[Lib] ImageMessage (v2.1)- Send images to players via the chat!

Discussion in 'Resources' started by bobacadodl, Dec 10, 2013.

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  1. <font color="#33cccc">ImageMessage v2.1</font>

    Send images to players via the chat bar!
    Now supports .GIFs!

    (old version, static methods)

    Example Usage:
    1. BufferedImage imageToSend = ImageIO.read(this.getResource("creepermap.png"));
    2. new ImageMessage(
    3. imageToSend, // the bufferedimage to send
    4. 8, // the image height
    5. ImageChar.MEDIUM_SHADE.getChar() // the character that the image is made of
    6. ).appendText(
    7. "",
    8. "",
    9. "",
    10. "Thatssss a",
    11. "niccceee house",
    12. "you've got there"
    13. ).sendToPlayer(event.getPlayer());



    Notes/Additional info
    * Tip: make the player unable to receive chat messages for a few seconds after you send the image. Here's an example on how to mute players: https://gist.github.com/bobacadodl/7905691
    * If you want more accurate colors, only use images with color codes from http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Formatting_codes Here's a <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url> palette[/url].
    * This library is based off of an idea from http://imgur.com/a/X3gzV
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  3. This looks really good. Good job. :)
  4. My god, this is amazing.
  5. awesome, dude!
  6. No way! ;o
    That's awesome :)
  7. This is pretty sick...
    the things you can do with bukkit just keep expanding! :)
  8. Nice job dude! This is amazing!

    Just had a thought. Would it be possible to do this in the lore of an item? Thanks.
  9. Yes
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    Apparently theres no method getResource? any ideas?

    EDIT: Nevermind xD needed to add my instance
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    bobacadodl This is beautiful. You are a boss.
  12. Wow, pretty neat! Never knew this was possible :confused:
  13. bobacadodl Can we expend the max size ?
    EDIT : Yes ! :D
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  14. Wow, neat idea! To do this just do something like this. (untested, but should work)

    ItemStack i = new ItemStack(Material.STONE,1);
    ItemMeta im = i.getItemMeta();
    ChatColor[][] colors = ImgMessage.toChatColorArray(image, height);
    String[] lines = ImgMessage.toImgMessage(colors, ImgMessage.ImgChar.MEDIUM_SHADE.getChar());
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    1) keep up this greate work :)
    2) Is it possible to use RGB Colors, not only the Minecraft Colours?
    Show Spoiler

    real Skin:
    Show Spoiler
  16. Yonas I do not think so. It uses ChatColors ;)
  17. No, this is a known issue :(. The messages in the chat can only use minecraft ChatColors, so it rounds each color to the closest chatcolor. If you want more accurate results, use images made up of the chatcolors.

    Here's a quick palette I made:
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  18. bobacadodl
    2. public static String[] appendTextToImg(String[] chatImg, String... text) {
    3. for(int y = 0, x = 0; y < chatImg.length; y++) {
    4. while(text.length > x && chatImg[y].length() < ChatPaginator.AVERAGE_CHAT_PAGE_WIDTH) {
    5. chatImg[y] = chatImg[y] + " " + text[x];
    6. x++;
    7. }
    8. }
    9. return chatImg;
    10. }

    Try it like this ;)
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  19. Skyost
    Haven't tested that, but it looks like it will center the text on the page. Is that correct?
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  20. bobacadodl Is there any way to more accurately convert the colors to the present pixel colors? The images tend to be mostly gray, with little color at all :(. This is supposed to be my skin (same as profile pic)

    Also, is there any way to easily edit the size from 10x10 to 8x8? I changed this line

    if (width > 10) width = 10;
    if (width > 8) width = 8;
    and it still displays as 10x10...
    Thanks for this great asset though!
  21. ccrama
    Did you read the usage? One of the parameters in the image height. Just change that to 8...
    Also the inaccurate colors is a known issue. I'm looking for a better method for color matching.
  22. bobacadodl wow, totally missed that. Stupid me. And sounds good! Also, I have no experience with java images/color of any kind, but would adding more contrast before you check the colors return a stronger match to the minecraft colors? If so, that would probably be a simple solution to the issue.
  23. ccrama
    I'll try that and see how it turns out :)
  24. bobacadodl Great, hope it works! This would be an awesome addition to my plugin. When a user scores, show the huge head and say CCRAMA SCORED!

    FYI, simple method to get a players head in chat. Do this:
    1. Use this to display the image, I use mine after an event. Use e.getPlayer() to get the player variable

    2. try {
    4. URL url = new URL("[URL]https://minotar.net/avatar/[/URL]" + player.getName() + "/8.png");
    5. //BUKKIT forums wont let me remove the URL tags, make sure you do that.//
    6. ImgMessage.imgMessage( e.getPlayer(), ImageIO.read(url), 8, ImgMessage.ImgChar.BLOCK.getChar(), BLOCK, DARK_SHADE, MEDIUM_SHADE, or LIGHT_SHADE "CCRAMAS HEAD"); } catch (IOException e) { e.printStackTrace(); }

    2. Change this line in your imgMessage class

     BufferedImage resizedImage = new BufferedImage(widthheightoriginalImage.getType()); 

    1. BufferedImage resizedImage = new BufferedImage(width, height, 6);
    You will get errors trying to get a web image without this change.

    Will look like [​IMG]

    Bukkit ruined my formatting/tabs. Please ignore the horrible formatting!

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    How about this one ?
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  25. Nice, I'll try it out!

    Updated the post with the new algorithm! It works better for some images, but worse for others :eek:. Overall, I'd still say its better, so I've switched.

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  26. Holy crap. This is amazing.
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