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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Trefle, May 31, 2019.

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    Plugin category: CHAT

    Minecraft version: 1.14.1

    Suggested name: Essential_Local_Chat

    What I want:

    Hi, after some research and several tests, I found nothing that interested me, too much orders for nothing, nothing going to the point.

    I just want a localchat easy to use. No command to edit the channels in game. Only the commands needed to speak (see below).
    The editing of the commands would be done only in the config file.

    In game there would be:

    Write without command: radius 18 blocks
    In-game rendering = <nickname> dit: <text>

    /c = radius 30 blocks red color
    <nickname> crie : <text>

    /vb = radius 3 blocks gray color
    <nickname> chuchote : <text>

    /pub = global channel green color
    [PUBLICITE]: <text> [<nickname>]

    /global and / g = global channel light blue color
    [GLOBAL] <nickname>: <text>

    /me = radius 15 blocks, purple color
    <nickname> <text>

    Thank you in advance !


    When I'd like it by: Before June 8 (If possible, it's urgent)
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    I have a bit of free-time and I decided to check out this plugin request.

    Quick question.
    Do you want /pub and /global to have only have different colors in chat or do you want them to have different functions?
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    Hi ! Thank you for leaning on my request!

    So yes, the /pub and the /global are two global channels. So a different color for both. With the prefix [GLOBAL] / [PUBLICITE] that changes.
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    I am 99% done with the plugin, now I just need to get your feedback.

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    It's awesome !

    That's exactly what I wanted ! Thank you for your time granted to my request.
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    I will have more time to sort things out tomorrow, I haven't been on these forums since,.. 2016 and I gotta find my way around the place.

    Tomorrow I will try to upload the plugin as a project so you can download it. Let me know if something doesn't work.
    The plugin is based on spigot and because I am not very experienced I wouldn't know if it would still work. If not I wouldn't have trouble modifying the plugin.
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    Decided to try making this as well for fun.

    Command, aliases, formatting and radius can be modified in the config. You can also add more commands.
    Source and compiled jar is on github:
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    @Reckfullers Well yours is definetely better than mine :p
    Coming from an inexperienced developer; Good job.
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    It works ! Thank you both, great job!

    For some it seems little, but the work is done and that I am grateful to you.

    Thank you for your time. ;)
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    @Trefle Please use the default font the next time you request a plugin. At least to me, it kind of hurts my eyes to read that font. :7
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