MC 1.5 is here, and Bukkit's break again :P

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Pomme72, Apr 19, 2011.

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    It culd be that, i don't realy remember it.
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    They've tooken a long time today!
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    maybe they are hitting up a big update on bukkit aswell, my swell take the opportunity while its there?
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    Hopefully we'll see a 1.5 compatible version by tomorrow at the latest.
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    Woah, what's with the harsh tone. I know what I'm doing, I've been doing this since alpha. There is nothing physically wrong with the servers, there is just no one with the old client to use them (I don't run huge public servers), so I put up a plugin-free version of the server so the regulars can all still go somewhere even tho they all updated their clients.
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    Why exactly do you want 1.5 so bad guys? Check this out right of the minecraft wiki, I'll emphasize BIG issues.

    New Bugs:
    • Repetitively putting Smeltable items in the furnace counts as a crafting statistic
    • Side grass will not work if on "Fast" graphics.
    • Achievements only work in SMP if you have already completed first achievement in Single Player.
    • FPS counter shows Chunk Updates instead of FPS, usually while generating new chunks
    • Crash when Detector Rails are placed beside normal rails.
    • Blocks can't be placed on snow.
    • If you change Advanced OpenGL to on and then back again, giant holes will appear that you can see through.
    • Jumping off a fence in SMP triggers an anti-flight kick.
    • Rain will fall through transparent blocks and stairs, acting as if there is no block there. This can be a problem if your house has a stair-made roof
    • When hitting a grass block the destroying animation is darker on the side than the animation on top of the grass block, though only on fancy graphics.
    • Flowing water no longer pushes empty minecarts that fall into it
    • GUI: create new world input boxes misaligned under small and normal settings
    • Sometimes you might not get an achievement even if you do what it requires to get. This can usually be fixed by doing it in another world.
    • Locked Chest is once again obtainable through inventory editing or SMP /give commands. The chests can be placed, but can't be interacted with, and they disappear shortly after placement.
    • In singleplayer, game resumes when 'Achievements' is clicked on the pause menu, instead of remaining paused.
    • Riding in a minecart from the south into a corner going from north to west (so it's not connected to the current track) will crash the game. Possibly also true for other directions, yet if you're going in the same corner coming from the east, it will work as usual.
    • Trying to redirect a rail corner to another track using redstone (a switch) will crash the game.
    • Detector rails does not transfer power to rails connected on a slope.
    • Burning animation on furnaces may remain after done smelting.
    Everyone should know by now that a #.# patch is crap and you need to wait for the #.#_## patch, in this case 1.5_01. These bugs will, if not crash your server, WILL crash your clients and brings a whole new level of griefing to your server, DoS through in-game bugging.

    Besides what kind of a jackass uses minecraft, CHOOSES update now KNOWING THEIR SERVER IS NOT UPDATED, then complains for an update from Bukkit? (directed at people who actually cant get on their own server)
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    Main reason I want 1.5 is the performance increase everyone is talking about. I know a few friends who have crap for computers so they havent played much.
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    Antari Adul

    There's no inventory either, it could be due to backpack.
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    I see what you are saying there Xeology, but at the same time, I haven't seen any word from the bukkit team that they have even started working on updates. I know that everybody has real world responsibilities, and those come first, but a quick "Hey we're swamped so its going to be a few days" would be nice.

    I have to decide to update or not dependant on my players, if they want to update, then I have to update. So right now I am running a vanilla server with no anti grief. Since I'd rather not see things get all buggered, that leaves me with the option of using a temporary world. But temp worlds are mental masturbation at best, because its just "something to do while killing time"
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    Minecraft doesn't deserve its status, it's not managed at all, lots of bugs, looks more like a proof of concept than a game...
    Their team can't code for s*** I mean really ? Entity based world on 1 thread ? Eating 20 gigs of ram when 50 players are on ?
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    Well, I may not agree with all decisions but to complain about it like your FORCED to use bukkit is a little ridiculous. <-- there you go, and good luck with the alternative lols

    First off no server is EXPECTED to update to its users. Create a downgrader, the law states you cannot distribute the JAR nothing about making a program that distributes the classes and REQUIRES the jar to function. If you are a server admin then you need to know how to do these things, its part of admining. Not hard. And if users are updating WHEN THEY HAVE A CHOICE, who's fault is that?
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    Nathan C

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    I would have said 32.157%
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    A server that ignores the preference of its users, soon finds itself without said users. God complex FTL
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    Oddly not always true; some people find the exclusion subconsciously tempting. Still, piss off your people and they will eventually wander off.
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    So update it yourself.

    Oh... that's what I thought.
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    A server that installs half-baked updates that allows griefers to crash their servers and/or clients ends up with NO clients at all. Kind of like you can take buy a car without airbags or breaks now or wait a few more days until it is fixed. Retardation FTL.
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    Looking forward to the 1.5 update of Bukkit and all the badass plugins that go along with it. I'm very confident that Bukkit is working as hard as they can to deliver something 'free' and wonderful to the Minecraft community. Key word was 'free' don't forget that.

    Seeing how people can make anything for the game and charge people for it...We should all be thankful that Bukkit is free.
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    Notch should be happy that bukkit is free. No server mod = admins refusing to host SMP (grief,performance,issues) = hallf of minecraft's interest and following = half the income.
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    Okay, I'm not saying "Blah, updatez now!" but I'd like to say something,
    Things seem a little, well, odd. Think back to 1.4... as soon as it came out, BAM. Post on Twitter. Constant updates. I don't really mind if it takes a day or two (or more, TBH), but I'm starting to get a bit worried. No word from anyone on the staff team. Nothing on the site, nothing from Twitter.
    Has something happened? It's really not like Bukkit to keep us in the dark. If anyone has any information to jsut confirm that the Bukkit team even knows the update's happened, I'd be grateful.

    Unless they're all playing Portal 2...
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    Cody Howard

    This is true... Except 1.4 didn't implement weather, as well as a boatload of other server/client side fixes and changed.

    Plus, Portal 2 didn't come out when 1.4 did.
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    Nathan C

    I don't think they are going to release an update for 1.5. I THINK they are waiting for 1.5.1, because this update is riddled with server and game crippling bugs. Even if they did fix it, the 1.5.1 would be out tommorow again and they would have to update.

    I think they are waiting.
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    any programmers here want to just upgrade it ourselves? I am looking the bukkit code atm
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    I disagree. Since 1.5_01 is a much smaller change than 1.5, I think that it'd be smart for them to do 1.5.
    I know, I haven't actually modded, but I know Java and I've tweaked others' mods. And I have to often fix for a new version myself.
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    But even a, "Holy shit weather this will take a while," or, "Holy shit Portal 2 this will take a while," is better than saying nothing at all.
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    This was my first time trying bukkit, I just moved over to try it on my server from zicore admin, and an update comes out I have been pumped all week to try this server, I'm so excited. Everyone says you guys rock I can't wait to try.
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    i just made a backup of my server world then gave everyone tnt and let them grief the $*#& out of my server and untill the protecttion mods (and of cource bukkit) are updated there are no rules. then ounce bukkit and world guard are updated i will restore the server to that backup.
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    - Why is this a big issue? I see it as a better reason to clean before you build.
    - This I can see as an issue, but not a whole lot of people have high-end computers :/
    - Yeah, this is an issue, but how many people actually jump off fences?
    - This is a serious issue :/
    - This better be fixed soon.

    Are you stating that if one person does something to crash his client, it will do it to everyone on the server? I honestly doubt that, but then again, I don't have my server updated to test yet.

    This I agree. The only people who would update without a choice are those who didn't know about the client update. I recently found out one of my college friends didn't know this whole time. :/
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    Nathan C

    Obviously you never tried 1.5 or even host a server for that matter.

    Some of these bugs can crash or lag the whole server. I have personally tested them.
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    Of course I haven't tried 1.5 because CB team hasn't updated CB for 1.5

    I don't have an issue with most of these bugs because I have a 10slot server that has mostly friends of mine and may be needing to update to 15slots shortly.
    I can easily tell everyone that these bugs exist and steer clear of them. (Only exception is a 10y/o that I constantly jail because of issues. Already had to install more plugins to keep things maintained when a mod/admin isn't on.)
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