McMMo Multiplier

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Apostille, Jul 11, 2021.

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    Version 1.16.5

    McMMo Plugin XP Multiplier
    Will Last for 24 Hours
    McMMo XP Boosted at 4x
    Opens up a Gui Menu of Options for the plugin

    /mcm buy
    Posts a link in chat directing the player where to purchase mcm

    Chat Message:
    "&5Purchase a McMMo Multiplier from (Linkhere)"

    /mcm list
    will list how many mcm boosters you have
    /mcm claim
    Claims a McMMo Booster if you have one
    *Will Ask you to make sure you want to activated the booster*

    Successful Claim Message:
    "&5McMMo Booster Activated for &d24 Hours"
    Failed Claim Message:
    "&cYou Did not have a booster to claim"
    /mcm Active
    Will Tell you if there are any active mcm boosters
    Permissions For ^ These Commands:

    Admin Commands
    /mcma Stop
    Will End any Active Booster
    /mcma Pause
    Will Pause any Active Booster
    /mcma Start
    Will Start a Active Booster
    /mcma give
    will allow you to give a mcm booster to players
    /mcma take
    will allow you to take a mcm booster from players
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