[MECH/ADMN] CommandOnJoin V 1.3 [1.5.2-R1.0]

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    CommandOnJoin - Suggested by TheDante
    Note! This plugin should work with 1.3.1 as the update has not changed that much. Report here or at bukkitdev if you find any errors/bugs.
    CommandOnJoin is a simple plugin that lets you add a command to run when a player joins your empty server. Note: Commands are run as console.​
    • Commands:
    /coj <command to run> - Changes the command to run. - Aliases: commandonjoin.​
    /cojr - Reloads the config file. - Aliases commandonjoinreload, cojreload.​
    • Permissions:
    coj.edit - Access to the coj command.​
    coj.reload - Access to the cojr command.​
    • Ability to run a custom command when a player joins your empty server. (Command will be run as console...)
    • It may be used to run any command when a plaer joins the server when its empty. May be used to op every player that joins the server when its empty. Most likely this plugin will be used to start an Arena or something, or it will be used with something like redstone commands to trigger a redstone signal every time a player joins the empty server. This plugin was suggested by TheDante, if you need more examples for what to use it on you may ask him what he used it for.
    CommandOnJoin - Dropbox

    • V 1.3: Added <player> variable. - Suggested by Enkcraft
    • V 1.2: Fixed the /coj command.
    • V 1.1: Added commands /coj and /cojr.
    • V 1.0: Initial release.
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    Add an 'R' before '5.0'
    "[CATEGORY] PluginName v0.1 - Description [1.0.1-R1]"
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    I knew something was wrong :p Thanks for correcting me
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    Are the commands run from the console, or are they run as if the player was using it?
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    Commands are run as console. I will look further into adding variables and such.
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    Lightweight, does exactly what it says.

    Use it and im very happy with it!
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    Thank you!
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    i knew something was wrong i thought this plugin ran a command as players, o well
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    I can add configuration file for changing the runner of the command, if you want. Reply to this and I'll do my best
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    Just now saw this reply, please quote me next time.
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    Will ;) sorry
    EDIT: Lol actually forgot it this time too :p
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    Can you add that i can add <player> for the player who joins?
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    I'll add it in a sec :)

    Added. Please tell if you want any other variables Enkcraft. Thanks for your suggestion.

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