Leveling system for paperspigot server

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by lemonfridge, Nov 10, 2019.

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    Im using paper spigot as server

    What I want:
    I want a leveling system custom where you get exp from killing mobs/monsters/players or mining blocks adn where you can change how much exp you need before you level up and how much you get for each thing.

    OR something like minecraft own leveling system but the levels dont dissapear when you enchant things (something stat saves the levels/exp and just keelp on adding instead of removing on enchanting).

    I want a placeholder(api) for current level, for total exp, for exp needed to level up, to have on my scoreboard.

    Basicly i want a custom leveling system OR someting that takes the exp you get from doing everything in minecrafts own leveling system and keeps it ( just keeps adding to level up) and be able to have the level and exp stats on my scoreboard.

    Possibly normal minecraft leveling system but be able to have the level, total exp and current exp needed to level on the scoreboard with placeholder. And saving/recording the exp you get for the plugin.

    I want level to enchant to be as normal, the bar i want as normal. i want a leveling system i can have and you cant lose after enchanting.

    Something like this where the level and exp (points) is there and the normal minecraft echant level is as normal.

    Ideas for commands:
    add level
    set level
    remove level
    add exp
    remove exp
    stats(shows current level, exp and exp needed in chat)

    IF there is a plugin out there that might fit, i want to know. i have been looking everywhere.
    PS. I don't want some mcmmo like plugin with diffrent skills, I ONLY want the "main" level.

    Plugins i use on my server:
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