Answered Malware Alert on certain threads?

Discussion in 'Forum Feedback' started by rockers3000, Jul 27, 2016.

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    I just noticed this today on threads with retired-staff user "CaptainBern" on the forums.
    When I enter, Avast blares the "Threat has been detected!" alert through my speakers. Now, these are usually false-positives but I was concerned so I looked at the report file and it says that his website has been linked to having a javascript injection based Trojan Horse. Now, whether or not this is a false positive or not, I'm not so sure. (You could take a look your self, if you are willing to risk getting a virus.) But it seems to be his signature has a link to his website, which has possibly been the victim of some form of attack.

    Avast log file:
    27/07/2016 23:43:48 [L] URL:Mal (0)
    28/07/2016 00:11:41 [L] URL:Mal (0)
    For example, this thread has the problem:

    It's likely just a false-positive, but you might want to check it out.
  2. to not risk downloading a virus install the web browser ZunoZap witch has a build in Download Page Source button that you can just open the downloaded page in notepad
  3. @rockers3000 The site does not exist anymore. It is not harm to anyone.
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    I too received malware alert!
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Got the signature fixed, shouldn't happen anymore.
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