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    Dear fellow Bukkit members,
    Lets align to create a new and improved Bukkit that will allow open source plugin development to begin once again and rise once more upon Minecraft Server Developers, a new project even simpler than Bukkit. Who would like to join on this journey ?
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    You mean like, Sponge? Cuz that's going down.
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    I dont know sponge but sort of the same thing are you in ?
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    Adoma_ IDK why but i have a suggestion. We can call it Jamba! (Idk why is sounds cool!)
    Could i maybe be staff on the forums?
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    Adoma_ Do you even have the java experience?
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    Great idea! What a shame noone else had this idea until now. [/ironic]

    Seriously, why do you want to create the 101st project trying to make "the new better bukkit"? If you really want to contribute checkout one of the existing ones.
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    Most likely he does or it would be kind of stupid to post this with no java... I know nothing about java that's why i want to just be a forum staff..
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    Zupsub Irony and sarcasm are two totally different things. Just saying. Couldn't contain the grammar police within me.
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    I have experience in Java, JavaScript, Visual Basic, C++, C+, c Sharp, PHP, HTML and CSS and this page is for people who want to support servers please dont wastes bukkits database storage be hating rather not said.

    And Jamba is cool but what about Blockit ?

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    Let me just say, you need a solid plan if you want to do this.
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    I'd say Blockit is a little too close to Bukkit. I am in favor of Jamba, though.

    I do think it's pretty cool that you have experience in so many programming languages. How much experience do you have in each of these--not much, a fair amount, or a whole lot? If the third option, your skills have great potential. However, I don't think you should use them for something Minecraft-related. I believe Minecraft is pretty much dead without modded servers, and I wonder how the Bukkit alternatives--Sponge, Rainbow, Glowstone, etc.--are going to continue without the same legal issues as Bukkit is experiencing now; if they're forks of CraftBukkit, or if they're using decompiled Minecraft Server code, that's a big problem. Instead of doing something Minecraft-related, I think you should invest your time and effort into something that has a solid future, such as iOS apps, or some other Java based game that's fairly popular--heck, you could create your own game and see if that works out.

    A little off topic from the point of this response, Minecraft does have a slight chance of survival, though. But it won't be the same as it was before. If Microsoft is to save Minecraft without interfering with Bukkit or any other Minecraft server mod, they're going to take Realms to a new level. Then Minecraft Realms will become the only form of Minecraft multiplayer, but Minecraft just won't be the same. There won't be as much freedom in Minecraft server building--what I know of is that you can install different modpacks, but you can't go download others' creations--and people won't be able to create their own API-based plugins for it.
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    I couldn't describe it but I've been accepted to programming lessons at Microsoft itself and I have worked well over 1000 projects and conquer everything in my way and will not let the rumor that Minecraft is dead stop me. The problem with Bukkit is how they were doing it not what they were doing but I need assitance as this is a big project so please if anyone is interested please step forth.

    But bukkit or substitute needs to come back Minepelx with 4Million useres whitch is bigger than any low class country depends on Bukkit and do you really want to let 4Million people down even if mojang takes ud down minigames will have a longer life and Minecraft will stay alive for a while.

    We could take Minecraft servers to a whole new level with a custom Minecraft Server Plugin programming language and IDE s to support it. Theres still the future ahead of us.

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    I would be glad to help out as much as possible. I think this is a great idea, and I support it. I'm not very good at programming, but I have relatives which could help me with Java. I am also going to try to learn Java.

    Jamba is a catchy name. For some reason, it reminds me of Java which reminds me of coffee.

    I think it would be great if this project could support plugins using Bukkit API, as it would suck if the thousands of plugins out there went to waste.

    If you want my help in any way, just msg me.
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    I would be willing to help. I have some experience with java, although to re-develop bukkit, I can't garuntee i have enough knowledge to help with that :p Although I have been trying to learn for quite some time. If you need some extra help, PM me.
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    I would love to help you guys make a forum or website, I would love to help you however I can.

    If you're interested, add me on skype: ghuizen3
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    Well, there's the Trident project, a completely open source implemetation of the minecraft server that doesn't use Mojang's code, and doesn't rely on year long Forge update cycles (*cough* Sponge *cough*).
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    mythbusterma So, this Trident project. What are the other benefits to this program? How does it function without using CraftBukkit forks or Minecraft Server code? For that matter, how do any of these Bukkit alternatives function without them?
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    The Minecraft Server, in essence, can be boiled down to a specification, e.g. when a player breaks a block on the client, receives the packet, then send a packet to all other clients saying that the block has been broken. It's a simple concept, but basically it means we're building the minecraft server from the ground up, without using their code. If I remember correctly, Rainbow uses the Minecraft server code, and Glowstone uses Bukkit API. That's why their projects are moving faster than ours, as we are building both from the ground up. Any other questions?
  19. Adoma_ No offence, but there are so many of these threads about this already. There are so many alternatives being worked on. Please just search around a little - I see so many of these threads on any given day that it's too disconcerting to actually make one of my lists of them all. I admire the fact that you want to bring life back to Bukkit, but so many people want the exact same thing and make a thread about it. But there's really no need to anymore. :)

    According to the view on the irony nowadays, your statement might hold up. However, according to the original meaning (which is still the primary definition in dictionaries, I believe), it doesn't really. The line between sarcasm and irony are technically a bit vague. Heck, the definitions I've seen of sarcasm are essentially "irony applied mockingly". That's hardly 2 different things.

    The word irony actually comes from the ancient greek word eirōneía, which means "feigned ignorance". I'd say that matches the following statement pretty well, if you ask me:
    In the sense that he's "feigning ignorance" at the fact that many others have had this idea before. You're right, this is sarcasm! He's using irony to mock the OP for not looking into the situation more (not in an overly hurtful way that breaks rules, that's not what I'm trying to suggest)! However, according to the definition of sarcasm, this is also irony. It's basically like irony is the parent of sarcasm - i.e. all sarcastic statements are ironic, but not all ironic statements are sarcastic :)

    Of course, maybe you were ironically suggesting that his use of sarcasm was not ironic but was actually sarcastic? Or maybe I'm looking too much into it now...
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    You dont need to be a genius to be the best at everything :)
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    Love it sir! ill set up a post with a poll! If that is ok with u sir!
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    Just call me Adam ;) :)
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    mythbusterma Interesting. You use the term "we," which leads me to my last question: Are you a developer in the Trident project? Otherwise, I have suddenly come to favor the Trident project, since it's evidently not going to run into the same license issues that Bukkit's going through right now.

    AdamQpzm You seem to be a very knowledgeable person. I liked your explanation, and yes, you were looking a little too far into it at the end. :p
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    Good point, I am actually. If you look at the repos you'll see I have some commits, I've been busy with other things and haven't committed recently, however.
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