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    Because One is never enough!
    Backpack is the ultimate salvation in inventory management. Your standard minecraft inventory has 36 slots in it, just enough to be handy, but terrible for long journeys or mining expeditions to the other side of the map. Backpack nonatuples your existing inventory space. (For those of you not familiar with latin, that's 9x the space).
    How is this massive inventory boost possible? The mouse wheel. (Thanks to Edward Hand for the idea!) Sneaking while Scrolling through each of the quickslots switches you to a new inventory page. This gives you freedom to scroll through NINE different pages. Scrolling without sneaking allows you to scroll through your inventory like normal.

    If you don't quite get it, I've made a short video demonstrating:
    Is there a way to change the number of pages? I only want certain users to have x amount of pages.
    Yes, see the next question down!
    Is there permission or group manager support!
    Nope! There is however a configuration file (aptly named "config.xml") that is created on the first run and allows you to customize the amount of extra inventory pages, and who gets to use them.
    Are your inventories saved between logins and server restarts?
    Yes. Backpack saves the inventories in the same file notch does, in the "player".dat file.
    Updating all those files must be slow/I heard that I/O operations are slow.
    They are. Backpack is multithreaded, so if you have more than 1 core, you won't notice any lag.
    This mod doesn't have anything to do with Minecarts, why the Minecart Mania dependency?
    Minecart Mania offers a useful interface for a lot of things I needed in writing Backpack, and 70% of the code is actually in MM. If you really hate Minecart Mania, you can just install core, and disable all of the features from it's configuration file.
    • /open <page number>
      • Opens a dialog with your current inventory, and the inventory from that page so you can easily swap items between pages. Quick slots are numbered 1-10, with 1 on the leftmost side.
    • /backpack
      • Toggles your backpack on or off.
    (Permissions is optional, but will be used if installed)​
    • backpack.toggle
      • Allows the use of the /backpack command
      • Allows the use of the /open command
    • backpack.saveactionbar
      • Saves the action bar in-between pages
    • backpack.maxpages.# (where # is a number 1-9 [e.g backpack.maxpages.6])
      • The maximum pages allowed for the players
    • Version 0.10
      • Initial Release!
    • Version 0.11
      • Swapped the role of sneaking around
    • Version 0.12
      • Player death is handled correctly
      • When your current inventory page is full, nearby items on the ground will be added to empty slots in other inventory pages.
    • Version 0.13
      • Added a first time login message. Only is triggered once for each player.
    • Version 0.14
      • Added customizable amount of inventory players, through XML.
    • Version 0.15-0.20
      • Bug Fixes
    • Version 0.21
      • Added /open command
    • Version 0.23
      • Reduced I/O operations from being continuous to once per minute
      • Fixed a bug which could cause player inventory pages to be lost if the server shut down in such a way that MM unloaded before the I/O operations finished.
    • Version 1.0
      • Fixed lag caused by I/O operations
      • Player Data now saves correctly, and will not become corrupt during server shutdowns
      • Improved Error Handling
      • Improved Console Log of Information for admins
    • Version 1.0a-1.0g
      • Bug fixes
    • Version 1.1
      • More robust inventory backups
      • /backpack command
    • Version 2.0
      • Supports MC 1.4
      • Action bar no longer switches with new inventory pages
      • Backpack saves with rest of inventory in player.dat file
      • Other plugins can access and correctly see a player's larger inventory w/o being Backpack Aware
    • Version 2.0.1
      • Backpack's work correctly after death
    • Version 2.0.2
      • Small Backpacks work correctly
    • Version 2.0.3
      • Players can choose to save the action bar or have separate action bars via the config
      • Bug fixes
    • Version 2.0.4
      • Improved Error Handling
    • Version 2.0.5
      • Fixed /open command crashing clients
    • Version 2.0.6
      • Fixed item duping on death
    • Version 2.0.7
      • Bug Fixes
    • Version 2.0.8
      • Permissions Support
      • Efficiency Changes
      • Bug Fixes
    • Version 2.0.9
      • Updated to MC 1.5
    • Version 2.1.0
      • Minor fixes/Cleanup
    • Version 2.2.0
      • New saving system
      • Lots of cleanup
      • Lots of bug fixes
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    @Badzilla re-re-uploaded.

    Sorry about that - thing is I am developing for dev builds, and Bukkit changed how plugins get named, so I had to update all the names of the plugins, but it breaks the dependencies for all the plugins and it's just a giant mess. I can't wait until the next RB.
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    23:25:59 [SCHWERWIEGEND] Could not load plugins\Backpack.jar in plugins: MinecatManiaCore
    org.bukkit.plugin.UnknownDependencyException: MinecartManiaCore
            at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.loadPlugin(SimplePluginManagerjava:158)
            at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.loadPlugins(
            at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugins(
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.e(
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.a(
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.d(
    23:25:59 [INFO] Minecart Mania Core version 1.07e is enabled!
    23:25:59 [INFO] Minecart Mania Pressure Plates version 1.06 is enabled!
    23:26:00 [INFO] Minecart Mania Sign Commands version 1.07 is enabled!
    23:26:00 [INFO] Minecart Mania Station version 1.07 is enabled!
    23:26:00 [INFO] Minecart Mania Admin Controls version 1.07 is enabled!
    23:26:00 [INFO] Minecart Mania Automations version 1.06 is enabled!
    23:26:00 [INFO] Minecart Mania Chest Control version 1.07b is enabled!.
    Have i put Backpack somewhere wrong?

    Oh i see, it has already been answered.
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    Still, I lost all items in all pages and even my dang armor.
    Is there any way you could somehow add a /command to do a forced save of a backup file that could be used in case of a total loss?

    I am admin so I can of course us /give to get stuff back but with many many items on all pages, this takes a bit of time.
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    Yeah, I can expose those to commands as well.
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    I don't know how it looses it. I have not been able to duplicate. My thought was a command that would create a backup of some sort and then when something goes wrong and you start up the client and everything is gone you could do some kind of /bprestore and it would load up from the backup. I don't care if I have to manually do something like /bpsave at times when inventory has changed a lot.

    Just thinking outloud.
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    You lost your inventory with the bad build, because it saved an empty inventory to the file. Shouldn't happen with good builds. The file should auto-save correctly - actually, Notch's MC code does all the saving for me. ;)
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    I have CraftBukkit 618, and this isn't working. Please help!
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    I'm going to need a lot more information that that.
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    Config file had to be remade or manually inputed for the save action bar to show up. Other than that, haven't had inventory lost since 2.0.2, though have had an array out of bounds error. Anyways just updated so will see how it goes.
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    I am renting a server and I have CraftBukkit 618. I downloaded the .jar file and put it in my plugins. I followed the directions, but it didn't work.
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    What he is asking for is startup and error messages.
    Just saying it didn't work is not enough information for him to give you an answer.


    You also said jar file. There is more than one jar file.
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    What are
    What are the different jar files? I can only find 'backpack.jar'
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    Backpack relies on the MMcore file. That is listed in the OP. Without it, backpack will not work.
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    I found this on a list of mods available from my hosting and my players thought it would be a good idea, but for some reason we can't seem to scroll through the pages.

    I normally use a touchpad, and I brought out a mouse for this, but it just doesn't seem to be working and I can't see what we're doing wrong.

    Everyone is using the sneak key and scrolling at the same time and the mod seems to be working since we can turn it on and off without problems.

    i don't know.
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    I believe I posted that information when I updated to 2.0.3. The config update was optional, but the new settings would not appear unless you manually added them or let the config rebuild itself.
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    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
                <!--Users not explicitly added to this list use the default settings-->
                <!--Whether the action bar should save between inventory pages-->
    Also you can use shift + 1-9 as well without needing a mouse with a scroll wheel.

    Edit: ^Ah, went from 2.0.2 to 2.0.5
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    I'm assuming you have MinecartMania Core installed, and are using the default configuration - yes? Currently, switching inventory pages no longer switches the quickslot bar by default (this can be changed in the config). Check the items in the 27 inventory slots inside the inventory pages, and you sneak and scroll. (Note: Scrolling with a mouse scroller is not required. It is just the example used in the OP. Any method of changing the pages (like hitting the number pad) while sneaking will also work.)
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    I do have it installed and am using the default config.

    We've tried every which way to figure it out, the only way so far we've been able to access the other pages is with the '/open' command, and even that is sporadic.

    Now I'm getting error messages about internal errors, but I figure that's what the newest build fixes?
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    I'm absolutely positive that the issue is on your end. Follow these instructions to the letter, and see if it works:

    1.) Download the latest backpack and the latest MM Core (both are available on the OP).
    2.) Put them both in your server/plugins folder
    4.) Using the "e" key (or whatever key you use to open your inventory), place an item in the top left corner.
    5.) Close the inventory dialog.
    6.) Hold SHIFT and scroll over to the next item on the action bar while holding SHIFT.
    7.) Press the "e" key (or whatever you use). Check to see if the item is there. It should be gone.

    If you followed the steps and duplicated the results, Backpack is working. If not, you messed something up. I'm not sure what else to do beyond physically being at your location.
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    Dying's repsawning with full inventory for a friend, I haven't quite died yet so no clue. 617 and nothing's really changed since we were using 2.0.2 so no clue.
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    I'm using 2.0.5 and having a weird problem. I don't know if it's just something in my system or not.
    i have SaveActionBar set to false
    and it seems to work fine
    but for some reason, the action bar on page 2 is a duplicate of the bottom bar in page 1 (the one above the action bar)
    and the action bar on page 3 is the bottom bar of page 2
    and so on and so forth across the whole action bar
    if i am on page 2 and type /open 3
    it will show up with the bottom inventory bar of the page im on as the top line (action bar) of page 3 (both lines are the same)
    moving stuff up to page 3's action bar row can actually end up duplicating items, moving stuff down to two from page three can end up erasing items.
    this is a little confusing to describe, and I need sleep. I hope I've given enough information to help you see if it's just me or not. I can try to make a video if you need me to (haven't done that before, but I can try)
    Somehow, I am able to use this duplication glitch to actually create infinitely placeable blocks... If you have trouble tracking this bug down, I can give you more details about the symptoms, but I'm not very experienced with java. so the actual coding I can't help with. I have to sleep, but I'll check back when I wake to see if there is any more info you need from me.

    Thanks again for this genius plugin.

    PS. if this just sounds like the ravings of a madman, let me know so I can have him commited
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    Yes - confirmed.

    I'll look into this, in a few hours when I get free time.

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    So to double check, if you die, does all of your inventory drop or is it saving/not dropped, or just the first page is dropping etc?

    Also using tombstone.
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    Sweet, i was wanting a plugin similiar to this for a couple reasons, and this just about fits the bill.
    The only suggestion (that would make it exactly what i was looking for) is:

    To add an option in the config to switch the behavior when your current inventory page is full (Whether or Not nearby items on the ground will be added to empty slots in other inventory pages)

    The reason for this, for me, is two-fold:
    1: So I can have Administration, building, landscaping, redstone and minecart inventories that are separate from each other so that unwanted blocks don't fill up the specific tool sets.

    And (even more important really for me)

    2: I have multiple young children that play minecraft (8 all the way down to 4 years!) on my account on my computer (not my server), and would like to be able to easily cycle completely different inventories for each of them.
    The reasons for this are multiple:
    -They are too young to have/need their own accounts
    -They play for short durations of time and swap out regularly (making it bothersome to log in and out of 5 or more accounts every hour, esp when I'm busy trying to keep track of the other 4+ kids at the same time, every second is precious)
    -It makes it easy for me to jump in and add or modify anything with my admin powers when they need it, without having to log into a different account with admin privledges
    -It makes it FAR easier for me to rollback their unintended "griefing" fast (refer to above)
    I also have a couple main players on my server who also have multiple young children playing on their accounts for the same reasons, and really like this plugin, except for the fact of overflowing inventories.

    Anyone else think its a good idea?

    Either way, Its still a great plugin and very useful, esp for server administration.

    Thanks for your time in making it, and perhaps in reviewing my suggestion.

    North Pole, AK
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    Suggestion: Force players into shift+1 on logout/DC or remember which 'bag' the player was last using upon server startup.
    Currently, when a server is restarted/stopped it assumes that the current inv is the shift+1 inventory when saving. This causes 'bags' to shift if you don't actually log out in shift+1.

    Priceless addon regardless.
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    This seams pretty bad ass haha. I don't think id use it though I would only have it set to certain permissions but overall its still pretty damn cool :)
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    Already implemented, but you must being using a development bukkit/craftbukkit build to see it work ATM. Hopefully the next RB comes out soon.

    Yeah, it's bugged ATM. Working on a fix.

    Backpack updated to 2.0.6
    -Fixed item duplication on death

    Please note: Backpack 2.0.6 now requires MM 1.08.

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    Should've also added please note: if you update MM to 1.08, it'll break backpack 2.0.5 and result you losing your inventory should you ever start the server up and login prior to updating backpack 2.0.6. Probably a bit long winded. Least that's what frequent backups are for.
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    Steve Cole

    using backpack 2.0.6 and mm 1.08
    if i switch between my inventories the bottom row of the inventory becomes the action bar for the next inventory.

    also if you could add a auto refill actionbar feature to this plugin that would be epic.
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                <!--Users not explicitly added to this list use the default settings-->
                <!--Whether the action bar should save between inventory pages-->

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