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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Firestar, Jan 8, 2012.

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    I fail to see in the OP where there's a reason as to why they waited a full week. Tyler kid is correct.
    We're getting no answers and contradicted, and questions are being bypassed by answers that have nothing to do with the full picture. What we're all asking is why did this happen, why did it take so long, and is the party involved no longer going to be able to do this again. All you say is that that person was never involved, but yet you say he was involved in the security. Well, what do you know, security has been breached. It seems to me that this isn't a big deal when, yes, in fact, it's a huge deal. Answer the god damn questions, stop running around like a girl who just got caught sleeping with the football team.

    And Google was never hacked.
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    Wait, does having an MCBans account mean you have a forums account or are they two separate things? I've also received the email from the ddos site.
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    The had both the forum and was previously used for the site. the forums remained on the server, and the main site migrated, leaving behind the site at its state of april 15th and earlier. This was stated in the OP.
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    Oh, so you're just wanted to wrap everything up before you told people that their stuff was compromised? After all these security breaches, you decided to wait until you had 100% information and more "specific details" to tell people why they were getting spam e-mails and their servers were down. Idiotic, man.

    That didn't tell me exactly why you waited seven days to tell anyone. All you told me is what you did instead of telling your users that their passwords and security had been compromised. Good job, guys. Great business you have here.
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    and we made announcements on the site with updates on what data was leaked. this is the official statement, we also added posts to the main mcbans thread.
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    Is there any way to check the age of an account then?
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    if you login and go to
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    So assuming I've signed up in September, I'm perfectly okay?

    I know that the date information is in the OP, but maybe you could add bold text to help those who are affected or not figure it out a little easier. This saved me from a panic attack.

    Though I'm still wondering how the guy emailed me.
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    did you have a forums account?
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    Not at all.
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    I had tried to send out emails earlier in the week but failed... perhaps it was that email?
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    All I know is, I'm not using McBans anymore. After all the trouble I went through trying to get a single answer on the forums, to the staff telling me that someone threatening admins on the server was not a global ban reason (which is a bigger story in and of itself), the downtimes where it lags the server when people login, and now this. I hope McBans recovers, but I'm done.
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    I am sorry that the DDoS affected you the way it did, we have been trying to mitigate the attacks for several days, and threats are not a valid global ban, you can always local ban.
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    No, the one from
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    unimatrix Bukkit Sponsor

    The email sent from mcbans@ddoscom is not an email sent by any of our staff.
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    Yes, but if I never signed up for anything and I'm out of the time window for being apart of the hack, I'm still wondering how I got the email. I clearly could tell it wasn't from staff when it said the main plugin developer sucks cocks.
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    You must have created a forums account, otherwise there is no way they would have your email.
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    Offtopic: So much drama >.<

    Ontopic: Well, it's good that i never used mcbans, even though i planned to...Anyway, good luck with protecting your system more! :D
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    Daniel Heppner

    This is sad.
    Who would trust their server's entire banning system to someone who has a profile picture of a drunk anime character holding a glass of beer? I certainly wouldn't.
    Who would trust their server's entire banning system to someone who can't even do so much of a background check as to see that this new employee has a very low reputation on his own site? I certainly wouldn't.
    Who would trust their server's entire banning system to someone who finds it much easier to hire a new employee to call other people trash than to talk to his own customers about all their passwords getting compromised? I certainly wouldn't.

    I'm sorry Firestar, but this is really getting ridiculous. Clean up your act or give/sell the website to someone more competent. I'm serious, although you probably will brush my comment aside like you did so many of the other people on here.
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    I do not see how an avatar reflects how someone acts..... I liked the anime show, and thus found this picture quite funny.

    I was well aware of their previous acts which is why their access was limited.

    I made many efforts to tell server owners that their passwords were stolen. And he was never hired.... and was never a new staff member, merely someone helping get the ddos up and running.

    I am sorry you feel that way about me.
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    @Firestar : You should add instructions on how to change your password on I've tried for several days and never succeeded. Other than that "forgot password" link I may see.

    EDIT: Nevermind, just saw the link up there. Should include it in OP and in my opinion make more visible on website.
    EDIT2: User Control Panel ( Player Joined 2010-12-15 23:17:20 ) <- Yay? Forever an MCBans user and staff. <3
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    Firestar <- to change password

    or logout and use the forgot password.
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    Hmm.. interesting.
    Thanks for the update!
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    Eh, every 'big' company in which punishes people in a way will have its haters, and in this case powerful ones.
    I still love you Fire even though you MCBanned me for playing on a server you don't like <3. (Which defies the point of MCBans)

    I still love the plugin though, hope you recover from this.
  27. Reading from posts above, how come I registered around one week ago on the website (Not the forum, dont have an account there) and still recevied an email from ddoscom? You should probably look into this, they took more information than you possibly think.
  28. I also recieved that spam mail the 8th January. Just wanted you to know And I registered last month.
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    Same, I never registered for the forums and my account is from August, How the f*** did they get my email?
  30. Exactly, me thinks there is some explaining to do here.
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