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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by spirroouu, Nov 5, 2011.

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    Hello there,i am currently setting up a coding team and i need some experienced dude to learn me how to do it all if some1 is avaible, please pm me!
    If no1 is avaible ill watch tutorials on youtube
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    Hey spirroouu,

    You're more likely to find people willing to give you smaller bits of advice, rather than offering to teach you everything (a big job). Your best bet is to start off by watching/reading tutorials and seeing where you get. If you have a problem you can't fix, that's when you should ask on the forums or in IRC. :)
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    I would suggest looking at some tutorials. :)
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    i got this book and by day 4 i was making some basic plugins. once i started making plugins i found i was learning enough to keep me going and havnt gone back to the rest of the book yet. once you 'get' the concept its just a matter of looking at javadocs and the awesome opensource plugins other devs make. im not saying im a real dev or that i know anything...but literally after a few hours with that book i was on the road to get where i wanted to go and im gaining speed every single day/line of code i write.
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