Making PigZombies attack zombies

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Hex_27, Dec 31, 2014.

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    I've tried making "Custom mobs" and "pathfinder goals" and things like that, but it's completely out of my field and it hasn't been working out. Is there another way to do this?
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    try making an entity target event and then checking if the mob is a pig zombie and set its target to a zombie
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    @Assist That doesn't work for anything. I may try it again, but I doubt it would work. Also...(refer to bottom explanation)
    @glory_fades I want them to attack zombies from the time they spawn. Your method would only set the target to something when it has ALREADY targeted something. Which means it won't work until a player hits it.


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    Maybe I can check for playermove event and set every nearby pigman to set its target to a zombie?

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    @Jaaakee224 I've tried that already. It gives some error here:
    CUSTOM_ZOMBIE("Zombie", 54, CustomZombie.class);
    And since I was basically copying it, I didn't want to ask anyone as I predicted angry comments on copy pasting.
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    Yes, I'll post the first angry comment XD
    I too do copy-paste, but I always always always analyze the code I'm copying pasting. Otherwise, it'd be a mess trying to debug. If you don't understand your copy-paste, you're basically giving yourself trouble.

    Giving pathfinders to entities without pathfinders (originally) is tough. I gave a "pathfinder" to a spider, however, my method only allows for my spiders to attack my other custom entities. Try looking through the BiomeMeta (I think it's called "b") for information on a mob list. Using that, you should be able to iterate through the listed entities. And with that, just add a distance comparator, and you're set!

    I can help you with the distance comparator, I can help you with setting the target for the pigmen. However, if you want information on how to get the list of entities for the pig zombies to target? Weeeeell...I can try, let's put it that way.
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    @AlphaRLee That's why I didn't wanna copy. I had completely no idea what I was doing. And.... just erm... what?
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    I'm sure you figured out, this is NMS coding I'm talking about.

    Look into the biomes of MC, they carry information called biomeMeta. I believe that the information that carries the mobs is a list, found through the method #####.b() (as of 1.7.9). I can't help you more specifically here

    Iterate through each entity on that list, and check if they're an instanceof entityZombie. If they are, store them in a local variable and iterate through the next entity. Do a distance comparator, check if the next entity is closer or further than the locally stored entity. If closer, replace the local entity with the entity in the list, and repeat until you go through all entities. Return the local variable to the pigman, and set it as the target.

    If that didn't explain it, then I can try examples...
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    I doubt it, since all the other mobs do it already, such as zombies and skeletons and creepers.
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    loop through all bukkit worlds...
    loop through all entities which is an instance of Zombie...
    do stuff
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    If you start in NMS, finish in NMS. The more conversions you do, the more your head hurts. But that does work.
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    @AlphaRLee so is it possible to loop through all zombies in the world, then check if there are pigmen near them, then see set the pigmen's target to the zombie? Or vice versa?
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    Vice versa would probably be faster, as pig zombies are rarer, unless if they are spawned en-mass (that'd be a weird way to police regular zombies XD). You can follow up with a quick scan in a 16x16 (or whatever your coordinates are) box around your pigmen, detecting if there is an entity in there or not. I'm pretty sure there's a bukkit technique to find if there is an entity on the scanned tile, I haven't found a simple NMS equivalent yet...
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    Stop hating on the guy; he clearly said he didn't know advanced Java so don't force him for failing to understand NMS. He obviously is well versed in Java programming and there are plenty of alternatives to NMS. One example is CitizensAPI and another is NPCFactory. Have a look at it will help you a bunch if you're new to Java programming. There are a bunch of examples for everything and it has simple method names compared to NMS ;)
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    @unrealdesign It's fine he isn't hating. He's making suggestions that I'll actually use. Back to the Citizens API, does it really allow me to change pigzombie behavior in a certain world?

    @AlphaRLee I'll start trying that too see
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    @unrealdesign apparently I'm a hater now. I'm "hating" because I'm apparently failing to communicate my end of my ideas to Hex. He already told me that he's inexperienced in NMS, whereas I focus primarily on NMS in comparison. I tell him to stick to it because it gives him a good learning opportunity and because I'm suggesting that he reduces the chances of spaghetti-code through these multiple conversions.

    I have no clue how the heck Citizens API or NPCFactory works, I much rather prefer homemade plugins from scratch. So...don't blame me for suggesting NMS code, and most definitely don't blame me for being a hater.

    Or go ahead and accuse me. And act all petty on a forum designed for helping people, not picking fights.

    @Hex_27, if you figure out the NMS, then congrats to you. If you figure out an alternative, then make sure you share that solution with others, and try to figure out how to keep your code as clean as possible. I might not have been useful, but I for sure am hoping that a little bit of my programming experience can get somebody somewhere in this blocky world.
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    Let's keep our heads, here. :p

    Citizens uses NMS for sure.
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    In my opinion, if you can wrap your head around it, NMS is the way to go for sure. That being said, looking at the source of an API can help you understand how they're able to create the result you're after... so long as you're not just copy/pasting.
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    @sirrus86 I look at alot of sources. Trust me I have no idea what the heck its even talking about.
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