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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by freeze4, Nov 15, 2011.

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    Hello. Im looking for a plugin who let me make chest where all can take specified item indefinitely. Any one can help me with the name or link?​
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    Okay try narrowing that down. A chest that can take an item? What do you mean?
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    i mean you open chest and you see full boxes of for example dirt. You take some stacks of dirt then close chest, and when you open second time you see again full chest of stacks of dirt. And so on to infinity
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    Yea, thx so much.

    But its dont work. Any one have some better plugin like infinitechests?

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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    It works, maybe you're doing something wrong.
    Did you read their how-to?
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    Yes. In first line [IC] in secound line [stone:64] and it dont work for me ;/

    any one know working plugin?

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    Please comment on the plugin's thread. InfiniteChests Probably works, you just need to keep trying :)
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    but mayby anyone know another plugin working the same or working like this infinitechests?
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    If you use Essentials, there's a [Free] sign available. It's not a chest, just a sign, but you can set the sign to be any item you'd like, then when you right-click the sign, it opens a chest interface filled with whatever item that sign is for. We have a whole bunch of them in a building on our server, called the Warehouse, where anyone who wants to play creative can stock up before venturing out and finding a spot to build.
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    any another plugin?
  12. Can't you just switch into creative mode and get what you need then switch back?
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    People are suggesting perfectly fine plugins, all of which work perfectly.
    I highly recommend you heed one of the above plugin suggestions, instead of asking for more plugins when the suggested ones do exacty as you want.

    It's a matter of respect; when people take the time to offer you suggestions it's expected, at bare minimum, that you at least try what they recommend. By just saying a plugin "doesn't work" you not only disrespect the plugin developer, but the good people that sacrifice their free time to help you. Obviously, essentials and InfinteChests work; If you're too immature, impatient, or illiterate to ask for help on the appropriate thread and troubleshoot your problem, then you shouldn't be running a server and definately don't deserve the help you have received.

    The lack of respect and aura of entitlement, in the bukkit community, are really starting to aggravate me.
    If you ask for help, take what you're given. The people offering the help are under no obligation, yet hardly anything they contribute is ever appreciated as it should be.

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