MC 1.8 multicore

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Switch0r, Sep 10, 2011.

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    Client side it looks like he might have done what Optifine multithreading edition did my cpu use looks similar to what it is with that still mostly on 1 core but a decent amount getting put onto another.
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    So bukkit for 1.8 should support multicore?

    If so that would be great, no more wasting the power of the other cores. Also i noticed single player in 1.8 runs better, i havent noticed the lag spike of death in windows latley.
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    Where do you get the server?
    Meaning: Where do i get the mod/plugin/whatever to make it so 1.8 clients can connect to it.
    Is that possible yet?
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    There is not bukkit version out yet, you have to use the vanilla server from the pre-release.
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    True, it could really be that the work is distributed. If you're running Linux you could use htop instead of top, enable tree view and filter by the user Minecraft is running as. If you see multiple java entries that are child nodes of the main java process that each use 20% or at least significantly more than 1 or 2%, it might really have changed. For 1.7, you typically have a dozen of threads but only one of them is really using any CPU.
    If you're on windows I'm not sure if there are any tools that give you that detailed information. The only other way would be to check if the java process of the server is able to consume more than 25% of your CPU in the "processes" tab of the task manager. (Windows divides the CPU usage by the number of logical CPUs, so a single threaded app using 25% on a 4 core system is actually using one core entirely)
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    It is probably that way because it's compiled with Java 7, which has optimizations enabled by default.
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    What is best java 6 or java 7 ?
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    java 7 is newer :p
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    Its not actually multicore, it just runs it on a seperate thread then the one the server loads from.
    However the feature in 1.8 seems that _EVERY core is equally used, rather than usage on one (or two) cores.
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    Guys... top has always shown all cores being used up with a Bukkit server, but the percentages of each always add up to 100% of one core (when sever is full) plus maybe 4-6% of another core for the Java garbage collector. It's just the Linux load balancing. I doubt Notch has changed anything regarding this. :(
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    I recommend you use the latest version of Java 6.
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    Java 7 isnt as "beta" as it used to be, if you go to the website they have a link on the side when you hit the "free java download" button now. Its almost as easy as downloading Java 6 (6 obvious clicks vs 2 really obvious clicks)
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    Minecraft server never ran soley on one thread. Get this out of your mind. Even IF an application is written to run specifically on a single thread, calls to the OS are multithreaded by the OS itself so there is always a benefit to have multicored processors. That being said, even if you have a single core, multithreading applications will perform better even on the single core.

    What does this mean? You need to forget the words threading or single-threaded. There's optimization and there's inefficiency. Minecraft lies somewhere in the middle.

    I have a 16 core server and even with the pre-release2...CPU overall usage is higher. This is without Bukkit (which makes some optimizations) but also without plugins.
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    We run an 8-core server and even with the massive GC and Ramdrive tuning, we can eliminate everything but the block lag. Seems to be that if you don't run a Blockcantkeepup or propertime, that the tick rates in the game itself are wonky. I am no developer but I wonder what it is these plugins do, and is it possible to have those included in a Bukkit build?

    I can say though that running pre-release on the new Java 7, left our JVM floor very clean. Used to sit at 50 to 65% uder heavy load, now it's bored at 25% :)
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    Minecraft using only 1 core was a problem with the memory manager that MC uses and everyone uses by default in their server config. It is a TERRIBLE memory manager and you can get far more performance and a decrease of 400-600% in RAM usage by using a different one (PM me if you want details). The memory manager that is used needs to be capable of using more than 1 thread, maybe MC 1.8 was updated to do so. I know the memory manager I use is capable of using at least 8 threads, but I have only seen it use 40% CPU usage when 800 TNT went off so I cant confirm that it definitely uses all 8 threads to their fullest. A few people here seem to know this and what I am talking about, especially the guy right above me.

    Anyway, that is why MC does or doesnt use more than 1 core.
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    With the specs you have, you should be running the 64bit capable MineOS operating system:

    We currently have it running 5 worlds, with 10-15 average user base, multiple mods, and we've never see anything near what you're running into. The developer is very open to suggestions, and is very nice to work with.

    Installation is pretty simple, and there is a video tutorial on how to install it:

    Did I mention it's 64 bit?

    The OS footprint is currently 25MB, so if you install it on a system with 4gb, you can alot all but about 35MB to java allowing you MUCH more flexibility.
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    Not so easy to have installed on a VPS or dedicated miles away from you unless you want to pay them to put it on specifically.
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    I think the developer of the MineOS linux is entertaining a solution for VPS in the future. I'll link him the thread so he can answer.
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    will d

    Heya, there, I'm 'hexparrot'--the developer behind MineOS CRUX.

    Currently I'm exploring options in creating an OpenVZ template, which should make deployments on this professional, highly scaleable system much more simple, though I'm only at the starting stages of it, rather than any usable point. I do have a goal to see MineOS deployed more widely than simply via the ISO installer (such as turnkey appliances, even).

    Sadly, there is no workaround for any VPS solutions that prohibit changing the OS/kernel, as much of the ease of MineOS is tied to the internals, which I have slimmed down and optimized as much as possible. Keep in mind, however, that the scripts behind MineOS are not married to the OS itself, and can be--and have been successfully deployed on--non CRUX distros. For example, changing no more than the single MineOS config file, the scripts were able to work without flaw on Ubuntu Server 10. Simple adjustments to the apache setup can also get the web-ui working identically to how MineOS CRUX works. Same can be said for CentOS4, wherein I have successfully used the scripts, as well. Though these 'other' distros don't have the pre-configured setup of MineOS CRUX--they work, and I'd be happy to assist you in getting it to work for your setup too. Let me know.
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    Thank you for the fantastic reply. I have my debian squeeze server tuned pretty tight right now but I do appreciate the offer.

    My boss asked me to setup minecraft on a bunch of display computers the other day. Maybe I'll throw another box in there with mineos on it as a server for them to connect to. At the very least I'll fire it up in virtualbox and take a look at your stuff.
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    This thread needs to be removed. It's spreading so much false information (not referring to MineOS stuff).
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    That's not what I'm saying though. I said I recommend Java 6 because its what is used to develop minecraft, bukkit and most of the plugins. I never said it was beta or not, however, Java 7 is not recommended by the official Java site yet because its still being developed/improved.
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