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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by zajo54321, May 2, 2012.

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    I'm using bpermissions trying to set up the groups on my server. I can't make any new groups though. On the page it says you do /group [groupname] but wen i do it the group is not made.

    I'm also wondering how to set the staring group there is no way of setting it.

    I'm also wondering about color i have to do like &4 wenever i set the person's group. also there are no brakets around the rank. EX. if i wanted to do the rank [Admin] It would show up as admin (the capitol would not be there either wich really bothers me) to set the color i would have to do &4 (the color code for red) in front of the admin rank.

    Also i tried to get colors (http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/chat-colors-v2-0-2-adds-color-to-your-chat-1-2-5-r1-permissions-bpermissions-pex.14108/) which is a plugin for bpermissions but it did not work so i tried to get herochat but it said Could not connect to MySQL wen i tried to download it I really like this chat plugin and i really want it. So i ended up getting nchat which does nothing.

    plz help thanks,

    really no help?

    Come on guys.

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    you might want to try PermissionsEX plugin
    i've made a program that set'up groups automaticly and you can set Prefixes like [ADMIN] with it
    (only for homeservers) <- hosting server on you're machine
    Look at my signature for the link
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    Hi - you need to edit the files to do the starting group.
    Here's a quick-start guide:

    Look no further
    These step by step instructions have been designed to help you get a basic bPermissions setup running on your server!
    On the main page, click the "Download" button.
    On the next page right click the "Download" button and choose "Save Link as..."
    Save link as bpermissions.jar in your "plugins" folder
    Run your server once to generate the default files.
    Start your server again then type "permissions helpme" into the console and stop the server.
    A default users.yml and groups.yml have been generated for you.
    Edit the files until you are happy with them.
    Copy the edited default files.
    Paste them into your "worldname" folders to replace the empty files there.
    Start your server. You now have a basic permissions setup.
    In-game commands are equally easy to use.
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