Solved Load of Errors On Join

Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by UnstablePictures, Jan 3, 2017.

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  1. So I managed to get Multiverse Inventories to work and download more plugins. But then, Multiverse Inventories stopped working and now when I join I get a load of warnings and I'm wondering if it ties into MI somehow.


    Plugins: WorldEdit, HeadHunter, Essentials, GroupManager, AutoBroadcast, ClearLag, TuxTwoLib, Hub, WorldBorder, BuycraftX, Votifier, Multiverse-Core, WorldGuard, NoCheatPlus, iDisguise, SuperTrails, HubThat, AntiAd, Multiverse-Inventories, EssentialsChat, ObbyDestructor, PlayerVaults, MaintenanceMode, Zenchantments, Multiverse-Portals, BossShop, Vault, MassiveCore, NoHopperCraft, EnjinMinecraftPlugin, NoSwear, MultiWorldMoney, Trading, HolographicDisplays, HomeSpawnPlus, Factions, ColoredTags, CratesPlus, CombatTagPlus, FBasics, ScoreboardStats, RandomTP, SilkSpawners, SilkSpawnersShopAddon
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    The plugin MaintenanceMode seems to have something wrong with its updater. Try contacting the author of it.
  3. Okay, I'll try that out.
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