mcMMO Calculator - Calculate Materials & Exp Needed! [BETA]

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by MrDylan, Jun 15, 2011.

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    This is a very simply easy to use calculator for anyone that often calculate how much exp they will need for multiple levels.

    Simply enter your current level and your desired level. The calculator will tell you how much exp you need to get there.

    Quickly and Efficiently calculate exp needed for multiple levels.
    Easily Calculate the materials needed for the desired level.
    Even calculates roughly how many bonus logs you will receive during your level up process!
    Incredibly fugly GUI!
    Support Woodcutting, Mining, Excavation, and Herbalism.
    Includes an icon that I ended up forgetting the point of!

    Features Coming Soon
    Firstly will be the GUI. Its disgusting at the moment. I will be overhauling that first, just wanted to get it out and see if anyone was interested.

    Support for Combat Based and Miscellaneous skills.

    Likely excavation rewards from levels desired based on loot table

    Ability to change global modifier. Currently its at 2 and so are the skills. This will be one of the more focused on updates.

    Calculated skill ability information based on inputted current level.

    Much more!


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    Awesome! This will help anyone!
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    Anyway we can see this for Mac?
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