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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Fragarachu, May 26, 2018.

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    Plugin category: RPG

    Minecraft version: 1.12.2

    Suggested name: Locked Inventory

    What I want: I want a good RPG Server with locked inventory plugin, so here i am requesting it.

    So basically, new players have so many of their inventory slots locked, they have to pay 30 money(configurable) to unlock it. Unlocked slots is permanent.
    And just like that. Very simple right?

    Ideas for commands: /linv reload - reloads config
    /linv - plugin info

    Ideas for permissions: No permission, all player have this including admins, op's.
  2. Sure. Ill do this.
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    Sounds easy enough. Ill start working on this, let you know if it works out. Are you sure you want all players able to /config reload? You didn't mention a specific way to unlock these slots, so Ill try a few different things and include as many as I can. I'll try a sign, a command, and maybe some others.

    EDIT: Also should the player unlock one slot at a time?
    What economy plugin do you use? @Fragarachu
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    Using Vault and Iconomy Reloaded.

    No, only player with permission(admin) can do /li reload

    When opening inventory, players will see a lot of red glass panels that can be removed by buying it's slot with money(configurable). If not, then player cannot open that slot.

    The glass pane's name is &4Inventory is locked!
    The glass pane's lore is
    &bClick this slot to unlock with
    &bthe price of &a%price%!
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    Apologies. I went on vacation. Are you still needing this?
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    I rarely play on my server now but i still need it.
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    Here u go Download

    Permision for the admin is: lockedinventory.admin or OP
    Commands: /linv reload for reloading config
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