Looking for people to help make new Factions plugin

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Tim4209, Jul 11, 2013.

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    I'm currently making a new Factions plugin based off the scoreboard API.
    I'm looking for a someone to help me create it. The reason i am making this is because
    the old faction plugin is getting really bloated and requires you to download a huge plugin
    just to use it, this plugin will be lightweight and hardly use any RAM or CPU.

    Creating factions.
    Inviting players into faction.
    Leaving the faction.
    Disable friendly auto-fire for faction members.

    Claim and protect the land(Currently working on this)
    admin commands
    private faction chat
    custom ranks and permissions

    If you would like to help contact me on skype: Tim986760
    or reply here
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    The skype name you posted doesn't exist :p
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    Hi :) Can't really help as I do not have enough knowledge to do so...

    But I really wish the best for this plugin. I too am sick of how things are being done on the official faction's plugin.
    I would like to ask two questions: When this plugin is released, will I be able to transfer my current factions config, which contains all factions and data from my players? And also, how can I be informed as to where I will be able to find your plugin once it is complete?
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    This post looks abandoned :/ was the plugin finished? or is it rather cancelled?
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