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    Plugin category: Admin/Moderating plugin

    Suggested name: kWarn

    What I want: I want a Custom warn plugin. This consists of when someone is spamming, advertising, or even saying raciest language. You would do /warn (player) (Reason) Depending on the reason they were warned, they would get muted, banned ect.
    For instance. If someone spammed, You would do /warn (player) spam, spamming.
    When they are warned 3 times, for spaming they would be temp-muted. 35min

    Ideas for commands: /warn (player) (reason) ~ (warn a player for a action they did!)
    /unwarn (player) ~ (Clear all warnings from a player.)
    /warnReasons ~ (lists all the reasons that are listed that you can warn for.)

    Ideas for permissions: warn.yes, unwarn.yes, warnReasons.yes

    When I'd like it by: By this weekend.
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    There are tons of plugins already doing this ;) Just use the plugin-search.
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    I have made a plugin like this that works on a SQL database. If you can use the database, tell me and I'll stick it on drop box for you.

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