LWC With A Few Changes

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    1) An intuitive shortcut.

    /lockchest or /lockfurnace. This is just an alias for /lwc create private.

    /unlockchest or /unlockfurnace. An alias for removing the protection.

    2) Keep a counter of the number of chests locked by a player, and add a simple limit. For example, each player can have one locked chest, or three locked chests. Very simple to code in during the migration.

    3) Not sure if this exists, but it would be nice when a player leaves a server (permanently) to be able to unlock all their chests so the goods can be distributed, or else entirely destroy the chests to reduce clutter. A player could have 100 chests for example, and it's a pain to destroy/unlock them all manually. (Some server admins will prefer to destroy them entirely, as they don't want other players to 'loot' the possessions.)
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    there's already aliases for creating a locks, /cpublic, /cprivate and /cpassword <password>.
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    1), /cprivate / /cpassword seems fine than doing a lot of aliases for one command, perhaps it would be useful, though.
    2) Limits are already possible (/lwc -a limits count g:group user,etc). A counter for each player is planned
    3) Removing all of someone's chest is also planned

    If you didn't read the old hMod thread, then I can only assume you didn't know any of that. I still need to finish the Bukkit thread :p

    I updated the thread with all of the aliases.
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    have to add lever / button to the protection list!! anyone can open a protected door with a lever / button!!
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    Indeed, want to see a fix for this. Realy annoying!
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    My plugin ChestLock allows you to set limits on how many chests/furnaces a Player may own. I will soon be releasing a lot of fixes for 1.0.0

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