. I'll add these options for the next version and I'll keep the current options too for those who like the plugin as is...
  26. Hey. Working on the next update!

    Will include:

    * all recoveries can be enabled or not.
    * you can specify how many hearts and hunger bars to recover. set option to 10 for maximum recovery.
    *for weapons, tools and armor. you can specify to how much % to be recovered. If your tool/armor/weapon is at a higher %, won't be recovered. set 100% for max recovery.

    example: you set tool recovery to 50%. all tools below 50% will be recovered to 50%. all tools higher than 50% won't be recovered....

    is that a good idea? maybe I'm missing something....

    new version will be out soon! have to test and code some more but the basic work is done!
  27. New version out! 1.4!
    See the bukkitDEV page for info
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    Besides allowing us to set the % of whats being healed/repaired
    Can you also make it so when a player sleeps in a bed, instead of "Setting" health and such to the percentages, could you make it add on to the health/durability? And besides just adding could you make it so if we wanted to we could minus from the choices as well?

    My example is this, say I want it so when a player sleeps and wakes up, they recover 2 hearts but lose 1 food from their current hp and hunger bars. (as when you wake up your usually hungry).
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    could you also make it possible to actually sleep on your own, because when 5 people are on the server and only one is in the bed he doesn't sleep, if you could make simply laying in the bed recover ecerything (if it is not already doing that) it would be perfect for our rpg server
  30. Good idea i'm working on it right now. Adding an option in the config.

    Will be Action: set or add.

    When action is to set:
    Health and hunger can be from 1 to 10 hearts/food bars
    The rest is from 0 to 100%

    When action is to add:
    Health and hunger can be from -10 to +10 hearts/food bars
    The rest is from 0 to 100%

    Summary. You will choose to SET or to ADD. When adding, you can make players lose health or food level. As for the durabilities, you can't make players lose them...

    hmmmm I don't know if I can do this.... I don't know how to ignore non-sleeping players.....I will look into it!

    Maybe I can find a way. When you leave a bed, even if it's not morning(meaning you could not sleep) your "things" will be recovered.... yeah I think I can do something about it.... but think about it.

    It is night. Someone sleeps and get all his things recovered. Too bad for the other players as morning has come don't you think?

    Also, is there someone actually using the confusion and blind effect? I find them useless and maybe I'll remove them....

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