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    Hey guys! I'm creating a server and was surprised not to see a plugin like this. This could be helpful for a multitude of server types, and perhaps spawn a new type of server? Anyways, here are the details. Thanks in advance!

    Plugin category: Mechanics/Teleportation

    Suggested name: Map Switcher

    What I want: I was basing this idea of TF2 servers or Counter Strike servers - every once in a while, an adjustable amount, a vote message comes up. It would say:

    [MapSwitcher]Voting for the map is now beginning...
    [MapSwitcher]To keep on the current map, do /vote 1
    To change to MAP2, do /vote 2
    To change to MAP3, do /vote 3
    (obviously the amount and such could be adjustable, and maybe the commands too, as this one could interfere with votifier or something. Also, perhaps have the whole thing color coded and such, so it is easily noticeable.)

    My idea for a server was either create like an adventure map for the whole server that changes every so often (like I previously mentioned above), or have it set on a map until it is marked "completed" (perhaps somebody hits a button or steps on a pressure plate), and then it would change (or launch into voting).

    I believe the easiest way to do this is integrate with Multiverse, where you have multiple worlds and their spawn points already arranged, and it loads the world, then teleports everybody to the spawnpoint of that world, and perhaps unload the world they were just at (if that was possible, I forgot if Multiverse had a feature like that or something)?

    And of course, when a player joins the server, they will be teleported to the world everybody is already on, which means call upon Multiverse to set the new world as the default world.

    ==End of main idea, now it is the problems/fixes area==

    So, if the server was to stop or crash, the timer should continue off of what was left in the first place, as people may have progressed through the adventure, so they would have no extra time to complete it.

    You know, I'm not really sure what other problems could occur if something happened with the server. I'll add on if somebody says something, or I think of it.

    Ideas for commands:
    /ms switchto world2
    Switches to a different world, and teleports all to the spawn of that world. Also starts the timer again

    /ms resettimer
    Resets the timer (if using the timer method to switch maps)

    /ms set endpoint
    Sets the completion block or area where the map switches if completed

    All I can think of at the moment.
    Ideas for permissions: mapswitcher.* Doesn't really need any permissions, so yea

    Ideas for config: Here, you could set whether if it switches every (something adjustable) minutes, or if it switches if you reach the completion area.

    Also, you'd be able to set which worlds can be offered in the voting thing, and how many should be offered (like only 3 random maps to vote for when there are over 20 maps created).

    When I'd like it by: I guess whenever it can be managed? I'd like it as soon as possible I guess, as the server is somewhat close to being finished, but there are certain parts I want to work on knowing they won't be a wasted effort because this plugin is impossible to do or nobody does it or something.

    Please respond with any questions, and I'll make sure to clarify them. Thanks again!
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    Bump - guess it was harder than I thought it would be...
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