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    Hey there, i just saw this sick video on youtube.
    Its a singleplayer mod that lets u create Locked doors wich requires a key to open them.
    So im wondering if someone could like make this into a plugin for multiplayer servers. It would be perfect for faction servers :p

    My favourite door in this video was the Dirt one. As i said, it would be great to use in faction servers, to like hide your base or something, this is actually what i mainly want.

    Video: [video=youtube]
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    Read the Request guide next time:

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    Well.. Then u could use like iron ignot as a key
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    If you still want this, you need to entirely rewrite your post. How are doors protected, who can enter, how do they unlock them, etc.
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    I'll do it tomorrow, I'm on my phone and about to sleep now.
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    And you cant disguise the dirt as doors. The only way this would be possible would be to have it when a ingot is right clicked, two blocks disappear. There is no way to create that custom door.
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    There's a plugin called SecretSwitch that with a small amount of redstone knowledge could create an effect somewhat like what you're going for...
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    VariableTriggers can make do this with click trigger and now the command triggers you can make your own ingame commands

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