Looking for: Win 7 Gadget for Minecraft

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Simanova, Jan 20, 2011.

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    This gadget should contain a title bar and online status for:

    > minecraft.net
    > my own minecraft server (port 25565)
    > my dynmap plugin (port 8123)

    I've tryed to find something similiar ... but without sucess :eek:

    Iam loooking for :
    > a complete developed gadget .. or a
    > source code for requesting server status ... or
    > common help with gadgets
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    sidebar gadget or just a program?
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    I just hacked together one for my own server ... remove the .zip extension and install and you'll see the status of my server! :)

    Go ahead and tear it apart to see how it works, someone more clever than me could probably create javascript to ping a server and provide text showing a response, etc,... I just used the abyssal legion image since it's free.

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    Prefering sidebar ( win 7 )

    Very welcome - thanks.
    Testing and reporting ...

    The gadget only contains 2 files - applying it to sidebar dont works.
    Nothing appears.
    --- merged: Jan 20, 2011 9:42 PM ---
    Additional Info: Thanks for the Link to Abyssal - I just register an linking my image - this will particulary help
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    Try this;

    Take the .gadget file and copy it to the following;
    %appdata%\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets
    Then, right-click your desktop and select 'gadgets'; you should see it there. The .gadget file is just a zip file so you can unzip it and put in the location of your own abyssal image.

    I saw a server status plugin in the releases, I'll see if I can't work together something that looks nicer than the Abyssal options and doesn't require them.
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    I would totally use this.
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    Anything new on this?
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    I made a pretty sweet windows 7 gadget that will monitor ANY MC server with "enable-query=true" set in the server.properties file.

    Youtube video

    It works great for me, has a few bugs but i think it really shows promise.

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