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    AFK - Advanced AFK System
    Version: v2.0​
    This plugin gives you a nice AFK system to start with. I will add extra features if they are requested, but I think this is a good start. I hope you all enjoy it!​
    • Makes the "/afk" command toggle your AFK status in-game.
    • When you try talking, /telling, interacting(mining, etc.), or moving while AFK, it will automatically get rid of your AFK status.
    • Sending a /tell to a person who is AFK will let you know they're AFK, yet they'll still receive the message.
    • Puts a green [AFK] tag in front of your display name.
    • While AFK your immune to creatures targeting you, as long as one wasn't already targeting you when you went AFK.
    • If the server is full, and some online users are AFK, and another user is trying to login, it will kick a AFK user to make room for the new user.
    • Now generates a folder called "AFK" with a "properties.txt" that allows you to disable/enable two of the major functions of this plugin.(protection from monsters, and kick AFKers for new room for users)
    Features Coming:
    • Expand the property list to include ability to disable/enable every feature.
    • Auto-marking people as AFK after a certain amount of time doing nothing.
    • Auto-kick AFK players after a certain amount of time.
    • Keep track of the time someone has been AFK.(hopefully useful for when the plugin API gets written, so other plugins can communicate with this)
    • Figure out a way to detect if the player moved, or if something else forced them to move.
    Change Log:

    Version 2.0
    • Just modernized to use the new API. Tested and works on the beta 1.3.2-R0.1 Everything seems to work fine like before. The source is still available via the link above on github too. :)
    Version 1.5
    • Adds a property file to enable/disable some features.
    Version 1.42
    • Fixes a bug with Entity targeting.

    Version 1.41
    • Fixes a bug that spams the server full of targeting information.

    Version 1.4
    • Now kicks AFK users if the server is full and needs room for a new logging in user.

    Version 1.3
    • Now people who are AFK can not be targeted by creatures. However, to keep from people abusing the /afk command just to get immunity, if a creature already has them targeted before they go AFK, they will still be attacked and also become un-AFK'ed.

    Version 1.2
    • Now if a player interacts with the world at all(tries mining, etc.) while AFK, it'll disable the AFK status.

    Version 1.1
    • Changed the way AFK gets disabled. Now whenever you move, /tell, or chat while AFK it automatically gets rid of your AFK status.
    • AFK people will still receive any /tell messages they get.
    Version 1.0
    • Just the initial release with the features listed above.
    Version 1.5
    • Adds a property file to enable/disable some features.
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    iTz CHEEZ3

    On most servers they have it where while you play, you gain so many credits (server money) per minute. So maybe you should make a duel AFK Booter, and Credit gainer, but when you /afk, you don't get credits, but you also don't get booted for idleing.
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    That sounds like something the API that @NuclearW is working on would do good for. So people can make their own credit system, while getting information about the player's AFK state from my plugin.

    My plugin is only for AFK, nothing more. ^^
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    Just wanted to say, thanks for all the hard work. Really simple plugin, but very useful. Really looking forward to automatically setting players to AFK.
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    This is great! I often get distracted while I'm outside where monsters may spawn later.
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    I already requested this in another thread but could you make an option that you can have godmode while afk with permission?
    And when somebody moves afk with god will be disabled.
    Would be very nice.
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    • Auto-marking people as AFK after a certain amount of time doing nothing.
    • Auto-kick AFK players after a certain amount of time.

    plz make those features as soon as you can :)
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    I just made an account so I could post here. :p

    I love this plugin, it's almost perfect! If you had a way to automatically mark people as afk, that would make me very happy! I know you said this feature is on the way, so I will wait patiently. :)

    My server is rented and has 15 slots, it's costly to upgrade to more.. so I figure that if people go afk, when someone else tries to join, it would kick the afk person. That sounds fair to me, and seems very efficent.

    Keep up the good work. Could be the best AFK plugin out there with these coming features!
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    Thank you VERY much for all the kind words! :) Makes me want to work even harder on it. I'm hoping to add the new features soon, as my schedule is starting to clear up again.

    Thanks everyone for using the plugin!
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    It would be really cool if there would be to tie this plugin with mChat or some other way so that when you do /afk the server would broadcast that you went afk. (Maybe add some timer so you couldn't spam the afk message.)
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    I hope the auto set afk thing is your next update! May noobs are to dumb to /afk themselves ;D

    Also is it toggle'able for npc dmg when afk? As i run a PvP server that would be a nightmare of an exploit if i cant turn it off.
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    Trying this on 1185, we definitely need the auto AFK feature. Also needs a broadcast message, so people don't just keep trying to talk to you!
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    Great! I love that it doesn't spam chat with people go AFK like "XXX has gone AFK" like other plugins do. Keep it simply! Great job. Works with 1185+
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    Any word on the immune/exempt request? ;)
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    Hi. Does this still work on the latest Bukkit builds?
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    I put this plugin into my server, then when i came back from afk, I still had the tag infront of my name. I removed the plugin, Still there, What's going on???
  17. I think you should add a permission node that makes any group of players immune to being kicked after a certain amount of time. that would be very useful to us. (that is of course if you havent already added this)
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    Don't know if this has been mentioned but it would be nice to have a command that lists all AFK players. It'll be much easier than having to check their Player Tag or send them a message.
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    are afk players immune to fire damage? or can they be killed in any way at all?
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    I haven't done anything with this in awhile, but I believe when a user is AFK nothing at all can harm them. I'm going to be working on plugins again soon most likely, so let me know if this is not true, cause ill fix it when I can.
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    hey i tested it out, i did /afk in my pvp world and i was able to be attacked. but yeah much appreciated if u can fix this, i cant seem to find an afk plugin that grants godmode to the afk'd players
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    I updated this plugin, and made the source available. It's useful again. Someone mind taking this out of the slums? :)
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    Link doesn't work

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