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    Hello everyone I've made a KitPvP plugin for my server. But I also want to have a special thing on my server. I want to have something which I call Lucky Chests. It means that chests spawn randomly around the map(Put some coords in and a random, I would like to be able to change those coords) with random items(Say what items I want in the code somewhere) in there. If the chest got opened and the stuff got looted the chest has to disappear. Every "." seconds it spawns a new chest somewhere.

    I would like if someone could do that for me and send the Java Project so I can change the items and coords, it would be awesome!

    Thanks, tovd1234
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    I have partially written something similar to this. It's not done yet, but I can finish it and send it to you.
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    It's not totally complete, but I should have it done by like tonight or tomorrow.
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  7. DrewHiggins great plugin can you make it have a configuarble announcement message?

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