Link servers as you would Nether and End worlds?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by MaliciousMan, Sep 30, 2013.

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    Through the use of Multiverse Nether Portals, you can assign what world ALL nether and end portals lead to, but I was wondering if this same concept could be applied to multiple servers.

    Like have all nether portals link to a different server that hosts the nether, and same goes for the end.

    Any info and ideas would be nice :D
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    Create a world /mv create (world name) (nether:normal:end:flat:etc.) then the whole world is designated to that world you created. Then link a portal that connects to that. If you want more info tag me Hessian2 . MaliciousMan
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    Hessian2 That doesn't connect to any other server, how would that work. lol
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    Do u have two different ips?
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    Yes, I have 3. An IP for the world you join, an IP for the Nether world. and an IP for The End world.
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    You cannot do exactly that. If you want to run multiple servers and teleport players between them like you described, you can run a Bungee server and connect it to the three servers, but the clients would still only be able to see and connect too a single IP/port.

    The best reasons to use the Bungee method is to bring together servers with different sets of mods and rules. If you do not need that, it's just going to add a lot of complexity to your setup.
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    I know I cannot do EXACTLY that xD. That's why I asked this question lol.

    Anyways, here's the minimum of what I need:
    1. Synced inventory per-player.
    2. Synced chat. (not really priority though)
    3. EDIT: and sync PEX ranks.
    How can I accomplish this? I figured out a way to make the Nether and The End work for my purpose.
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    MaliciousMan What you're suggesting something very difficult. May I ask? Why are you trying to do this anyways.
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    As of now all you can do is use Bungee and ServerTalk. Now the Synced inventory would be quiet difficult.
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    PolarCraft Exactly. thats why I said
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    I recommend you check out the spigot forum where you can find bungeecord and all the necessary documentations. There are also quite a few plugins over at the spigot forum that can indeed synch chat, inventories and ranks across multiple servers.
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    Well, there's a few reasons why.

    1. I have 3 servers at my disposal.
    2. Only 1 of my hosting locations has the needed speed.
    3. I don't care about the lag in the Nether.
    That's pretty much why. Thank you for the posts and links, I will check them out tomorrow. I ran out of time today.
    I'm thinking of hosting The End in the same location, but different computer though.
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    You could do this with BungeeCord or Lilypad. Neither of which we support and all support would have to be given by them.

    Transporter also would work, but would require client modding for a large sum of it, and therefore we do not support it.

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