Making plugin. Anyone want to help me? Read below

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by FluffyNarwhals, Aug 4, 2013.

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    I'm making a plugin called MyPet. Basically, it's a pet plugin (like any other), but more advanced. You can buy a pet (Vault), or you can tame one if the config allows it. The prices are customizable in the config, of course. You can rename your pet (it might cost money, depending on the config) with a simple command. You can teleport to your pet or teleport your pet to you. Also, if the config is set this way, other people cannot kill your pet. If your pet is aggressive then the pet will kill monsters near the owner (but can be attacked if in aggressive mode). You can ride your pets by right clicking on them with a saddle. And more! If you want to help on this project, PM me! Thanks! P.S. I don't NEED help, but if you're interested that would be awesome!
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    I can't code currently, but I'd really like to learn (I know a coder and they have shown me some stuff). Just an idea, maybe when you right click your pet with a certain item it heals it (in case it's injured) and this could be compatible with healthbar (plugins). One last thing, depending on what type of pet you have different items heal it, so creepers need gunpowder, zombies need rotten flesh, squids need ink sacs, etc. Good luck! :D
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    Well I'm making a better one :)

    Thanks. I didn't see that!

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