Limit how many blocks/items a player can place in one chunk

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by xOrlxndo, Sep 21, 2016.

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    Plugin category: Fun

    Minecraft version: Spigot 1.10

    Suggested name: LimitItems

    What I want: I'd like a plugin that will limit how many blocks a player can place in one chunk this will include banners, skulls, and items frames. When the player reaches the limit I want a message to be sent to the player: &c<Item> is limited to <amount> per-chunk!

    Config Idea:

    <item> // show's the blocks name
    <amount> // how many times a block can be placed

    Ideas for commands:
    /limititems reload // reloads the config
    /limititems // main command

    Ideas for permissions:
    limititems.reload // allows the player to use /limititems reload

    When I'd like it by: Soon :D

    If you have any questions feel free to ask
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    Mind if I ask, what is this for, exactly?
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    To prevent players from creating server lag using item frames or placing 3000 banners in one chunk. As i have this problem on my creative server
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    I don't think banners cause server-side lag, since they're just tile entities and don't even require ticking. Item frames are entities, so they do. Get ClearLag and enable the per-chunk entity limitation.
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    I also want limit how many blocks a player can place in one chunk
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    Just for I dont get plots on my creative server that lags the world and the players in it. I have seen this problem on other servers, players place 100 heads on there plot. Then it lags the whole creative world. Making it inpossible to even play
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    That is client-side lag and only caused by poor hardware performance by your users -- heads, banners, chests, furnaces and other tile-entities can only be expensive to have lying around everywhere, if they're being ticked. E.g. a furnace smelting ore, or a spawner attempting to spawn entities.

    I know this because I am personally running a server that encourages the placement of heads (Slimefun, in this case: all of its custom machines and blocks are custom textured heads), and the performance effect on the server itself is minimal, irregardless of how many such blocks are loaded. The plugin itself causes ticks to take longer by something like 20ms, but that depends on the server hardware.

    You (and your players, if they need to) can fix this for themselves by reducing render distance. Another, more suitable option for a server-side patch would be to make tile entities with non-standard textures invisible from more than X blocks away.

    There is no real way to stop players from lagging due to other plots, since any legitimate build can contain blocks that cause an increased amount of textures to be rendered. An example of such blocks are Signs and Stained glass, as well as water. The only way to eliminate players from being affected by other players' plots on a creative server is to separate the plots by a distance 16*server render distance (which only needs to be like 3 or something for creative servers anyway, at optimum it should be <diameter of plots in blocks>/16)

    Preventing players to use blocks that increase clientside resource usage would be an extremely annoying mechanic for the players -- wanted to build that quartz staircase? NEIN they cause more polygons to be rendered, How about a glass pane rainbow? NEIN they cause more polygons to be rendered.


    The easiest, least resource-intensive, least limiting thing you can do, is ask your players to decrease render distance, or get Optifine. If you want to do something about it server-side, read the above 2 paragraphs.
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    I also, need this for player cannot place bedrock all over there plot in one chunk
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    Nope, I still want bedrock to be placed, but I don't want it all over the plot

    EDIT: Instead of telling me what I can do instead of making the plugin, if your making the plugin, make it. If you're not then don't
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    You're here to ask for help. More specifically, here to ask help in the form of a plugin to be made for you. Since someone does not always have the interest or the effort to do so, I consider it polite to provide you secondary options, if your main request shall fail.

    Pardon me for trying to resolve your problem for you in the best way it can be without someone taking their time to make a plugin for you, but I considered you may like it to have something to fix your problem with if someone doesn't bother to make this.

    But I do hear your request, and accept it. From now on I shan't bother you again.
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