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  1. Hi,

    there is a mod it calls little blocks... all minecraft blocks as tiny little blocks what you can use like the big once... would it be possible to made a plugin like this mod???

    Link to the mod little blocks->

    sometimes i wish to have the ability to get more details into my buildings.. with a plugin like that we would be able to get more details on serverWorlds..
  2. I dont see this as being possible in any way, shape or form in Minecraft's current state.
  3. There is an SMP version of this being updated and there is modloader for bukkit :)
  4. I'll be damned if they can get something like that working, thats pretty major changes. But who knows.
  5. where i can get this modloader for bukkit... did you tryed it once if it is working with bukkit in SMP ??

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