Limited button presses with a time limit

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by little_dude187, Jun 30, 2015.

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  1. I would like a plugin that only gives players a certain amount of time every time they click a specific button.

    makes more sense in the command:

    /limitedbutton give [amount] [delay in seconds]


    /limitedbutton give 1 4000

    every 4000 seconds, every player is able to click the button, or activate it. kind of like a kit.

    When a player tries to click the button: &3Sorry, you can click this button again in [amount of seconds ex. 4000] seconds

    Good for food dispensers, or food farms etc. :D
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  2. @little_dude187 Not sure you can block them from clicking it. You can send them messages or do certain things like cooldowns. But I don't think you can stop the redstone signal or the pressing ofmthr button.
  3. cooldown? isnt this the main part of this? is it possible?
  4. @little_dude187 Well we could do the Cooldown messages and things but not block the red stone signal.
  5. well, whatever gets them to not press it until cooldown is done.
  6. @bwfcwalshy, couldn't you cancel the player interact event?
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    This will work

    Just check that the event is right clicking a block, and that a button is being pressed.
  8. @bwfcwalshy, yes, but i believe it cancels the redstone mechanics which was he was likely trying to do.
  9. @Tecno_Wizard It does? Hmm interesting. Well you learn something new every day!
  10. I can suggest my plugin ReActions.
    Here is example how to use it.

  11. Link? i like it
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    Just use the plugin that I believe is called ButtonCooldowns.
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