[MECH] AutoHop 1.3 - auto-jump onto blocks by moving into them [BukkitDev]

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    Version 1.2

    Bored of repeatedly tapping Space to jump up a hill? Then AutoHop is for you!

    An ultra-simple plugin with no configuration or commands, AutoHop detects when players are walking into blocks, and if there's room to jump onto that block, will automatically make them jump. If you've ever played Minecraft Pocket Edition on Android/IOS, you'll know what to expect.

    See http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/autohop for download details.

    • Copy AutoHop.jar into your bukkit/plugins directory
    • Restart/reload your server
    • That is all.
    Just move around. Whenever you would normally have to press Space to jump onto a block, just keep walking towards it and AutoHop will do it for you!

    There's one permission node, which is true by default: autohop.hop - players must have this node to automatically jump.
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    Jacob Marshall

    What a clever idea, ill try it as soon as possible! I've never thought of this before, pretty unique!

    EDIT: Wow, I tested this and its actually a really neat idea. However if you're in the lower half of a stair, and there is a while block next to you and you try to walk up it, it doesn't automatically jump you. Just a note.

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    Thanks :)

    Yeah, there is a little weirdness with steps - will be doing some tweaking with that.

    Version 1.1 released - behaves a lot better around stairs now. Jacob Marshall should solve the problems you were seeing.

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    Jacob Marshall

    Fantastic, would you also be able to fix half slab issues. Basicly if you're on a half slab, and you want to jump up a half slab on a normal block (which means there is technically a while block you want to jump over), you are able to do so?

    I worded that really terrible... tell me if you understand or not.
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    Works fine with 1.3.1.
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