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    Lightweight, convenient, amazing - something every server needs
    Current Version: v1.7 (1.6.2-R0.1)

    Download on BukkitDev

    What does this do?
    When you place the last item in a stack of blocks, it will pull a new stack form your inner inventory and move it to your item bar where you were just placing items from.

    This works for tools as well as weapons, even fishing poles! As an item is consumed, it is replaced with any you have in your inventory of the same exact type.

    This basically makes it a little nicer to keep building, and not have to manage your inventory mid construction.

    What does this NOT do?
    This plugin does not give you unlimited stacks of blocks, nor does it provide duping.

    To make it so a player/group can NOT use the functionality that AutoItemBarReload offers, give them the following permission.
    - autoitembarreload.disallow

    This has been around forever, I just realized that I had never created a forum post for it.

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    Released Version 1.7 of this last night. Update Notes:

    • Added functionality for Thrown Potions
    • Optimized replacement algorithim
    • Updated for 1.6.2
    • Fixed bug where items already in the hot bar were being targeted.
    • Removed Metrics Tracking

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