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    Good night, folks.

    My mate and me decided to make a kind of button-switch. I know that sounds strange and switch can be done with help of lever. But that's the point of it. Is there a possobility to create NVRAM? I mean that I need Non Volatile Random Access Memory.

    The main idea: by pressing the button I save a bit into it and then by pressing one more time . I release this bit. So we get such thing:
    Input Press Save/Release Out
    0 1 Save 1
    - 0 Release 0

    If it isn't possible, which mod should I use to create this stuff?
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    I don't know precisely what you mean.

    So you got for example a input signal. And you want the 'ram' to remember the state of this input signal. And when asked for it, by a second input signal, it must release that signal?

    input 1: Main signal to remember
    input 2: signal to release the main signal and pass it on

    You mean this?
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    Not this way. Okay, I will show it in a simplier way. So we have a button. Not lever, button. We press (check) it and the state is remembered somewhere, despite the button is unchecked. Then we press one more time and it inverses: we rember the opposite state but the same way: despite the state of button (check-uncheck).
    Is the idea clear or should I draw a diagram?
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    Redstone Circuits i think this is the one you want.
    push button output toggles to on and stays that way until you push button again
    push button again output toggles to off and stays that way until you push button again

    there are all kinds of them but note that a little hard to build some times
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