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    Every 7 in game days the plugin would payout money, for my server in the form of iConomy coins. So I guess this would require a time stamp of the time in game when the user joined, so that 24 in game hours later they can be credited +1 day. This would be nice so they don't actually have to be online consecutively for 7 in game days.

    The payout would be based on a formula that any admin/op can easily write, and would be calculated based on the players Power Level.

    Here is an idea of what the calculation would look like in a config type file.

    # lvl is the power level of the user beginning and ending levels for figuring out payment.
    # formula is how to calculate the money starting from the power level.
    So in the above example, players with power level 1 to 100 would get their power-level divided by 10 as their weekly in game time pay. This should be a float, so that a level 1 player would recieve 0.1
    Players with power level 101 to 200 would get the same base pay as the level 1 to 100 players, but with an additional 100 added to ther income.
    The formula, amount should be endless for each lvl. This will make it so that each admin/op has 100% full control over the whole thing. In other words, if the want to do 50 calculations to get the players pay, they should be able to do that.
    The lvl should be configurable as well if that wasn't clear, example of 1-22, 23-991, 992-999, 1000-10000 or any order that the admin/op would like.

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